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Pfizer and NZ Government kill dozens of young football players with mRNA vaxx

Editor, cairnsnews

Recent Herald articles detail a number of medical ‘incidents’ relating to rugby players.  The articles are somewhat confusing and lacking in medical detail but there has been enough reported to be concerned about and for us to have questions.  At least four players have been mentioned as experiencing medical events or needing medical care in the last month.

Piecing together the details from several articles it is possible to glean the following information.

1) Suburbs Rugby Club’s Premier Development side and Manukau Rovers Rugby Football Club. The player collapsed moments after the final whistle.  The player is believed to have suffered a seizure and stopped breathing.  Paramedics performed life-saving CPR. He was transported to Auckland Hospital to receive treatment.

2) On June 17 Adrian Lole was seen stumbling back to the try line before collapsing.  Lole was rushed into surgery, where he had a blood clot removed from his brain. Auckland Rugby Union are still unaware of the cause.

3) Bay of Plenty rugby league player Tere Livingstone suffered a critical brain injury while playing and died in hospital days after the incident.  After receiving a scan and surgery he had been putting up a fight for the past few days.

4) The events come after a Bay of Plenty rugby league player (Tere Livingstone) and a rugby union player from Ruatōria both died after on-field incidents. That is four incidents in a short space of time.  The reporting is ambiguous and refers to “a tragic incident”,  “a major brain injury”, “severely injured”, “on-field incidents”.  However, it is not clear whether the players were injured in the course of play or whether they suffered an injury to their brain due to a medical event. Certainly in at least two of these cases it would seem to be the latter.  The players have collapsed or had a seizure rather than experiencing a blow to the head. Surgery has been needed – to remove blood clots in one case.

There have been previous reports in 2021 and 2022 involving young rugby players dying suddenly from medical events.

Rugby player Taniela Moa (36) suddenly dead following a medical event in Dec 2021. Sulamai Lavea (48) a rugby league player passed away from a heart attack on Saturday 11 Dec 2021 in Brisbane.  He had walked up the ‘death stairs’ during fitness training and collapsed on the second level. Mike Salase (39) was a rugby league player.  He died on 10 Jul 2021 having suffered a medical event while playing league in Broadwood, Northland.A rugby player died during an East Coast Centennial celebration match.

Rising star, Maori All Black Sean Wainui (26) died mysteriously, without the proper post-mortem needed, especially since he was reportedly unwell since his first jab. What is going on?  Has anyone asked the obvious question?  Were these players injected with a covid 19 ‘vaccine’ and have they experienced one of the many potential adverse effects that could cause a person to suffer a seizure, collapse, heart attack, have a brain bleed or need clot removal?Of course, as we have stated repeatedly, it is not just rugby players who are suffering so-called sudden unexpected injuries and death. All age groups and walks of life are suffering unexplained elevated death rates.

Something is killing us off and we have to do something.

It is becoming increasingly known that the injection of synthetic genetic material along with lipid nanoparticles and possible contaminants, as well as the subsequent production of spike protein (and perhaps other proteins) by multiple cells in the body, is associated with several serious medical conditions showing up in many people. Once injected, the mRNA ends up in the circulation where it can be taken up by any body cells.  It seems the heart muscle, brain and lining of blood vessels are common sites for production of spike protein.

When human cells produce a foreign protein they become a target of the immune system.  Inflammation occurs as the body tries to remove the foreign protein.Inflammation in the heart muscle is known as myocarditis.  If it affects electrical pathways in the heart, heart-stopping rhythm disturbances can occur.  This can cause a sudden collapse and/or death.  Post-mRNA vaccine myocarditis affects young men particularly and seems to be exacerbated by physical exertion.

Inflammation in brain tissue can cause seizures, in addition to a multitude of other symptoms.Inflammation in blood vessels can weaken the walls and cause them to swell (aneurysm), split (dissection) or burst.  Inflamed blood vessels may also contribute to blood clots forming inside them causing damage to tissues downstream.

The reason for bringing this up is because if possible adverse reactions from a novel injection are not considered in the possible diagnoses in these cases and then ruled out, the potential for treatment may be missed.  In addition, damage is cumulative and the more injections a person has, the more likely adverse effects are to occur. It is looking like there really are deadlier batches and placebos out there, according to published studies.

We keep mentioning such situations because until there is acknowledgement that the vaccine can cause serious and significant harm in some people and open discussion and debate is allowed, there won’t be any research about how to treat people potentially affected.  Nor will there be discussion about how to prevent further damage which could affect other rugby players and other Kiwis.

We and others have written on some of the hundreds of post-vaccine deaths by name – Divya Simon, Isabella Alexander, Rory Nairn, Louis AmosLiam O’Sullivan, Sarah Barnes, and we have referred to numerous children, suddenly dead, as a group. Using their actual names this time will hopefully help stimulate a call for a proper inquiry so we can move to protect ourselves, in the absence of any public officials acting on massive ‘safety signals’, to put it mildly.

So here is a roll-call of some suspicious deaths in children and young people, with huge respect, compassion and sorrow for the families’ losses, whatever the cause may be:

Felix (13), Ethan (12), Max (12), Tiare (16), Isabella (17), Faith (14), Aramea (12), Ropiha (17), Layk (18), Declan (17), Celia (13), Sai (12), Te Kahui (14, another gifted rugby player), Luke (19), Louis (19), Catelyn (17), Liam (19), Hannah (15), ​​​​​​​Leila (13), Riley (14), Asher (17), Shya (17), Eliana (4 days old – mum Nishi died suddenly in pregnancy, and Eliana born by emergency Caesarean section).

Most of these children were definitely jabbed, one or two may not have been. People who report these deaths are not always 100% certain of the exact details.

Such sudden deaths DO happen very rarely in normal times but not in these numbers, nor paralleled with thousands of serious jab injuries, that could be described themselves as ‘near miss’ deaths. Remember too that acknowledged under-reporting means the actual numbers will be even higher. It is not our intention to distress or upset friends and family, rather to bring awareness to issues that are being censored, and to prevent further deaths and harm among New Zealanders.

NZDSOS ( https://www.facebook.com/nzdsos/) accept the possibility of errors, apologises for any distress caused, and are always open to correction if these deaths are not related.  Over to the government to disprove everything we have said above.

We must stop the jabs, and have an inquiry to let the full facts emerge.

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    • No, you can’t say that…yet. Facts have to be facts. Not this:

      ”Most of these children were definitely jabbed, one or two may not have been. People who report these deaths are not always 100% certain of the exact details.”

      Too many vagaries in these articles.

      That said, I think a Prima Facie case would be close to being called.



      • Very hard to hide from excess mortality. If its gone up 50%, you have your culprit. Might have to be patient, hopefully not a patient.

        Are any parties talking about scrapping the draconian Covid statutes? At least we’ve got rent relief for pets. Truth is Politicians love POWER. They may pretend to work for people, but the POWER of covid is like a bug light for politicians. They drank the cool aide willingly.

        We must insist on writing laws to prevent such medical tyranny ever again. It won’t come from politicians.



        • I can’t find the exact details, but I have heard it reported several times on both RCR and The Platform that the new government has scrapped all vaccine and mask mandates immediately. This came into effect when the new government composition was announced.

          Can anyone verify this or publish a link to this? It is certainly my understanding that this is the case – along with a full enquiry into the Covid Response instituted by the previous authoritarian regime.



  1. Attributing Sean Wainui’s death as vaccine related is like labelling the cause of death of the man shot by police in New Lynn in 2020 as Covid related – utterly preposterous. These sorts of claims do serious harm to the credibility of those trying to force discussion of a serious issue.



    • Exactly. It’s fodder for the authorities to throw at serious investigators. Given the general public aren’t interested in this issue as a rule, it makes it easy for authorities to control the narrative when addressing said public by pointing out quack claims thus allow them to sweep the whole issue under the table. Nothing to see here.



    • ….Rising star, Maori All Black Sean Wainui (26)

      I think at 26 you have either made it or not. You cant be arising star at that age.

      …Sulamai Lavea (48) a rugby league player passed away from a heart attack on Saturday 11 Dec 2021 in Brisbane.

      A 48 year old still playing R league.
      The PIs have a propensity to fatty food.
      This could be natural causes.
      The other names in that group are Polynesians over 35 years old still playing rugby.
      Moving into risk area.

      Brain bleeds. One of the things rugby union and league need to wake up to is the high rate of head injury .
      The top echelon has been lucky so far.
      It is a growing challenge to be addressed.
      Sending Rugby Captains off in WC Finals for head high tackles wont cut it.



  2. Has the Liz Gunn’s episode, been as a controlled opposition, in particular a useful idiot, to be so easily discredited, [just disgusting how she did not edit the intro.] so that follow up questions of that are finished, so why would the NZ government now release the official data,
    The “Winston Smith” name for anonymity, and then the full face did raise an eyebrow. as well as “for humanity” which Liz Gunn soaks in.

    Can truth be found & properly researched.

    From comments from Igor Chudez,

    “…. …..the point remains, there is no compelling reason NOT to disclose the anonymized data, which of course they possess.
    NZ MOH still have to disclose their obvious conflict on interest with CEPI, which they categorically denied in an OIA well over a year ago, that is the subject of a formal complaint to the Ombudsman (also made over a year ago).”
    From Guy Hatchard’s comment in full.
    “Hi Igor. I write extensively in NZ at HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL
    The data set has been offered to a number of people in NZ over the last couple of years but not taken up apparently because of the difficulties you point out including age bias, sorting out a clean and reliable set, and access to whole source.
    It wasn’t offered to myself. IMO the vaccine records in NZ may include many discrepancies due to poor recording practices.

    The whistleblower is according to media reports being investigated by the MoH who have called in the police see https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/503703/health-nz-staff-member-investigated-for-covid-19-misinformation.
    As you suggest, there is a great deal of other evidence including from NZ supporting vaccine harm.
    We have consistently called for release of data comparing health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated, this has been denied.

    The minister of Health Dr Shane Reti chipped in this morning with this statement https://twitter.com/HopeRising19/status/1730514645436469639 saying he has been reassured that there is no evidence to support vaccine harm. If there is no harm why won’t they release relevant data for public scrutiny.

    Two years ago the government granted unfettered access to NZ Covid vaccine health data to Dr. Petousis-Harris co-director of Co-Director Global Vaccine Data Network.
    She promised to publish data of vaccine safety but has published nothing and has publicly stated that she will not be getting another Covid vaccine.
    The main take home from the leak is the MoH refusal to release the relevant data, the take down of the site hosting the leaked data, and the pursuit of the whistleblower by police.
    Love your work. Best wishes Dr Guy Hatchard”
    Dr. Petousis-Harris, formerly involved with the Brighton Collaboration (safety platform founded before 2000 but now part of CEPI), funded by CEPI (vaccine developer, created by WEF, Wellcome, BMGF in 2016) ), the orchestrator of the SPEAC protocol that literally makes collecting AE data from clinicians and patients in an uncontrolled social and medical experiment nigh on impossible. No surprise. No declaration of conflicts of interest from Petousis-Harris or from CEPI funding and investing NZ GOV and MOH.

    ………. I think this is a psy-op intended to sow confusion and undermine opposition voices, which makes the participants (save Norman Fenton) very suspect.
    It would be very helpful to have a complete data set, but the all cause mortality data makes clear that something is very, very wrong.
    Worth reading how VFF are feeling very vexxed about Liz Gunn, with good reason.

    ….. We are aware of an accusation circulating that “VFF were given this [MOH] data a while ago and refused to deliver it to the public.”
    Like other information released by this same individual recently, this information, is incorrect.
    The person making the claims failed to contact us about her statements to hear the other side of the story.
    Had she done so, she would have learned the following …

    Norman Fenton.
    I, along with numerous colleagues, was asked to look at an anonymised version of the dataset. I was told this was accurate, reliable record-level data on a very large, random subset of the vaccinated population (it contains over 2 million vaccination records) for the first 2 years of the covid vaccination programme.
    Any conclusions (including those below) about vaccine safety based on the dataset are only valid if these assumptions about the data are true.
    Since looking at the data there have been claims that the dataset may not be random since it contains a disproportionate number vacinees who died during the 2-year period. This would mean the data is biased, in which case most of the conclusions made about it would not be generalisable.

    Igor Chudov has also expressed concerns about the provenance of the data. However, having spoken with Steve Kirsch today, he says that there are widespread misunderstandings about the data and it is not biased. For a start he says that the datatset is the complete set of ‘pay-per-dose’ vaccination records and therefore there is no biased sampling at all. He says: ……

    It seems that the system has not fully recorded like the 1st & 2nd vaxxes, which may all be on paper, and peoples statements on turning up at a pop up vaxx.
    But I am sure the payments were made to the those vaxxers! There is a money trail, or corruption.

    Well in this Liz Gunn’s fiasco we can who truly trying to sift out the truth, & to remain true in principles.



    • ”She promised to publish data of vaccine safety but has published nothing and has publicly stated that she will not be getting another Covid vaccine.”

      I remember that. I thought it was usual at the time.



      • Thanks howitis 🙂

        I have become a little motivated as yesterday in attending an early Christmas lunch, yesterday and besides the meet & greet of some older friends, and some I found are aware if not more aware than I on a number of these things.

        Interesting as one can see they have even a wider range of resources, well travelled, & connected, plus their age brings a knowledge & experience of how to view some of these things.
        Cautious & canny, and looking for truths that can stand, while also looking to consider things, but trying to what it is based on.
        As they, many of us know that feelz with impatience, so often times out to zero & we have all have been guilty of that at some stage.
        Yet we all like to live with some hope, 🙂

        To be really grateful that we live in New Zealand, but the freedoms, the lives are to be treasured & defended in the many varying ways we can.



    • Agreed wg.
      But as I note above, the devious ways of how they can find & use those “useful idiots” so the system can say no need to do that.
      Still at least roaming through comments one can see some common-sense, to find a basis to get it to a stage of forensic investigation.

      Even the faults in not proper data gathering, which should go onto medical records, like how people may or may not, like the voting register or whether in a census.
      Not that I want more detail of our lives, it does show that NZ wastes a tremendous amount of money supposedly gathering info, that is not fit for any purpose. Well except organizations for obtaining money from the taxpayer.



      • Oh come on guys, it’s not as easy as that to compile data on vaccination with cause of death, don’t you know?

        It’s pretty straightforward to demand evidence of ‘vaccination’ before someone can go into a cafe or a public library. That’s easy peasy, as is refusing a job to someone who hasn’t been injected. Pretty straightforward and no worries mate.

        But this different to when someone presents at a hospital (or a morgue) with a touch of myocardial infarction or a slight case of death through blood clotting in the brain. In cases like these it is an impossible task to correlate whether or not the patient/corpse had previously been injected with some sort if experimental genetic toxin and if so, how many times.

        And anyway, just because a previously healthy person (with no gender or anything) happens to have a spot of brain aneurism and drop dead while drying their hair a few weeks after being injected, this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a connection. It could easily be that their head got overheated by the hair dryer – so we should stop giving air to these wild conspiracy theories.



    • The only critters that can do a criminal investigation in a tear zooland is the poo lice.

      They are political force, not a police force.

      They cannot adequately investigate a murder of one or two people.
      -Swedish back packers -they lied re the watch and other things in sworn testimony.
      -Mark Lundy- they absolutely lied here in the first trial with a completely made up and preposterous story and there was a false conviction.
      The poo lice do intimidate by the way. Yes it is true. Were jurors intimidated here. Very possible. NZ cops are made up of a lot of thugs. (Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum) The story Lundy was convicted on was bonkers with psychics involved as actual testimony; and lie after lie.
      -Scott Watson. He was marked by Rob Pope. Rob Pope left the cops in disgrace 10 years later.

      -Eg . Scott Guy. This man was assassinated in his own driveway.
      It was well planned and executed. Ie. not a bar room brawl that escalated.
      At best there would be three people who had the motive, the murderous intent , had the means and the opportunity to kill this man.
      So eliminate to these three suspects and ride them hard.
      What we got was one chappie, Ewen McDonald, who went to court. He was clearly a mad and bad bastard based on animal cruelty and vandalism charges . He has motive and opportunity. He was acquitted of murder.
      His brother is a Detective Cop.
      His lawyer was so anguished he suicided weeks later.

      Who the hell is going to do the investigation?
      The NZ cops are incompetent and dishonest political operatives. This is only getting worse with biased favoured recruitment and promotion.
      Another example. The Dunnydin poo lice covered up for years for a crooked mad bastard, bad bastard cop and then suspended on full pay. and lied and pretended it was not a sworn officer.
      If this is their investigation ability we are fkd.
      Which we are.
      Jeremy Fraser Buis
      Not even getting to the kellie jay keen fiasco.

      NZ is a place of great incompetence now.
      A 3.2 km rail tunnel takes longer to build than the 3000+ km Transpacific railroad incl over the Sierra Mountains in the US in the 1860s.
      Roads are built as 10 metres a week with all that machinery and orange cones and orange vested try-hards; then within a year the rebuild commences.

      Competency has been smashed and it began in the mid 2000 decade.
      You will not see a valid investigation from any pubic servant in NZ in 2023, 2024, 2025…



  3. if you add the total jabs then the total deaths of the first 7 on the list, 3668 and 477 are the totals
    we have a figure of 13% deaths from total jabs.
    In the first eight, number 5 is missing, obviously was not a high mortality batch.
    If these figures are correct, the death rate is totally unacceptable
    if we look at excess deaths in NZ in 2022, we can conclude the excess death rate in 2022 was somewhere between 10% and 15%
    To say these jabs are safe, is statistically starting to look impossible, unless the government can actually start releasing data that supports this, they are are just talking unscientific nonsense.
    link to crude mortality New Zealand



    • The msm and govt will be caught with their pants round their ankles while denying their own statistics. No use pretending it’s not happening when official data has gone around the world. The international media are picking it up. The cat’s out of the bag….



  4. Liz Gunn seems to be a loose unit. However that data has been analysed by others who all come to the same conclusion, the vaccine does kill some. Now if it were only New Zealand, I would be cautious, but every country that had the jab has a similar problem all starting at about the same time. That to me is a smoking Gunn..

    And we have the morgue reports and the oncology results. The uptick in IGG4 prevalence in vaxed individuals. The cardiologists noticing the increase in troponin levels in vaxed individuals often with no symptoms. ( evidently as high as 1 on 35). Its not like we have these deaths and no idea what’s going on. And I am not aware of an uptick in deaths in unvaccinated individuals, if so the MSM would be trumpeting this from every rooftop.



  5. If one reads my 9:36 am comment above one could see Guy Hatchard had reservations as did VFF about the credibility, in particular the quality of that “whistle blowers data.
    So now Guy Hatchard has done his report.

    ….. If health data shows that there is no harm from Covid vaccines why would the government deny access to the relevant data? ……
    …. There were a number of charts displayed showing for example that some South Island vaccination sites had been disproportionately affected by deaths subsequent to vaccination.
    It was immediately clear from the names of the providers that these sites serviced the elderly, an obvious and unfortunate data bias which has garnered some criticisms. …..
    ……. That doesn’t mean the data leak is invalid, a conspiracy theory, or irrelevant.
    There were some very real and concerning questions raised which need answers.
    The reaction of the Ministry of Health and the Minister actually points to a conspiracy of silence on their part, not to the whistleblower.
    We do have whistleblower protection legislation in New Zealand. It states that: …..


    After all every one is supposed to send their kids to school and comply with the new science, that all maori knowledge is as equal to the “old forms of science”.
    Seems to be all shored up by Shaun Hendy & Siouxsie Wiles that if you do not agree then your science is based on racist concepts.

    At least these days well schooled kids will get be able to explain these things as good as “How dare you” Greta as they do not have to read anything. Just do as teacher or authorities tells them.



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