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Hungary’s Sound Immigration Policy




By Cal Thomas

Two summers ago on a visit to Budapest, I asked the spokesman for the Hungarian government about the growing problem of migrants coming into Europe. He told me Hungary doesn’t have a migrant problem because they don’t have welfare programs. So, he said, migrants continue their travels to other European countries that do.

That’s not the end of it, though. Hungary has created programs to help migrants stay in their own countries so they won’t feel the need to flee to Europe. It is a model the U.S. should consider adopting beyond dwindling and often misdirected foreign aid.

The government calls it “Hungary Helps Project.” It delivers aid directly to places affected by conflict, the driving force behind most migration. The assistance does not go through corrupt governments, but to churches and charities more easily monitored, who presumably have good motives.

It seems far less expensive and more politically advantageous than the floodtide threatening the unity and character of European nations and increasingly the United States.

The government says in just two years the program has helped 35,000 people to stay home. These include persecuted Christians, who are often ignored by governments and the media. In Nigeria, where thousands of persecuted Christians have been murdered, Hungary has provided 1 million euro ($1.2 million USD) to the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri. The money is being used to aid in the country’s educational and health infrastructure, which have been damaged by repeated attacks from the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.

An additional 500,000 euro (about $560,000 USD) has gone to social rehabilitation programs administered by Christ in Nations, which helps refugees return to their homes ravaged by the extremist group. It also supports agricultural efforts designed to improve the self-sufficiency of households, eliminate food shortages and treat diseases.

In the misnamed Democratic Republic of the Congo (because it is neither democratic nor a republic), Hungarian aid totaling 1 million euro has been targeted for an eye clinic run by the Brother Richard Foundation for the Sick. An estimated 10,000 patients receive direct help, but because of the lack of good health care, the clinic’s practice extends to 8 million people.

Ethiopia is another African nation receiving Hungarian aid. In a spirit of ecumenism, not only Catholic services receive funds; so does the Ethiopian Evangelical Church. The Mai-Aini refugee camp has been provided with 1.5 million euro (about $1.6 million USD) to offer shelter and basic services, including clean water, education and support services for about 15,000 Eritrean refugees. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Addis-Ababa has also received 500,000 euros in support.

Tristan Azbej is Hungary’s state secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians. In an article for the About Hungary website, he writes: “During the peak of the migration crisis in 2015, the Orban Government was widely criticized by international actors for taking a firm stance (against undocumented aliens). Among those voices, some said that Hungary was acting heartlessly. Our approach is simple: To provide an alternative to the exploitation of human traffickers and manipulation of pro-migration NGOs, we are doing everything in our capacity to enable those in need to stay in their homelands. In the words of Prime Minister Orban: ‘Trouble should not be brought here, but assistance must be taken to where it is needed.’ And that’s exactly what we endeavor to do.”

The Western media and liberal politicians have denounced the prime minister as a far-right ideologue, but this program appears to be working. Most people might think it a more sensible approach to the wave of humanity flooding Europe and increasingly the U.S., burdening services and resources.

Again, it has the added benefit of saving money, which ought to interest everyone.


  1. Coming from the shit holes of the world, how would they know which countries had the best welfare or any welfare?



    • They may be “refugees” but in the photos I see they all have smart phones and I’ll bet you there are “chat” rooms where they are all keeping each other up to date on who can get what.

      You only need to pop into any ED in any hospital in a major centre in NZ to see who are the primary visitors…..



    • The problem for the communists is that if you leave the bastards in their own country the communists can’t control them, can’t keep them in taxpayer-subsidised poverty and the bastards can’t vote for the communists.



    • Probably has two benefits Maggy. Demotivates the “economic” refugee from heading to Norway but then benefits both countries when they ship them home.



      • It’s getting so bad western countries are going to pay big bucks to keep them where they are- call me cruel but i could care less about places like the Congo ffs. I’ve got my own family to look after and pay for right here in NZ.



  2. I have always been a fan of the Hungarian Prime Minister, and how he stands up for Hungary against the EU and the UN

    As I have often said on various social media
    Long Live Poland, Long Live Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia and Myanmar.



  3. No amount of money would ever be enough. Why don’t the countries of origin pay for their citizens needs overseas? There is enough money for guns. Is there any middle eastern country that has a welfare state?



    • International aid money is funneled off by corrupt officials so never reaches those needing the funds. While they live in opulence the people live in squalor. The same has been happening since forever.

      Money is the worst currency that ever grew among mankind. This sacks cities, this drives men from their homes, this teaches and corrupts the worthiest minds to turn base deeds.



  4. Look at what Trump is having to do to protect their borders.

    Trump said he was not concerned that plans of the arrests have become publicly known, saying the deportations were not a secret.

    “If the word gets out, it gets out,” he said.

    At least 2000 immigrant families are eligible for deportation and will be targeted in the raids, the Times reported, citing former and current officials.

    “We’ll focus on criminals as much as a we can,” Trump said.

    “People come into our country illegally, we’re taking them out legally. Very simple. It’s not something I like doing,” Trump said. Referring to the violent gang MS-13, he added, “I have an obligation to do it.”

    Mayors of a number of cities expected to be targeted have said they will not co-operate with deportations carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.



    • As Trump says these are criminals who have been given deportation orders/sentences by US courts. So what crimes are the Mayors committing who will not co-operate with the ICE officials? At least one of them need to be hauled into Court to set an example , after the ICE guys have been in town and are obstructed from doing their job.



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