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Brunei makes celebrating Christmas a criminal offence

Imagine the outcry if any nation had made celebrating any Islamic festival a criminal offence. But no one will take any significant note of this.

“Brunei has made celebrating Christmas a criminal offence,” by Mark Kelly, Pattaya One, December 23, 2019

Anyone found illegally celebrating Christmas in Brunei could face up to five years in prison, according to a reported declaration by the Sultan of the tiny oil-rich state.

Brunei introduced its ban on Christmas last year over fears that celebrating it “excessively and openly” could lead its Muslim population astray.

Christians and others can celebrate Christmas, but must do so in private and have to first alert the authorities.

Local Islamic religious leaders have promoted the ban, warning that adopting the trappings of Christmas is tantamount to imitation of another faith, prohibited in some interpretations of Islam.

Officials from the Ministry of Religious Affairs have also reportedly visited local businesses to ensure they are not displaying Christmas decorations, including Santa hats and banners with Christmas greetings.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, who has ruled the former British colony for nearly 50 years, introduced the ban on Christmas in 2014, the same year Brunei adopted a stricter penal code, based on Islamic sharia and including punishments such as stoning and amputation.

The Christmas ban is justified under the new laws – the punishment for celebrating Christmas is a fine of $20,000 or up to five years in prison, or both….

Best comment in response to the above

“Islamic bigotry like this and the dangers it brings should be obvious to anyone with eyes and ears. Yet leftists act oblivious to the truth about islam. This phenomenon conjures a metaphor in my mind: I feel like America and the West in general is like a bunch of folks trapped in a boat surrounded by circling sharks. You got the group in charge insisting, “Those sharks can’t hurt us, they’re peaceful, let’s swim.” And the other group knows what sharks can do and say, “No, they’re dangerous and want to eat us.” Then one guy falls out and gets eaten and the one groups says, “Don’t worry, that shark doesn’t represent all sharks, he’s a crazy shark.” But the other group says, “No, that’s what sharks do.” Both groups continue to fight over the issue while the sharks grow larger in number and continue to feed off us. And no matter how many of us get eaten the one group can never seem to admit the truth about sharks. You’ve got one group working off reasoned observation and experience, while the other group denies reality and threatens the lives of every one else in the boat. And this is what it’s like with leftists regarding islam, we can talk and talk while people die, yet they never seem to listen and learn. They continue to make excuses, they continue to deny reality, and our people get “eaten.”

I think there comes a point when the smart group has to throw the dumb and dangerous group out of the boat. It becomes too big an immorality for the one group to keep denying the obvious and endanger everyone else. The analogy is clear, we need to get these lying leftists out of our politics and positions of power, they are killing us–culturally and literally. They are denying the obvious threat and dangers of islam to the point of blatant complicity. I care about them as people too, but if they want to hurt me for islam then they better get out of the boat. We have families too, and our worth as people grants us equal measure in our own self defense.”

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  1. It ends up throwing ones children over board to be burley to the sharks.

    In the name of tolerating the intolerant, sacrificing one’s children, to be sex slaves or dhimmis.

    girls had to be in the back of the classroom. Then they would dance to Arabic music and eat Arabic cake.
    ​“Imagine the reverse… Muslim children had been made to partake in Christian or Jewish ‘role play’. Then heads would have rolled, and the outrage milieus would have been jangling”,

    Or at best converting the school kids to islam, so that they can become the spoilt elite of that ideology, and so be able to open that society up to more islamic control and to be ok with islamic tyranny.



  2. Fox News runs a puff piece by an American Muslim woman who states,

    ” When I was younger, I didn’t want to feel left out of from what my friends and classmates got to experience. As I got a little older and started to study my own Islamic faith more deeply, I saw just how much Muslims revere Jesus. Mother Mary has an entire chapter dedicated to her in the Koran. Jesus is the most-mentioned prophet.”




    • All believers are a danger. They all seek to rule us.

      The jew won’t try and convert you, but only because they regard you as an inferior being. No better than a beast. However they do want power over you using treachery lies and malfeasance.

      Other than that, they are better than the Muslims and most are not into all that religious or Zionist crap.



  3. The intolerance still expect tolerance of their ideology but, from my perspective, tolerance is a two way street. The Christian ideal of turning the other cheek, or being tolerant, would not cut it with the Sultan or his followers.

    Given the queue to get in here with Immigration staff working to clear the “backlog”, I wonder how much we are enquiring into beliefs on tolerance by those seeking entry even if they are already here. Possibly not being tough enough I suspect. I hope we are not a soft touch but fear we may be. We have at least one devious overstayer that we are aware of.



  4. More shark development, that follows Mohammad’s guidance, decrees, sayings & actions.

    Lévy describes the campaign as a “slow-motion war” against the Christians of Nigeria, “of massive scale and horrible brutality”. And worse, he says, “the world has barely noticed.”

    Present throughout Nigeria and with between 14 and 15 million inhabitants, the Fulani plunderers come from the north of the country, predominantly Muslim, but headed south where they led a reign of terror against the Christians.

    Mainstream media generally describe the conflict as ethnic and economic, categorically denying the deeply religious nature of the attacks, which Lévy attributes to “professional disinformers”.

    “They are Islamic extremists of a new look”, explains a director of Nigerian NGO questioned by Lévy, “more or less linked to Boko Haram”.

    According to the Global Terrorism Index 2019, Fulani activists are now more deadly than Boko Haram and have committed the majority of the 2,040 terrorist deaths recorded in Nigeria in 2018. …..
    ….. There are “too many Christians in Lagos,” said one of the Peuls in Lévy. “Christians are dogs and children of dogs. You say Christians. For us, they are traitors. They adopted the religion of the whites. There is no room here for the friends of white people, who are unclean. “ …..
    …….. Their brutality is essential to create an atmosphere of terror among local Christians.

    While the Boko Haram group is limited to 5% of Nigerian territory, notes Lévy, “the Fulani terrorists operate across the country”.

    Residents complain that the government is complicit in the attacks, closing their eyes while the Christians are massacred.

    “What are you waiting for?” Asked the driver from Lévy – a Christian – as he drove to his burnt-out church. “The army is linked to the Peuls. They go hand in hand. “After an attack,” we even found a dog tag and a uniform, “he said.

    Almost the entire political bureaucracy is also Fulani, including President Muhammadu Buhari, which explains the lack of government intervention to stop the massacre.

    “This is hardly surprising,” said lawyer Dalyop Salomon Mwantiri. “The staff of the Nigerian army is a little bit. All the bureaucracy is Peul. “

    And meanwhile, the West is sleeping, notes Levy, oblivious to the carnage and systematic extermination of Christians.

    “Will the West let history repeat itself in Nigeria?” He asks. “Are we going to wait, as usual, until the disaster is over before we learn about it?” Are we going to sit idly by while international Islamic extremism opens a new front in this vast land, …..

    Seems like “There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra,” like another subjugation is underway.

    It has been estimated that up to one million people may have died due to the conflict, most from hunger and disease caused by Nigerian forces.

    I do not look at the Western Countries to get involved, but to see and understand the politics and ideologies involved, to see that that the sharks keep on growing in numbers, strength and size.

    Oil & Money ruled the day 50 years ago.
    Last time the British backed the Nigerian government, and France backed Biafra.



  5. Brunei is going from strength to strength, and does not need any thing from a Santa, etc…
    The UN delivered its early presents with great praise.

    May 10, 2019 ….. Despite Brunei’s notorious new penal code that provides for the stoning of gays, nation after nation lined up today at the UN Human Rights Council to laud the absolute monarchy’s track record on human rights, …..
    ….. Brunei’s atrocious human rights record, which includes criminalizing of same-sex sexual activity, the use of caning and stoning as punishment, and strict censorship. ……
    …. then 82 out of 91 countries, or 90%, expressed praise for the country. …..
    ….. a selection of praise that Brunei received today at its review:

    ~Egypt:- We “welcome the progress that has been made by way of gender policy.”
    ~Equatorial Guinea:- “We are very impressed.”
    ~Cambodia:- “Brunei’s government remains committed to protect and strengthen democracy and human rights principles.”
    ~China:- We appreciate efforts to “promote harmonious coexistence between ethnic groups.”
    ~Cuba:- “There are positive results since the last review.”
    ~The Philippines:- “We are pleased to note efforts in advancing rights of women and children.”
    ~Saudi Arabia:- “Brunei prepared its human rights report “with the professionalism that demonstrates the interest of the country in human rights.”
    ~Bangladesh:- “We commend progress made in promotion of rights of women, children, and persons with disabilities.”
    ~Bahrain:- We “welcome the positive steps taken by the government of Brunei to promote and protect human rights.”
    ~Algeria:- We “welcome efforts to promote human rights for all sectors of society.”
    ~UAE:- “We see this opportunity to applaud achievements made by Brunei.”
    ~Sudan:- We “welcome the constructive and positive measures taken.”
    ~Palestine:- “We also commend the government of Brunei.”
    ~Sri Lanka:- We “warmly welcome the delegation of Brunei.”
    ~Russia:- We “commend work to implement and strengthen the youth policy.”
    ~Qatar:- We “commend social coexistence and encourage Brunei to continue its current policy on the basis of transparency.”


    So what if no Christmas, just have a welcoming “Happy Holiday” or “Summer Festival” as per Race Relations Conciliator, Susan Devoy.
    Many here in NZ seem to insist on this too.

    Never mind the human rights, as that will all be dealt with by the New Commissioner of Human Rights, Paul Hunt. and the Chief Censor, David Shanks, as Ardern calls the adhan of the “Christchurch Call”

    NZ is being “called” to be reconstructed to a UN formula. 🙁



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