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Humanity to Embrace Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change





Newsweek Opinion Piece

Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie want humans to adopt cannibalism in order to lower carbon emissions.

Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie, psychology professors at Lancaster University, have proposed that ordinary people embrace cannibalism in order to provide an alternative to meat consumption that they see as environmentally destructive.

Piazza and McLatchie rationalize their consideration of cannibalism by pointing out that other mammals practice it, including rodents, bears and chimpanzees. It seems to escape the British academics that only a sentient species such as mankind is able to fully experience a sense of repulsion at the idea of eating human flesh.

The academics’ proposal is the latest in a string of think-pieces in corporate establishment media suggesting that ordinary everyday people cease consuming conventional meats, on account of their supposedly destructive impact on the environment.

The most common proposal from meat opponents is to suggest that the masses take up an insect based diet instead. Major media companies such as the Washington Post regularly publish supposedly “insightful” op-eds suggesting millions of people switch to eating insects, despite a completely negligible desire for such a diet among the general public in most western countries. (A few nations in Asia have some insect-based dishes.)

It generally escapes the institutional media elite that the billionaires funding them are among the most environmentally destructive and wasteful people on the planet, regularly emitting tons of carbon into the atmosphere from sprawling mansions and frequent private plane trips.

The liberal oligarch elites envision a world in which the masses are compelled to live in a fashion similar to beasts, through supposedly “environmentally friendly” cannibalism and an insect-based diet. But don’t think for a second they’ll even consider giving up their annual private jet getaway to Davos.


  1. Well if i were to do something that disgusting, I’ll start with a cull of this Col and roast ’em over a spit. JA would be for my dogs, but that Genter looks like she’s got some meat on her bones…



  2. Where are you coming from Ed? The whole analysis that you quote in your post is totally false. It comes from a garbage site which is actually called ‘Fake News Media’.

    I read the original Newsweek opinion piece and there’s no way these academics were proposing cannibalism at all. It was a piece that explores humans’ abhorrence of cannibalism from different perspectives and it did not advocate it in any way at all.

    Frankly, you do yourself a disservice by republishing garbage like this Fake News report on your otherwise excellent blog as if it was fact. Simply having the words FAKE NEWS MEDIA in the header doesn’t adequately indicate to readers that the whole article is complete garbage.



  3. I wouldn’t eat lefty meat. Too much chance of picking up “Mad Cow Disease”. Now a good strapping Alt Righter, now that may be an option. Now a couple of questions, do we buy the whole person live and just start hacking bits off so as to keep the rest fresh, or are we supposed to only deal in “prepared meat”. These are important considerations, as some houses may not have the room to keep a large number of “live” snacks on hand. And what happens if we decide not to eat the purchased “beast” but decide that they can be used for procreation? I see a whole bunch of pesky issues here…..



  4. Two Cannibals were eating eating the latest fella they had caught.
    One starts at the top end, the other at the bottom end.
    Guy at the top end says hows it going.
    Bottom end says I am having a ball.
    Top end comes back, slow down you bugger, I am only up to his neck……..



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