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“Ignorance and burying her head is not leadership.”




Time for Cindy to man up and take a tough decision. She needs to stand Wynstone down from his racing ministry until the SFO has completed their investigation into his party’s shady donations fiasco.

This morning we see his dismal attempt to dispel the mounting bad publicity. Sitting in an office with the useless Super Gold Card on prominent display, this video of him trying to explain his version of the truth will be a waste of time. Most of his target audience will never get to see it. They are happily ensconced in their rest homes, more interested in wondering when they will get their lunch, they had just eaten an hour ago.

His denial of involvement in the following and subsequent photographing of journalists investigating his parties dodgy dealings, does not stack up. On one hand he admits to it, and now denies it.

For Cindy to proudly announce she will be running a positive election campaign, has gone the way of all her promises to date. All this is doing, is proving just how weak she really is.

Without the support of Wynstone, she will no longer be our PTPM. The only way she can come out of this with any credibility, is to call his bluff and stand him down. She might be surprised at the response to bold action on her part. But we know she will never do it.



  1. I think Mr Peters should stand down from his official posts for credibility while the allegations are investigated. The issues are serious and are at the very least a risk to maintaining public confidence in government.



    • She only reigns at Winston’s pleasure?
      I struggle to see accuracy in that.

      I’d be very surprised if there was any meaningful negotiation between WP/NZ First and Bill English/National after the last election. Labour may have negotiated on the basis they had competition but there really wasn’t.
      Still isn’t.
      Winston First needs Labour as badly as Labour needs Winston.
      Neither has anywhere else to go.

      To say SLG only reigns at Winston’s pleasure is to ignore the fact deposing her would be political suicide for Mr 3% and falling.



      • Socialist Cindy was too stupid to understand she was being played by the old charlatan. Cindy thought Labour had lost their chance of power on election night and couldn’t believe her luck at Wynstone negotiating to work with them. I remember her saying during negotiations she “couldn’t say anything yet” but winking at the camera and grinning like a cat who had the cream. Don’t worry love, like a lamb to the slaughter Wynstone had already assessed your gullibility and malleability for his political puppetry skills.



  2. I think the best result would be for Comrade SLG to stubbornly avoid standing the cockroach down for months and watch as the mounting pressure and public discussion builds. This would effectively stymie any attempt that the Marxists make to run a coherent election campaign while ACT and the New Conservatives get their messages across. Best of all if they both form a ‘new alliance’ to boost their profiles! I don’t know what the dribble party would do during this period. Probably what they’ve been doing since the last election which is SFA.

    Then the icing on the cake would be that the cockroach is arrested in August. Just in time to completely melt down this sham of a government, leaving ACT and NCs to lead the dribbles into victory.

    During the campaign while the cockroach is destroying the Marxists’ election chances the dribbles wouldn’t change their ‘leader’ of course because that would be show too much spine…. but after the election the big dribble might slink off and let the party find a real leader and support ACT and the NCs in their efforts to rebuild our country. That’s wishful thinking of course,…. but hey, dreams are cheap.



      • How is the SLG going to go electioneering with Whinestone firmly tied around her neck?
        He would be a handbrake, she certainly not distance herself?
        Do you think that, about the middle of the year on the last day of parliament sitting, she collapses the COL!
        She can then go out and electioneer with the greens and stick it to NZF.
        Whinestone will be ropeable, he would be whinny no mates!



  3. The “thought police” actively on the job, banging on doors, about any discrepancy of opinion about Ardern’s adhan about being a good digital citizen full of responsibility.

    What Jacinda really means – I will tell you what to say, I will tell you what to think, I will tell you what to do & if you don’t I will send the cops around to see you! #control #totalitarian #policestate #newzealand #nzpol #dictator #draintheswamp #freedomofspeech #turnardern

    So are the comrade police full of well-being and kindness?



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