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Iranians Lying Yet Again?




Coronavirus mass graves in Iran allegedly shown in satellite images

Satellite images appear to show evidence of mass burial pits in Iran to accommodate a growing number of deaths from the coronavirus outbreak, as experts question Iran’s official death toll.

A series of images showing the excavation of a new section of graveyard in the city of Qom — the epicentre of Iran’s COVID-19 outbreak — that began around February 21, just two days after Iran reported its first cases of coronavirus, were first published by the New York Times.

The images, provided to The Times by US space technology company Maxar, show what appear to be new rows of graves within the city’s largest cemetery and increased activity around the new site.

Dalton Bennett, a reporter with The Washington Post’s investigative unit, tweeted that analysis from Maxar revealed “the size of the new trenches and the speed with which they were excavated together mark a clear departure from past burial practices involving individual and family plots at the site”.

The Iranian government have reported 429 deaths and 10,075 confirmed cases, but health officials inside Iran previously told the BBC that the true numbers were much higher than were being reported.

Among the dead are dozens of officials, including members of Parliament and a senior adviser to the Supreme Leader.

Civilians inside Iran, who did not want to be named, told the ABC the death toll was numbering in the thousands and hospitals were so full that other public buildings were being used to house those infected.

Between February 19 and 23, Iran reported 43 cases and eight deaths from the virus, but during the same period three exported cases originating in Iran were identified.

Among the dead are dozens of officials, including members of Parliament and a senior adviser to the Supreme Leader. Photo: AP

‘We do not trust the official statistics’

A report published on health sciences website medRxiv — titled Estimation of COVID-2019 Burden and Potential for International Dissemination of Infection from Iran — estimated that by February 23, “18,300 COVID-19 cases would have had to occur in Iran, assuming an outbreak duration of 1.5 months in the country, in order to observe these three internationally exported cases reported at the time of writing”.

Health officials are conducting temperature checks at public spaces including shopping malls in Iran. Photo: AP

Kaveh Taheri, a Turkey-based researcher, investigative journalist and chairman at the Institute of Capacity Building for Human Rights, said: “Based on grassroots reports received from the country, I am convinced that the estimates would be very close to reality and we do not trust the official statistics.”

“Iranians inside the country are extremely frightened,” he said.

“You cannot imagine how desperate the people are.”

Videos have also been shared on social media showing body bags lined up in a morgue, grave sites and people passed out in the street.

One video shows multiple motionless bodies laid out across a morgue floor.

According to Iranian state media, the person who released the footage was subsequently arrested by local authorities.

A deputy prosecutor in Qom cited by Fars News said the publication of false or unauthorised images about the virus was prohibited.


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  1. So
    the USA is in a cold war with Iran.
    A tool of war is propaganda.
    We see it every day in New Zealand with the media who are puppets at war with the citizens.
    They lie with great frequency.

    And yet you expect me to believe this propaganda shit.
    Really !!
    A US spy satellite photographs ‘something’
    Oh yeah, and there were weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq in 2003 that could be set off within half an hour to destroy UK and USA.
    We bedda do something..like invade with shock and awe and destroy the country….y’know..to save it.
    It sounded bedda when War Criminal Tony Bliar said it !!

    Greta Thunberg can see carbon dioxide with her own eyes. This is also true .

    The ‘sources’ in this unreliable piece of crap
    -US spy satellite
    -A Turkish prick (called a journalist) . Turkey is at war with Syria and Syria is an ally of Iran
    -Pasted together by the ABC.

    They have further corroboration .
    “Civilians inside Iran, who did not want to be named, told the ABC the death toll was ..”
    How could that not be true?

    You couldn’t make this shit up.
    Well actually you could.
    It is all hearsay by propagandists at war.
    Jeez Wayne.



  2. Some weeks ago Trump said anything that would help Iran fight this virus should be removed from the sanctions list ,anything ,so the Iranians are lying if they are blaming the U S sanctions for a lack of medicines etc.



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