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How do you define “hate speech”?




Hate speech is easy to define – “I made this term up to limit the free speech of people I disagree with!” Claiming “hate speech” is an excuse for censorship. Notably, those accusing others of hate speech are routinely accusing people they are foes of, and of spoken against those the accuser is friendly towards.
Free speech is tolerance of speech you don’t like. You can say all you like about not liking it, but you don’t get to drag in the cops. The speech might cause serious anxiety and psychological trauma? Poor baby… He needs to learn that there are unfriendly people in the world. And sometimes they will be right. He doesn’t get to shut them up on the grounds his feeling will be hurt.
“Hate speech” is a label put to speech that someone finds offensive. Because you or even a 99% majority are offended by it, does not give us the right to stop it. All speech should be protected except that that speech that explicitly calls for violence. Speech itself is not violence, no matter how despicable the point of view might be to the majority. Offensive speech is what must be protected. Popular speech does not need protection.

What is wrong with banning “hate speech”?

The main thing that is wrong with banning ‘Hate Speech’ is deciding who decides what ‘hate speech’ is.
For example, if we look at the current New Zealand government, the highest authority would be the PM Select right? So let me ask you, would you be okay with Cindy deciding what was hate speech? The woman is derided daily. Do you really want to give her a magic button where if someone compares her to a horse they get thrown in prison?
Giving the power to decide what speech is acceptable to anyone but the general public is setting oneself up for disaster. Not to mention it often, doesn’t work as intended. They tried to censor various words in Chinese, so the Chinese just subbed in different characters and puns and continued using them.

Best case scenario, they manage to ban one of the best warning signs that someone is out to harm you. See, I’d rather know if someone was objecting to my existence so severely that I might need to be on guard, rather than getting jumped.
That’s not very double-plus-good!
You might think banning hate speech might be stopping people deriding LGBT individuals or such, but as we have seen, it is more likely to defend the worst of us. In Britain there was a guy who got into trouble for flying a flag that said ‘Fuck ISIS’, you know ISIS right, the terrorist organisation that hates women and blows people up on occasion?

If we take a look at human history you can see our perspective of what is good changes radically between centuries, or even in the span of a few years. Not to mention there are different cultures with completely different ideas about what is offensive.
It wasn’t so long ago we were burning female doctors and midwives as witches and saying the act of being gay was an affront to god. The way we have things now, with social consequences for being an asshole, is simply better.
Even if you forget everything else, hate speech laws are hard to enforce unless you are going after people online who have it written down otherwise it is just ‘he said she said’.

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  1. There you go again with the hate speech. Why did you compare her with a horse? She is on the world stage getting world leaders to agree with what she wants done. Good on her for doing that.



    • “What she wants done….”
      Q. Then who does she think she is representing?
      A. Herself and her warped ideology.

      That’s the problem with “progressives”. There is no means that isn’t justified to achieve their utopian ends. Learn your 20th Century History.



    • Morning Fairydust, I really feel for the horses being compared with a puppet on a string, what an insult to horses. See that rich mean uncaring Twiggy Forrest’s money made a huge break through in childhood cancer yesterday, his millions assisting children regardless of who they are.
      Your statement yesterday just shows what a sick puppy you really are.(sorry to puppies of the world)
      Footnote thanks editor for giving Fairydust free speech, she is doing all in her power to close it down.



    • I think Mr Ed. can decide what is right for this optional* blog.
      Mr Ed. here is the gentleman Editor who places the posts.
      Who did you think I meant, Dusty?

      * optional = freedom to choose, to decide whether to come here, or not; to contribute or not.
      Not compulsory to read.
      Choice eh!
      P.S. I won’t downtick you . I’m sure that is your motivation.



  2. There is one exception and that is children. There have been a number of suicides due to online bullying. This exception should not change opposition to hate speech as we have different laws for children. Alcohol and gambling would be two examples.



  3. How do you define “hate speech”?

    The Left define it however they like. The only upside is so many on the Left fail the purity test and eventually get censored and exiled themselves. I admit getting a sense of guilty pleasure every time this happens.

    What the Left fail to understand is that they will be the target of their own stupidity.

    At the risk of being guilty of Godwin’s Law, the Weimar Republic tried to get rid of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party through legislation. They passed all sorts of laws curtailing freedom of speech.

    Do you know what happened? Well, when the National Socialist German Worker’s Party gained power, they had all these useful anti-free speech laws already passed for their benefit. They simply applied those very same laws against their enemies.

    The point is Leftards, is be very careful what you wish for. People like Germaine Greer, (a former arch-feminist icon) fail your purity test and so become pariahs. Germaine Greer was once a darling of the Left.



  4. I know that this maybe seems obvious, especially to those who are active on blogs like this…..but I don’t think the general NZ population realise the hideous future they are in for under this extremist government.

    I also think the old labels of ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are becoming redundant. I think what we are seeing is the renewed emergence of totalitarianism which (as history shows) can emerge to feed off either the left or the right.

    I think the battle now is between individualism vs. tribalism, or liberty vs. tyranny…. something far deeper than just the old Left/Right labels. I’m not exactly sure what descriptions to use. Any ideas?



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