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Howl of Protest Rally Mk.2




just got home from Morrinsville. It was a rowdy gathering outside Power Farming buildings. My guess there was between 800 and 1000 people there.

Those tractors are parked 2 deep

Some shy protestor getting ready for his big expose.


  1. A beautiful day for a huge expressive protest with lots of tractors, horses, farm gear and utes stopping traffic in the towns and cities across this nation. Show the clown car how fed up you are with their unworkable regulations and red tape. Farm dogs HOWL it up!!




  2. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/07/duncan-garner-farmers-have-had-a-gutsful-of-jacinda-ardern-playing-to-her-favourites-here-comes-the-revolt.html
    They’ve had a gutsful of paying for everything and getting three fifths of Jack all back from a Government and Prime Minister they feel will not listen, will not take their concerns on board and plays to her favourites.

    The last time this happened, Ardern drove Mrytle the tractor up Parliament’s steps – Shane Ardern that is, the former National MP. It was 2003 and they defeated the ‘fart tax’ proposed by Labour.

    It was a rip snorter of a protest, feral and fiesty and almost 20 years later, it’s playing out again.

    But this isn’t a rent-a-mob, these guys are the real deal. They may not change the agenda, but I bet they give it a bloody shake today – good luck.



    • Yes wg,
      Good succinct points need to be made, that make sense to any one unsure, waiver-ing, as this time a lot of media and government are looking how to twist, turn & spin this.

      The maori seem to have got things to be, “for maori, … by maori”, though it seems to be “for iwi, by iwi, and no other kiwi”
      The farmers, tradies, need to have a version of “for farmers & tradies etc.., by farmers & tradies etc..”
      Cut that centralization bureaucracy right out.



  3. Just been standing on the overpass at Greenlane watching them go past and waving my flag. Had to give up and come back to work after a good half hour. They just kept coming!
    Motorway just as slow going the other way with everyone slowing down for a sticky-beak.



  4. A suggestion from one of the organisers of the ‘Howl of a Protest’ speaking on Magic Talk that the clown car has until 16 August to make changes to the policies against rural folk farmers MAY STOP SUPPLYING FOOD for a period. He says everyone else withdraws their labour, why not farmers.



    • WG,
      Not a good idea.
      In fact bloody stupid.!
      Farmers now have the high ground and have New Zealand wide support.
      To with-hold produce or even discuss such a strategy, which would only hurt those in this country also struggling .
      Not only would this mean the loss of goodwill needed to get this crazy bunch of idiots out of power.,
      It would also impact on the poor ,those on fixed incomes etc etc.
      Honest people who need farmers help!.
      Farmers would be demonised yet again, and I suggest would deserve it!
      What is needed is for our primary industries to make more use of the word “no “ to much of the bloody stupid regulations foisted on them by Government and Councils.
      And mean it.
      For example any bureaucrat who wants to create a SNA on private land.should be told: only if you bring your cheque book.
      Enough for tonight,



      • That is the corner to push them into.

        For example any bureaucrat who wants to create a SNA on private land.should be told: only if you bring your cheque book.

        A sales & purhase agreement with your terms of sale.

        If they do not buy, then it is obviously NOT a Significant Natural Area !

        Those SNA’s lead to the UN global control as the Mission Creep will continue,



  5. “They” (presume the Waiuku farmer meant the cops) “tried to stop us (the tractors) at Penrose. It didn’t go well”. The tractors are circling the Sky Tower so guessing the cops didn’t win that one. 🤠🤠🤠🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜



  6. Just home from the Hastings rally.
    FFS ! heaps and heaps of utes and dogs but not a lot of signs,
    One guy had trees on the back and “eat this”
    “bugger Jacinda’
    flags looked great.
    Another ute had “its called New Zealand”

    Certainly huge. Didnt go to the showgrounds as they were still passing through at 1.30pm.
    I reckon the cops stopped them going through the middle of town and sent them on a long way to the showgrounds.
    Great stuff.



    • ACT has been backing the farmers since before National decided its fashionable and with a Rural Sector spokesman who himself is a dairy farmer in Mark Cameron, you get it from … well. I can’t say horse’s mouth because that sounds like Jacinda.

      Their MPs are at various locations around the country and they’ve been active in their opposition to both the new taxes as well as the SNA land grab changes.

      Mark also has a members bill to have any environmental decisions done on a regional basis, rather than a national basis. Because farming down South is very different to farming up North.



      • I appreciate that Pascal, but I was really referring to today.

        Also I think National have really been supporting farmers before ACT was formed, although I would agree they seemed to have lost direction a bit since Goodfellow became Chairman.



  7. YSB -readers might be interested to learn that in Cambridge, the weather held-off long-enough for the ‘Parade proper’ to occur. This was impressive with 40+ tractors of a variety of makes and sizes (and including one rather large Combine Harvester), and numerous tradies vehicles (not all of which were utes) participating, with a lot of support evident from local firms.

    As an estimate at least 200 vehicles were in the ‘Conga’ line into the town; which is not bad for a small rural settlement.

    Hope this has been of interest.



  8. Update from New Plymouth. Has remainded overcast!
    Main road in from south is a traffic jam from the dip in the motorway, all the way into town 3 or 4km.
    Streets a grid locked! Main street has a heap of spectators. Well recieved by the public. Not sure about the motorist though. All and all well done the farmers! Emergency services will be hindered. No sign of any poo lice though! Could have done with a few points men like they do for gang funerals, f few on key intersections may have had traffic flowing better! Probably not getting traffic flowing till 3pm.
    Heard jamie mackay on zb rural, the baby carriering sycophant for cindy had to bite his tongue and do some honest reporting about the protest from Gore at lunchtime!



    • poo lice help farmers!!

      Jeez Wayne.

      Someone consistently stealing their stock –

      Poo lice man/woman/trannie : Oi Oi Oi dont you dare take steps to protect your lawful property .
      Farmer: What about my rights? This is my livelihood.
      Poo lice man/woman/trannie: That will be enough of that. We will have you up for disturbing the peace.

      -The poo lice are not your friend
      -Academics hidden in taxpayer funded institutions are not your friend
      -Media filth on the take from the gubbermint are certainly not your friend

      Sometime you have to make a stand with your own peer group and howl it out.



  9. Excellent turn out at the Blenheim event. Judith Collins was there along with Stuart Smith the Kaikoura MP, they cannot have failed to be impressed by the strength of feeling on display. I was particularly pleased to meet Sue Grey and thanked her for all her good work on the covid/vaccine scam.



  10. Mrs Hooligan and I have just got back to Taumarunui from the Groundswell event on Ohakune. It was a huge turnout with close to 150 Tractors, Trucks, Utes and many rural workers in various modes of transport. Well organised by by Past Horizons Regional Councillor, Bruce Rollinson. It took a good 50 minutes for the procession to pass through this very small town with some very funny signs on vehicles.

    If this bunch of Drongo’s in Government do not take notice, the next one will be much bigger. And if so, I will be there supporting them again.




  11. Meanwhile james shaw is rocking back n forth in the feotal position at the thought of all those evil diesel emmissions being created due to his retarded ideas… guess what james even your organic vege growers are getting arse raped by you and your crooked mates.

    I really hope groundswell step it up and get suppliers/distributers onboard for a nationwide produce strike. Theyll strike fear into labour voters if they can stop chicken and potato/fries deliveries to maccas and kfc.



  12. Great photo in Moo-insville Ed.

    Is that you Sooty with your name on your cap and “ditch the bitch” sign?
    Well done!! 😂

    I bet your excellent sign doesn’t make it onto ‘PropagandaTV’.



  13. A good flow of tractors utes, & dogs from Te Awamutu to Otorohanga.
    Also a flow from Te Kuiti to Otorohanga.

    The Southern part of State Hi Way 3 had a tail back of traffic right back the length of “that Otorohanga straight” and looked to be back over the rise to the Golf Course turn off at mid day.

    Not many places to park, and basically jammed up on the railway side of Oto’s main street.
    Plenty of signs.

    A skirl of bag pipes eventually called things to order, outside the Otorohanga Working Man’s Club.
    A speaker system set up on a ute, and the back of the ute had a good aluminium deck cover over the wellside that made a good stage.

    The mention at this stage is 16th of August for another repeat if Labour continues to ignore the issues that have been raised.

    The only suggestion I have is for techies, that could a FM repeater/sound system broadcast been done as I think with all those tractors, and utes, then would become part of one massive sound system?
    Though I know that sometimes the more technical, the more glitches can occur.

    The 24 hours McDonalds did a roaring trade, and it seemed all hands on deck there.
    Amazingly their service was still fast, digital ordering, and by the time I paid cash, it was only a minute or 2 and my number was announced.
    Noted some other places like “Thirsty Weta” seemed to be pretty well jam packed.



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