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How’s the Gun Buyback Going?




Heard a phone in on Magictalk yesterday. It was a gun owner who had got $40,000 for 8 old guns, plus parts etc. What do you think he is now going to do?

That’s right, “BUY MORE MODERN GUNS”. He has gone out and bought more modern guns at a cheaper price and is very happy.

This gross waste of taxpayers money and police time is a travesty. If Parliament can okay this stupid buyback, what next can they waste our money on. Cannot find extra money for cancer drugs, but plenty of money going directly into the pockets of the gun store owners.


  1. This whole farce has nothing to do with public safety or any concern re firearm offending.
    This is purely Jacinda Ardern virtue signalling to the United Nations and Nobel prize committee…



  2. Was always going to be what they would do.
    The police and the Govt. are party to this for the moment. Sometime once the first round is over the rewards will be cut.
    The message is if you have old guns and want new then grab the cash.

    Why is it that there is such a lack of understanding of Human Nature??



  3. This legislated theft is a direct attack on property rights as the property was legally acquired and was legal on acquisition so making that property illegal and not paying fair compensation is THEFT. I have an idea as El Presidente – there is a need to house refugees and other homeless people and I have identified a suitable site in Sandringham I am happy to compulsory purchase all the houses on a certain street except one which is occupied by a self important female. I will pay market value for the acquired houses and install the homeless in them – I expect the female owner to complain that this has devalued her property which I will offer to purchase at its current market value – if any? Sound fair? – just following the precedent already set on Gun buyback so don’t bitch you made the rules Im just playing by them. Perhaps a rich and disenchanted GUN owner would purchase a property close to the identified house of said female and let it to – a local gang/somali refugees or a large family of the religion of peace.



  4. I handed in my two newly prohibited rifles an AR15 which I never liked and an SKS which was fun to shoot but not very accurate. The price I got with the various accessories more than covered the cost of my new, beautiful, bolt action carbine chambered for the same round as the SKS and my new .223 which should arrive any day now also paid for by you, the taxpayer, thank you all so much 🙂 By the way if you haven’t filled out NZ First’s pathetic e mail harvesting survey of gun owners please do so and be sure to write to their MPs telling them why you will never vote for NZ First ever again. One gun owning friend of mine sent them this:

    “I think that the Chch event occurred because the government was slack. It was deliberately slack in enforcement of the licencing rules. It allowed Tarrant to get a licence when he should not have been able to. Having totally fucked up on this, if indeed it was not deliberate, the marxist bimbo who YOU have chosen to get into bed with has taken the opportunity to screw every lawful and law abiding gun owner in this country. And you expect us to vote for you? Pigs might fly. Winston may have upped his pension entitlement but he has done so at the expense of many law abiding New Zealanders and YOU are a party to it. Kiss your political chances good bye and bloody good riddance to you.”




  5. The confiscation event I attended a few weeks back had about 3-4X as many police officers attending as people handing in their firearms. I did see an AR15 getting handed in, but mostly it was just old semi auto .22 bunny guns etc. I handed in my unreliable detachable-mag shotgun and went out and bought a very reliable semi auto shotgun which is much faster to reload. If I went bad, my new shotgun would be more dangerous to the public than my old one. Waste of tax payer money does not begin to describe it.

    Has anyone seen any kind of cost/benefit analysis of any kind done on this ‘buyback’? Surely a democratic Government would have done some kind of economic assessment to determine the validity of their wishlist? From my perspective it’s hard to think of any less effective use of $750million dollars than this.



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