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Howl of Protest Rally




Any of you good folk on ysb.co.nz attending the Howl of Protest Rally on Friday?


I will be at Morrinsville on Friday getting a vehicle serviced at 12, so will be out in the crowds taking my own photos.

Might be a while before I can post all photos.



  1. Unfortunately the Sag-wagon won’t be attending, as I have to take one of my own howlers to the vet. But hope there’s a bloody great turn out around the country. Show the world what we think of the commie bull shitter.



    • “It was getting too big for our liking.”
      Typical. Isn’t the point of a protest that it disrupts the everyday working ability?

      Stark has been co-ordinating the Christchurch “Howl of a Protest” on behalf of Groundswell NZ against increasing Government interference in people’s life and business, unworkable regulations and unjustified costs.

      When the number of expected protestors threatened to be unworkable, he had to direct some to other Canterbury towns.



  2. HUGE protest crowds to stop the Marxist clown car imposing their regime agenda on our kiwi way of like. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬



  3. Problem is that Friday seems to be her day off so she will not notice and is actually too fucking dumb along with many of her teammates of team 51 to even understand WTF we are going on about.

    Most of them are dumber than a sack of hammers.
    But, the farmers voted them in you recall.



  4. As I’m in Auckland I won’t get to experience it firsthand and my concern is that Ardern’s paid-for media organisations won’t report on it. But I hope there is a fucking huge turnout all over the country for this. If so, the word will get out on blogs and YouTube despite any media blackout.

    Who knows? This might just be the turning point; the beginning of the end for this disgusting Marxist and her cabal of losers and mental defectives. And maybe also amongst these farmers and tradies there’s a leader with more charisma and a better vision for New Zealand than those presently masquerading as the ‘opposition’.

    Here’s hoping. And vive la révolution!!!



  5. Another gunman.


    A man allegedly held two people at gunpoint after driving “poorly and very dangerously” through the streets of Auckland, police say.

    Chambers says police saw the driver allegedly holding a firearm to the head of a member of the public. Police fired a shot, but the offender was able to steal the car belonging to that individual and escaped.

    After a pursuit ensued, the car crashed on the corner of Great South Rd and the southeastern highway.

    As police approached the crashed car, they saw the offender holding a firearm to the head of a second member of the public. Chambers says police then fired a shot that injured the offender. The member of the public was able to escape.



    • I said this morning they need more practice to shoot straight. But well done that man.
      Unfortunately the nutter went to hospital for fixing. Hope he had a 6 hour wait like everyone else in A & E.



      • What have the poo lice man done to upset the gangs lately?
        The have done alot to appease them. Points duty on funeral day,
        Struming the guitar for entertainment, supply millions of dollars to increase drug taking and getting backhanders!
        So why are they getting shot at, maybe because the koha has not been spread evenly across the gangs?



  6. Graph showed second vaccine doses would be given before the first ones

    The National Party is calling for an investigation into what it’s calling ‘graph-gate’ after a baffling graph was presented at a press conference in March.
    The graph, presented by Minister for the COVID-19 response Chris Hipkins, showed second vaccine doses would be given before the first ones.

    It caused a great deal of confusion, and the Ministry of Health attempted to stop information about the graph from being released to RNZ, claiming it was “commercially sensitive”.

    RNZ complained to the Ombudsman and the details were released.



    • So the first jab is the second one, is the first one thefirst or the third jab!
      We need cindy and chippie on the podium of truth to make an anoucement to sort this clusterfuck up out and tell us who to believe!



  7. Mrs Hooligan and I will be in Ohakune tomorrow. Going down from Taumarunui for a chocolate eclair at Johnny Nations before the fun starts. I know the carrot & brussel sprout growers there won’t put up any longer with the crap that Ardern and the uneducated Drongo’s she leads as well as Jimmy Two Mums keep dishing up. Will report in.



  8. I’m walking my daughter’s dog to Cathedral Square tomorrow to support our farmers. Just as our farmers supported the city when the quakes had devastated us. How quickly our farmers rallied with water, food, machinery and skills and how soothed and grateful so many were by their practical responses. While everyone else fiddled and deferred, our countryfolk came to town and fed, clothed and watered us. They were there for us and I will never forget that. Tomorrow I get to pay it back.



    • Good on you.

      It is important to not forget the kindness and decency shown by the rural people.
      It is actually in their nature to step up and help out when neighbours are in trouble and not make a big fuss about it.



  9. Well i lost rock paper scissors so have to stay back and keep a couple thousand moos fed 🙁 had a sweet bill board made and everything but it can keep untill the next protest.

    From work weve got 3 tractors and a couple utes heading in, they were gunna take the silage chopper for a hoon too but its too wide to get around town easily.



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