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Spanish Flu Being Renamed Across the Internet to ‘1918 Influenza’ As Leftists Declare it Racist to Refer to Coronavirus as ‘Chinese’

Cassandra Fairbanks:

Politicians, journalists, and even Wikipedia, are scrambling to rename the Spanish Flu as the “1918 Influenza” after whining that President Donald Trump is “racist” for referring to the coronavirus as Chinese.

During a press conference on Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio referred to the Spanish Flu by the new, politically correct, term. He said the coronavirus is “one part the Great Recession, one part the Great Depression, one part the 1918 flu epidemic.” The Spanish Flu claimed the lives of 20-50 million people in 1918.

As cliche as it is at this point, one can’t help but remember this Orwell quote as the left continues to rewrite the past.
“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.”
What Next?
No More naming cyclones and hurricanes after women. Imagine some woke girlie called Katrina getting her feelz hurt because her name was used to identify the most costliest hurricane in history.


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    • The explanation that made most sense was Chinese labourers hired to work in Europe being transported across America dropped the virus off on the way through. The original outbreak in the US was in Kansas.

      Once again. A pox on globalism!



  1. The UNicornical WHO Dictator General, Tedros Adhanom supporter of the Robert Mugabe health systems,
    saying everything was fine and the communists had it under control for months.
    Not declaring a pandemic because of billions of dollars tied up in bonds, betting on no pandemic.

    A speech he gives about stigma, and pushes that line.

    So how can one have faith in supposedly one of the top skilled experts in the world, when it seems they are all trying to sell bridges to a “far far away land of global Utopia”.
    Then our elite experts quote him, as the agenda to make the most of this situation is being put in place.

    Nah,,,, I will look after myself, and my own, and then any one with similar values.



  2. The left are ridiculous. Carrying on their woke virtue signalling bullshit calling racism on the Chinese name of the virus doesn’t help fight the virus, it’s fiddling while Rome burns!! The left are not practical individuals and are dangerously failing to see the point that everyone needs to concentrate on killing off the virus not complaining about what it’s called.



  3. While you woke righties mindlessly absorb every absurd claim made about the holocaust. No matter how bizarre or outright impossible it would have been. You are just as bad.

    Most of what you think is history is really propaganda.



    • Thanks for proving my point.

      You know what the Russians did with the people they “rescued” from the camps?

      I’ve spoken with older Russian jews. They didn’t insult my intelligence with the fables you were raised with.



  4. The reason it got the name the Spanish Flu is because it was wartime but Spain were not involved.

    Therefore they actually reported on it.

    The combatant sides that were involved – European and USA were at war and there was media censorship.
    They would not let the enemy know they were sick and weakened.
    Therefore combatant countries did not report it honestly.

    Spain got landed with the label because they were honest and the others affected were not.

    Nowadays we have massive censorship all the time
    I guess that is because it is war.
    The Globalists want to steal our country using things other than bullets.
    Ardern is a globalist.



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