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Is ‘Avian Flu’ Anything to Fear?




Is ‘Avian Flu’ Anything to Fear?

The rapid succession of disturbing events since 2020 gives new meaning to what sociologist Alvin Toffler called ‘future shock’ in his book by that title. The difference is, of course, that today we don’t simply have to deal with adjusting to the sheer rapidity with which disorienting changes happen in society – thematised by Toffler – and the psychological as well as social and cultural difficulties accompanying such fluctuations. In addition to the usual meaning of adaptation to the sheer speed of change, one has had to face the qualitative difference, compared to Toffler’s era, of the series of dislocating events, announcements, warnings, threats, and the like, that have occurred since 2020, and are still continuing today.

In brief, life since 2020 no longer resembles life in the traditional sense where, despite the societal changes wrought by technological change, one could still depend on a modicum of stability; stability is precisely what the changes inflicted upon people today are targeting. We are not ‘allowed’ any stability.

Why? Because destabilisation of people’s lives makes it easier for those who would wield power over us to achieve their goals. Unsettled people do not have the requisite psychic resources enabling resistance and adjustment that those accustomed to a certain constancy have. Hence the constant bombardment of our senses with new images and memes intended to instill fear in us because ‘they’ know we involuntarily feel that we cannot exercise any control over our environment.

The growing hype around avian influenza (‘bird flu’) suggests that ‘they’ are priming the rest of us again for something unsettling, something they are probably planning to do – in this case, releasing a virus that is usually only found among animals, mainly (but not exclusively) birds; hence the name. Remember how, in the months leading up to 2020, hints were dropped intermittently about a pandemic being in the offing, and how ‘Event 201,’ arranged by Bill Gates (in New York during October 2019) in the name of ‘pandemic preparedness,’ coincidentally adumbrated the actual ‘pandemic’ that materialised a few months later?

Well, it is that time again, except that this time it is not a respiratory virus they are touting as being the potential source of human misery; amazingly, it is the bird (or avian) flu virus. Why amazing? Because under ‘natural’ conditions, this virus is said to be not easily transmitted to humans. But the very fact that someone in Texas was recently diagnosed as having contracted avian flu is a dead giveaway (see the linked article above).

It seems to me likely that, for this to happen, the virus has been biotechnologically modified; I shall elaborate on this below. If this is the case, it already reflects the arrogance of the subhumans who are in the position to manipulate naturally occurring entities like viruses. Hence, to answer the titular question of this piece – should we fear avian flu? Yes and no – No, avian flu is not to be feared if it is really avian flu; Yes, ‘avian flu’ is indeed to be feared if it is ‘avian flu’ (nudge nudge, wink wink) that is, the outcome of what is euphemistically referred to as ‘gain-of-function’ research.

Looking around for evidence of such ‘gain-of-function’ research involving avian flu has yielded some potentially terrifying results. On the Ice Age Farmer website, summarising a video titled ‘Bird flu – The next pandemic?’ the summary states:

There is an untold story involving Bird Flu, gain of function research, the Gates foundation, and Ukrainian biolabs – and it is time to tell it. As hundreds of millions of birds are killed due to Bird Flu ‘PCR outbreaks,’ Europe is warning of chicken and egg shortages, and many states have now outright banned the sale of chicks to the public. The largest egg producer in the US has culled birds and fired its workers. In this Ice Age Farmer exclusive, Christian breaks down the sordid story of this virus, and asks: will weaponized H5N1 be the next human pandemic?

Believe it or not, this video dates back to April 2022, and although at first blush this may appear to be a reason for optimism (the fact that, more than two years ago, it was already being hyped, and has not materialised), it may not be the case, as I shall argue below. As you will see, in the video Christian discussed the alarming indications (at the time) that the bird flu outbreak in the US and Europe prompted the culling of millions of birds, and the threat this implied for the availability of chicken for human consumption. More alarming still, he reported on information obtained from the Russian Defence Ministry in 2022, concerning their discovery of documents in Ukrainian biolabs, revealing research carried out there by the US and their NATO allies on the highly pathogenic H5N1 flu (allegedly with up to 50% mortality rate among humans, presumably in the ‘rare’ event of the latter contracting the disease).

As the video progresses, one is subjected to increasingly disturbing information, this time pertaining to Bill Gates’s finger in the pie of ‘gain-of-(lethal)-function’ research. Such funding was prompted by the University of Wisconsin (Madison) revealing in Science News (in 2008) that researchers had successfully isolated the three genes that imparted the extraordinary lethality to the virus that caused the 1918 ‘Spanish flu,’ the death toll of which was between 20 and 50 million people (4 minutes, 50 seconds into video).

Furthermore, they then ‘blended genetic elements from the 1918 flu virus with the current avian flu virus and tested the resulting variant on ferrets, which react to such viruses in a manner similar to humans. Along this route, researchers managed to get the virus to ‘colonize’ lung cells and reproduce there via the production of the protein called RNA polymerase. Effectively it also means that, in 2008 already, the gap between the highly infectious avian flu and humans was bridged.

With another sizable grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the research team at The University of Wisconsin at Madison was instructed to ‘identify virus mutations that would serve as early warnings of potential pandemic influenza viruses.’ More specifically, research team leader Dr Kawaoka and his colleagues would trace ‘mutations in viral proteins’ that would ‘allow avian influenza viruses to bind to human receptors.’ Although, as a rule, avian flu viruses don’t infect humans or other mammals, mutations do sometimes occur, allowing them to do so, possibly triggering a pandemic. By identifying such mutations, Kawaoka and his team hoped to create an ‘early warning system’ to anticipate pandemics. As Christian wryly observes (6 minutes, 40 seconds into the video), one cannot fail to notice the interest, on the part of a research team funded by Bill Gates, in an avian virus that can infect humans.

Cutting a long story short, the Ice Age Farmer further (7 minutes, 28 seconds into video), informs one that, not content to restrict its focus to avian flu viruses, the gain-of-(lethal)-function research of the team at UW (Madison) eventually reached the point where Dr Kawaoka could confidently state that a ‘hybrid swine-bird flu virus [is] possible,’ which would be ‘extremely lethal.’ In the video on Kawaoka’s research (linked above) it is further revealed – with documentary evidence from a press release by the University of Wisconsin-Madison (7 min. 43 sec. into video) – that it has resulted in the production of something extremely pathogenic. In the press release, we are informed that (2022: 7 min. 50 sec. into video):

What is so interesting about Dr Kawaoka’s recent experiments is that he targeted PB2, the segment which few know enough about to be decisive. Dr Kawaoka and his research team have taken a human PB2 gene segment and spliced it to H5N1 bird flu. The result is a more lethal and even more virulent virus than the parent H5N1 strain.

Dr Kawaoka and his staff have now, and pretty conclusively, named PB2 as the gene segment responsible for lethality in humans.

As the Ice Age Farmer (2022: 8 min. 30 sec. into the video) observes, unsurprisingly, Dr Kawaoka’s research has caused controversy in the community of scientists (to the credit of the latter), who have ‘…expressed horror for the creation of this virus that would render the human immune system defenceless.’ I am tempted to say: ‘I rest my case.’

No matter how much scientists like Kawaoka, and gain-of-(lethal)-function entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, may try to justify such research by claiming that it enables humans to be ready for possible pandemics – add: ‘caused by these laboratory-created viruses’ – it is blatantly disingenuous, and a case of conspicuous gaslighting into the bargain. After all: statistically speaking, apart from the merging of the avian and swine flu viruses, what are the chances that a natural insertion of the PB2 gene segment into the H5N1 bird flu virus would occur? Pretty insignificant, I would say. The mere fact that such research (which also includes the laboratory construction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Wuhan) has been taking place is already a manifestation of rampant disregard for human and other living beings’ lives at present.

It does not end there, however. The indication of a possible – if not probable – future ‘pandemic,’ is encountered when Christian (the Ice Age Farmer) shows, and comments on, another video from 30 March 2022, in which former CDC director, Dr Robert Redfield, states that (in Ice Age Farmer’s words): “Bird Flu will jump to humans and be highly fatal in the coming ‘Great Pandemic,’ for which C19 was a mere warm-up.”

Redfield further alludes to a ‘significant’ mortality rate of between 10% and 50% associated with such a ‘pandemic’ – an understatement, if ever there was one. Think of what this means: he is predicting the potential death, from the anticipated bird flu ‘pandemic,’ of almost four billion people! (On a previous occasion I placed this disturbing information in the wider context of Giorgio Agamben’s notion of Homo sacer, arguing that human beings were reduced to ‘bare life,’ without any rights, during the ‘pandemic.’)

The threat of an imminent avian flu ‘pandemic’ among people – previously dismissed as highly unlikely – is placed in a framework of high credibility by the information unearthed by the Ice Age Farmer, simultaneously testifying to the depravity of those among us who would stoop to such depths to satisfy whatever incomprehensible craving they have, to exterminate the rest of humanity. Is the prospect of such a catastrophic event the reason why a billionaire such as Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly built a self-sufficient, $300 million luxury compound in Hawaii, where they can sit out the devastation that it would bring?

Whatever the case may be, other voices have raised similar concerns to those of the Ice Age Farmer. A case in point is the intrepid Dr Joseph Mercola (who has survived every virulent attempt by the Biden administration to destroy him and his business). After recently referring to the dubious Gates-funded research by the Kawaoka team at UW (Madison), which was discussed above, Mercola wrote:

Fauci also funded the work of virologist Ron Fouchier, a Dutch researcher whose team created an airborne version of the bird flu using a combination of genetic engineering and serial infection of ferrets. So, the bird flu has been manipulated and tinkered with in a variety of different ways, making it both airborne (which it was not initially) and capable of cross-species infection.

In 2012, the work of Kawaoka and Fouchier sparked widespread concern about gain-of-function research, as it was readily recognized that it could accidentally cause a human pandemic.

As a result, the U.S. government issued a temporary ban on gain-of-function research on certain viruses in 2014, which remained in place until December 2017. We now know this ban was circumvented by Fauci, who continued to fund gain-of-function research on coronaviruses in China during those years.

It now looks as though weaponized bird flu might eventually be released to achieve the geopolitical aims of the technocratic cabal that is trying to give the World Health Organization a monopoly on pandemic decision-making.

So, if we do end up with a lethal human bird flu, there’s every reason to suspect it was manmade. There’s also every reason to suspect a bird flu vaccine will be either ineffective, hazardous or both. Moderna launched a small human trial for an mRNA shot for avian influenza in the spring of 2023, but results have yet to be released.

The very fact that, as Mercola indicates, avian flu has been ‘weaponized’ in various ways that make it far more likely for humans to be infected by it, is a smoking gun marking foul play by those who could not, and did not want to, leave well enough alone. For one thing, given that before this superfluous research the avian flu virus was not airborne, and thus less likely to infect humans who were not in contact with infected animals, it requires no genius to infer that certain parties (known to us all) had every reason to want to increase its lethality. They should be arrested on the basis of natural or common law, on grounds of having shown themselves to be inimical to the human species, of which they can hardly be said to be legitimate members.

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  1. Now I’m in two minds – I wanted Putin to destroy the US labs in Ukraine, but now wonder whether that would release these experimental viruses. Perhaps if the missiles could be directed straight to Fauci, Gates et al that would have a better outcome for the world.
    On a happier note, I have now added ‘adumbrated’ to my lexicon – what a great word when describing anything done by politicians.



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