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It’s not about left or right anymore, it’s about going forward as a nation, led by those Kiwi values that unify us.


  1. We stand for democracy and equality, with freedom of choice, expression and access for all New Zealanders.
  2. We’re inclusive and open. We strive for a fair, unified nation without discrimination or division.
  3. We back a resilient economy that empowers businesses and their communities to thrive.
  4. We protect our environment, while respecting the property rights of all New Zealanders.                                                                                                                                                                                    https://democracynz.org/
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  1. Some questions?

    So, will DemocracyNZ get rid of political party and committee seats reserved for people who self-identify as Maori?
    Does DemocracyNZ support meritocracy?
    Does DemocracyNZ believe in equality of outcome?



  2. So far so good. Keep us informed Matt and good luck. We’re watching that you don’t retreat back into the old and failed. We will support you if you back kiwis to save our democracy. Make NZ Great Again.



  3. Downtick away folks. A current or former
    politician is not to be trusted. They can say
    all the ‘right’ things and promise the earth for people
    who vote for them, but time and time again, they fail
    to deliver. David Seymour is exhibit ‘A’.
    Truth of the matter is, all Western governments have sold
    out their people, and their countries to a worldwide Satanic
    communist cabal.
    You’re welcome.



  4. I wish him luck.

    No need to borrow the enemies frame: Diversity, Inclusivity, Equality. DIE. I see “inclusive” and “equality” and it raises my hackles, these have come to mean the opposite.

    Conservatives should conquer the environment vote. Conservation and conservative are all but the same. How the green Marxists captured the public imagination is astounding. All conservatives should want the oceans and forests to be as they once were. Reject corporate green. It is a sham.

    Go back to the taproot. Read the Illiad, the Odysee. Get the ancient spirit of civilisation and courage fired up again. Bravery, honour, prudence, justice, temperance. Build anew.



  5. All the best to Matt. I like that he has included New Zealand in the name. A good kick in the guts to those using Aotearoa all the time.
    I think if he gets a good team behind him, both potential MPs and experienced political advisers (eg. like Rodney Hide and Steven Franks) then he has a very good chance of getting significant percentage of the voters. This time we just do not have a new party starting but it is starting at time when the country is really divided.



    • It really irks me that TV News have been ordered to not use the names ‘Auckland’ and ‘Christchurch’ anymore for our two largest cities-
      Babbling out some long, recently made-up Maori name for both of them.
      It must confuse the hell out of old people/foreigners etc (Jesus it confuses the hell out of me!)



  6. Well lets just see. I like the ideals so far but thetest is in the candidates.
    In Tauranga we have a seat becoming vacant.
    A good p[lace to start.

    Might be a bit soon but as its a one off roll out the fire power.
    The Nats are just holding on here and labour has been gaining for quite some time.

    Focus on the principles and not the issues.

    Talk about people being able to go about their daily lives without being beaten up by Govt.
    DON’T talk abut side issues like housing and health and all those things.
    Focus completely on the principles.

    Whcih is what Seymour should have done and didn’t.



  7. Good Luck Matt
    A decent bloke who is the one politician prepared to speak out against all this Covid fear and panic…
    (Unless you count Winston- which I don’t because he is the fucking reason we are in this shit in the first place!)



  8. https://m.facebook.com/Mattkingnorthland
    35 mins length : about 2 hours ago. : 31st March 2022

    To the same video clip.

    His guest Phil ????
    The guy with his back to the portaloo, who the police with knuckle duster gloves gouged at his eyes at the Wellington Protest.
    Lawyering up and legal issues for the “Battle of Portaloo”. Timing of that is still being figured to put in a complaint to the IPCA.

    More protests in shorter time frames, One at Marsden Point about its closure.
    Topics seem to be about the Wellington Protests, and full on about dropping the “Mandates”
    The Appeal of the Police Mandates which will take months defies logic.
    Teachers case is still in reserve.
    Needing more accountability about the vaxxes, the contract, the mandatory, and vaxx injury.

    Covid Health Response Act, most draconian, so why another Emergency Powers, when already Civic Defense Act.



  9. Matt should propose to rollback the egregious laws and powers the government & bureaucrats have granted themselves during this covid panic. The politicals as-one voted to gift themselves draconian authority. Roll it back. Sweep them out. Strip them forever of this dictatorial urge. I’d vote for that.



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