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Why Dems are rushing to impeachment

Democrats in Congress have been itching to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump since even before he was president.

Many believe it’s because they had nominated Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 election, and since they believed she was entitled to the honor, they could not believe – and still have not accepted – her total failure.

But now an apparently partisan – anti-Trump – CIA agent has made a series of anonymous allegations about the president’s conversation with the president of Ukraine, unsupported by a transcript of the call, and they are all-in on the plan.

Right now.

Country rock superstar Charlie Daniels, in his weekly Soap Box column, explains just what’s going on.

“The sole reason for all the rush to judgment is that the Democrats know there is not one candidate among the entire gaggle of primary hopefuls who could carry the day in a national election,” he said.

“And in essence, Ms. Pelosi and the Democrats have tacitly declared war on the Republic, by declaring that the will of the majority of the American people doesn’t count, that it’s up to a political party to decide who will sit in the Oval Office.”

He continued, “This is, in actuality, establishing a monarchy of sorts, overruling the electorate and making the Congress of the United States a kingmaker, negating the will of the voters and the legally mandated system of elections.”

The fight in Washington is over Trump’s telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine. A whistleblower who has been identified as an anti-Trump partisan probably in the deep state CIA filed a complaint based on hearsay.

Democrats are running with it, alleging that Trump was negotiating for a political advantage using military aid promised by the United States, even though the transcript of the telephone call doesn’t support that.

Daniels said the problem is that Pelosi “has lost control of her party and is forced by a radical fringe and a left-handed media to kowtow to the idiotic opinions of Cookie (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and the Odd Squad and the ruinous platform of Green New Deals and cradle-to-grave socialism nannyism.”

The real state of the country, he explained, is an economy that is buzzing, unemployment at an all-time low, a revitalized military and “disastrous” trade deals being abandoned.

Also, Iran “has finally been called out,” the embassy is in Jerusalem and the border wall is being built.

The trouble spots, he pointed out, are in cities represented by Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Nancy Pelosi and the like, where there are “enclaves of rat-infested, drug-ridden, totally unsanitary streets where used syringes and human feces are so thick citizens can’t walk there…”

This is the Democrats’ goal, he said.

“They want unemployment to be high, the stock market to be low, the borders to be open, the manufacturers to be closed, trains and airplanes to be banned, education and medical service to be free, guaranteed employment for all, a payday for people who refuse to work, and an additional sixteen trillion dollars tacked on to the twenty-one trillion we already owe.”

“They believe that the world will end in twelve years if we don’t adopt lithium battery-powered electric cars and curb cow flatulence and they believe they can take Donald Trump out,” he said.

He warns about Adams Schiff, the representative who claimed for two years, falsely, that he had evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia in 2016.

He “has, for the last three years, vacillated between ‘I have proof of collusion, there is irrefutable proof of obstruction, to the whistleblower evidence proves that the president requested a quid pro quo from a foreign power.”

“He has cried wolf, made a mountain out of a molehill, and been made to look like a fool by two Russian shock jocks masquerading as informants with harmful information on Trump,” he said.

But whatever the Democrats attempt, and succeed or not, it will be only the beginning, he warned.

“We’ve only seen one party pull out all the stops so far, just wait until the other one does.”


  1. Yep, there is some comment about Ryan wanting revenge and so on. The Rep’s are as bad as the Dems in some ways.
    Of course, the money is flowing to Trump from the public. $15million the other night. Money from ordinary Americans.

    Its a battle ground. Loyalties will be tested.



      • Democrats have spent three years trying to unseat Trump. Impeachment? Yeah right. They’d never get it through the Senate. A complete waste of time. Pelosi is a sick, desperate has-been who needs to check into the nearest cemetery, once she wades through crowds of weirdo homeless junkies. (yes it is that bad in places)



  2. As a Trump supporter of long standing I would like to believe that things are going well in America. But there is no mention of the simply vast amount of new “quantitative easing” in the last few weeks, printing money like crazy to prop up a system which is about to collapse. When the next crash comes it will make 2008 look like a jolly picnic in the park.



  3. I do not understand why the “exposure” of this Treaty does not stop the Democrats in their tracks with this stupidity.


    But maybe Trump’s team think the same way as the academic Toko linked to the other day and are quite happy for the first stage of impeachment to occur (ie. going through Congress) so the Senate trial can bring out all the stuff Mueller did not both with.



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