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Looking at the world map, it strikes me that the area with the least affected population to date is Africa. There must be some reason for this. Could it be the prevalence of the use of anti malarial drugs?

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  1. Could be.
    We have known for weeks that it works.

    Got treated for what we though was Legionaires disease in late January. Reckon now that it was the virus. All the symptoms . The treatmrent cleaned up my clogged up lungs but didn’t ge rid of some of the other thingslike the bad tummy and bowels.
    got that sorted and got rid of the aches pains and tiredness. Took a while though.

    Not going anywhere near testing. what a fucking drama that would become. 2 months of contacts.



    • Pleased to hear, they got you back up & going.
      “Life is to be lived and goes on”.

      Would be sort of interesting to know if you now have the antibodies to CCP virus?

      Sometimes nice not to know, also, as dealing with a bureaucracy that just seems to be knee jerking.

      It has been wondered if Italian problem had started last year, months earlier and just considered a bit higher death rate, being a bad flue.
      Had some of the dying now, had it mildly before? and the immunity system gets it wrong, when triggered, and the bodies reaction does not help?
      How long will the immunity last?

      We are all stuck in this petri dish, being probed, tested, examined just like how those that claimed to be UFO kidnapped. 🙂 and becoming right nutters now alongside them 🙁
      Nothing is straight forward and all needs time to allow a result, to study, if ever to come out of this murk.

      Wuhan studies are sort of seeing a problem with testicles, of men survivors, more critically in the younger and becoming sterilized.
      Whether it is temporary and they grow out of it, or the damage is permanent like growing breasts, erectile dysfunction, remains to be seen in how many join the circus to be the “bearded lady”.
      So trust for Viking that those pipes are all clear, and firing on all cylinders. 🙂

      Then like a rust, other political agendas never sleep, and look to take their opportunities.

      As the Chinese say, “May you live in interesting times”, but “life is to be lived”, and nor with out risk, and we should seek to make the most of it.
      It is just the adjustments to put behind us.



    • Yup, raw data like that is dangerous.

      There really needs to be context in terms of confirmed cases versus testing density; you need to factor in the equivalent of seasonality and consider lifestyle patterns, underlying risk conditions, etc.

      For example, we know Italian people generally live in multi-generational family groups and that older generations are more likely to die from this. We know that underlying conditions, particularly lung conditions, also has an impact and that China is rife with smokers. We know the US is very aggressive in terms of testing.

      Without some context on that the dataset is just numbers.

      What does start to get interesting is when you pick an nth day type structure. For example, start counting day 1 when a country has (population wise) an equivalent to 50 reported cases in NZ. Then trend their confirmed cases over time to see how that changes the curve. Still doesn’t factor in lack of testing though 🙂



    • Note that Australian Covid infections are all clustered around the edges of the island with none in the middle. I don’t think that’s because the virus enjoys the sea air. That’s the sort of logic Al Gore uses to pull the wool over climate change hysterics.
      The Covid distribution data needs to overlay the population density data.

      The WuFlu deaths per day are possibly still misdiagnosed as common flu or pneumonia.
      The single death in NZ was nearly missed, and I’m still not sure if the patient died from Covid or with Covid – there’s a difference and I don’t suppose our breathless churnalists will bother asking.



  2. Did you have a TB vacination as a high schooler?

    Lots of us did.

    Century-old vaccine investigated as a weapon against Covid-19
    A vaccine that’s been used to prevent tuberculosis is being given to health-care workers in Australia to see if it will protect them against coronavirus.

    The bacillus Calmette-Guerin, or BCG, shot has been used widely for about 100 years, with a growing appreciation for its off-target benefits. Not only is it a common immunotherapy for early-stage bladder cancer, it also seems to train the body’s first line of immune defense to better fight infections.




    • Thanks Viking, Some interesting points.

      All ways worth while giving things a shot, so long as it does no harm, which BCG has good proof.
      Probably these days maybe a boost TB shot, as we are not as regularly challenged.

      Sort of like having booster tetanus shots.

      There will be many avenues to explore, to test, probe & research, and there will be some blind allys, but extending our knowledge in this is by far much better than those social justice wimmin colonist genderist studies etc. which should be stripped of their funding and moved over to health & medical research!



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