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Is Jimmy-two-Mums A Liar??




James Shaw’s ex boss: “justifiable public interest” to probe your MSc degree

September 19, 2023 (first published; republished 23 Sept after hack attempt)

By Ian Wishart

The man who gave Greens co-leader James Shaw his biggest career break has just delivered Shaw one of his biggest slapdowns: “I believe it should be a matter of justifiable public interest to know whether the qualifications which office-holders state they hold, do in fact exist.”

For nearly two weeks the Climate Change minister Shaw has steadfastly resisted requests for a privacy waiver so the circumstances of his MSc degree from the UK’s Bath University can be fact-checked – but one of Shaw’s biggest supporters has delivered a crushing blow to his former protege, saying it’s time to front up.

Jermyn Brooks was a managing global partner of accounting and auditing giant Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) who hired a then 24 year old Shaw on secondment from international NGO AIESEC to help PWC work on sustainability issues in the late 1990s.

AIESEC, which Shaw’s LinkedIn page says he is still an office-holder in, is still clinging to the false belief that Shaw graduated with a BA degree from Victoria University:

Brooks, now an advisory board chair with anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International, says “James Shaw joined three other students who were senior members of AIESEC to provide outsider and young person input to finding out how PW was being viewed by their contemporaries and other less traditional sources.”

He described their work as “valuable” to PWC but doesn’t recall checking the degree status of the AIESEC recruits.

“I was never aware what degree James Shaw had actually been awarded,” he says, as “this was not key to the limited assignment which he and other AIESEC colleagues were working on.”

However, a 1999 report in Fast Company magazine says Shaw was able to leverage the temporary secondment into a permanent job at PWC.

A search of the UK PWC website in the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) reveals fulltime staff were expected to hold degrees, and not just any old BA: honours were expected.

However, efforts to find out how Shaw landed the rare privilege of a fulltime job at a Big-4 accounting firm without a degree of any kind were fruitless, the media team at global auditing powerhouse PWC says it doesn’t have the records.

For James Shaw and the New Zealand media, it’s been four weeks of social media hell since the story first broke that Shaw’s financial interest declarations to parliament were inaccurate and that his statement to parliament about co-founding UK consulting firm Future Considerations Ltd may have been misleading, as the company was founded in 2002, Shaw didn’t start working there until 2005 and he didn’t become a shareholder until 2007.

The New Zealand media, all over other candidate claims like a rash, studiously looked the other way as the Shaw scandal burned up social media. Then, three weeks ago, came the revelation that Shaw’s LinkedIn page carried a false statement that he had a BA from Victoria University when in fact he had dropped out and never finished it.

It was revealed that some journalists had been fooled into believing he had that degree:

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  1. Oh dear, oh deary me!
    Not another green MP, lying thru thei teeth!
    Do have a habit, don’t they, it’s not the first!
    Better do something quick to clear this up, maybe not!!!
    He may get canceled in a few weeks,
    The scandel of getting chucked out will be worth much more,
    Then he’s out on his arse, no limo, catch the bus home!



  2. Why is this even a question ?

    Shaw is one of 120 liars on the payroll in the beehive.

    Some will not be on the payroll after 14 Oct, but will still be liars.

    from his Linked in today, profile status
    Victoria University of Wellington
    International Political Economy / World Religions
    Feb 1991 – Sep 1994
    I studied full- and part-time at Victoria University from 1991 to 1994 but did not complete my undergraduate degree.
    He did a FAAB course
    Fuck Around A Bit

    30 years ago . There is the bigger lie to fry -climate shit



  3. I see the call for mathematics in those job positions has been very much left wanting, but James Shaw seems to have side stepped a number of those requirements.

    So much mathematics, algebra, calculus, etc., of figuring Climate Change, to how much Electricity can be produced from a wind mill or a solar panel, & does Shaw include moonlight, 🙂
    To calculate how much electrical energy can be produced & no worry about the cost & suffering that short falls will bring

    So why should one trust James Shaw over how many dairy cows need to be killed off?
    Can James Shaw even calculate how many stock units, that New Zealand has reduced since 1990?
    That sheep stock units have reduced by millions, and not even any where near the small increase in equivalent dairy cow stock units.

    It seems that James Shaw has heavily imbibe’d in a version of Communist Russia’s Lysenko’s science of scientism.
    Many millions were killed by following that scientism.

    Can James Shaw even read a map, & understand where he flies to?
    Can James Shaw even understand how to read a thermometer and understand freezing point, & boiling point, that can become complicated, with the seas, & in other ways with altitude.

    Ok he tells the chauffer to up the temperature for his passenger seat in the Minister’s BMW.
    Also seeming to believe the button/dial of Climate Control in BMW is so easily applied to New Zealand.

    A total joke of a man, & his beliefs are highly dangerous, as he acts like “a person, saying they are just little bit pregnant” & acting as if this is the truth & benignly threatens, you better believe it;– for your good health.
    Just as Lysenko did to protect his position, by using his power to having any one butchered who questioned his scientism.

    ….. Lysenko, a Soviet biologist, condemned perhaps millions of people to starvation through bogus agricultural research—and did so without hesitation …..

    And James Shaw’s deadly miscalculations will also lead to energy shortages in New Zealand, to break the NZ economy.



  4. More to the point

    This was Shaw in January on linked in
    James Shaw
    Minister for Climate Change and Associate Minister for the Environment (Biodiversity).
    Authorised by Miriam Ross, Level 5, 108 The Terrace, Wellington
    8mo •

    It has been a privilege to work alongside Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern over the last five years of our government.
    She is one of the most dedicated, authentic, values-driven people I have had the pleasure of knowing.
    We have not always agreed on everything, but she has always sought to find common ground and a way through the toughest of challenges.
    She has led our country through a series of extraordinary crises and we are better off as a result. I completely understand her decision to stand aside, but I will miss her.

    Why is Wishart concentrating on wishy washy stuff.
    We know Shaw is a liar.
    The above is one of many lies
    I mean, c’mon man
    “She is one of the most dedicated, authentic, values-driven people I have had…”



  5. The Green leaders have a proud tradition of lying like flounder for material gain,

    In 2017 Metiria Turei left parliament after she admitted to lying to the Ministry of Social Development to receive higher payments when she was on the Domestic Purposes Benefit and later, to being enrolled to vote in an electorate where she was not eligible when she was 23.

    They’re full of shit.



      • Hullo Maggie,
        haven’t seen you in a while. Is the internet back on in Gisborne again?
        Welcome home.

        How about bringing us up to date with all the happs around Gissy. How are the ducks?
        We are sending you some more rain for them.



        • First of the season’s Mallards hatched about 5 weeks ago…. pretty quickly 13balls of fluff were reduced to 8 little quackers by the local pussies.

          On the political front, I think Meka Whaitiri might get the heave-ho if the hoardings around Tolaga Bay are anything to go by….. Labour seems to be popular with the tangata whenua up there for reasons that escape me.

          I haven’t noticed Tamati Coffey lurking down at Kaiti Mall..or anywhere else hereabouts… and my Labour/Green leftie mates seem to have run out of puff.

          The new Pool complex built with Shane’s Provincial Growth Fund $$$ is rather flash but contains a couple of really bad design faults….(deep end of a kiddies pool is close to entrance doors)…and a sloping path into one pool leads into a sudden drop to a 2m depth….Should sort out the sinkers from the floaters..

          Hubby had a wee stint in Waikato Hospital (well, 5 weeks waiting, waiting, waiting) a couple of months ago…and passed over lawn-mowing duties to me…. (as well as cooking, cleaning & driving)< etc. etc, ….

          I'm thinking it's time to flick him off for a newer model.



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