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Is the Government telling the truth?




Silly question I know, but I received this from a concerned member today:


With the election called last week, the rubber hits the road in holding the Government to account.

Is the Government telling the truth?

Something that has bugged so many of us over the last 12 months have been the claims that the Government has only banned firearms that ‘don’t have a legitimate use’.  Police Minister Stuart Nash, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and so many personalities in the media, say it over and over again.

Meet Kath Arnold and Andrew Barker

To expose the truth, we sat down with Kath Arnold and Andrew Barker, two historic firearms owners who tell the story of the loss of New Zealand and world history in firearm collections destroyed under the ban that came into force today.




Most Kiwis still think the bans only affected semi-automatic modern “military-style” firearms similar to those used in the March attacks.  But as Kath and Andrew explain, this is totally wrong.

When it comes to firearms laws, the Government is not being truthful

The Government say that historic firearms owners could seek special permission to hold the firearms, but most applications have still not been processed despite being now 6 weeks past the amnesty close off.

Again this looks like yet another example of the rushed process letting the firearms community down. We are aware of even long-time collectors who have decided that the weight of new paperwork and invasive supervision by the Police was too much to bear.

Heartlessly, the Police have refused to organise safekeeping of the historic firearms. That means firearms used by New Zealanders in past wars have now been destroyed forever.

Kath Arnold praised the empathy of front-line police who received her historic pieces at a hand-in event, but rues the loss to New Zealand: “You can’t get that history back now, it’s all bent up.”

Spread the word

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Alternatively, forward this email or invite your friends to get involved and sign-up to our campaign to stand up for law-abiding firearms owners like you and me here:www.fairandreasonable.co.nz/follow

Thank you for your support.

Nicole McKee
Fair and Reasonable Campaign



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  1. Another complete waste of time and the disregard of history by this stupid PTPM and the COL. I believe gun killings are still rampant in NZ??? So what good has this done aye? Gangs had no intention of handing over their guns, and will continue to use them. No one does anything about it, police seem unable or unwilling to go in and remove them, the difference of this gun business was Bloody nothing. Stupid PTPM is not worth a pinch of salt. She is an over reactor and has not the brain power or ability to think things through before acting on them. She is always thinking about how it will look to the woke community and can I get a nice photo for the media out of this.
    I hate the COL. The damage they have done to NZ is going to be very difficult to turn around.



    • “Gangs had no intention of handing over their guns, and will continue to use them.”

      Gangs and Criminals are good little comrades who vote Labour.
      Farmers and Hunters etc are more likely National or Act voters..
      Make sense now?



  2. If only at Waitangi, some one challenged Ardern with this?

    When the Treaty was signed, pu and tupara (muskets and double barreled shotguns) were among the most valuable of all taonga under Article 2 (if it really does go beyond the real property interests listed as the New Zealand courts say).

    As always Stephen Franks brings up many good points.

    The police will most likely not even believe their own gun registration.

    The logic of uselessness is not complicated (from Canadian experience):
    1 ) What is its purpose? – so Police can know whether a person or premises have dangerous firearms when they must approach them
    2 ) How does it work? – they look up the name or address on the register
    3 ) Will they do that? – sometimes, if they have time to prepare
    4 ) Will they rely on what they find? – No, because of:
    ……….a) The number of firearms not on the register
    ………..b) No way to be confident that firearms are in the recorded location
    ………..c) The imprudence of relying on a person or place as not having firearms.


    Bringing down the law abiding. also breeds further distrust, and cohesion of society,
    That is granting the consent of being governed.



    • And bearing in mind that the police already know who the licenced owners are, and where they live, without the register.



  3. I heard the Prime Minister, and the Police Minister address Parliament and the media. The words they used did not indicate the long reach of the legislation they were progressing at unseemly pace.

    The reference to military style and semi automatic was constant yet, as shown in the video clip, the reach extended to very common weapons. That the historic weapons have also been caught, and the seeming lack of understanding or willingness to alter the situation, reflects, again, poorly on those responsible for draughting and progressing this disgraceful disregard for our democratic process or common sense.

    The rush, coupled with disregarding the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Christchurch matter, should be remembered at election time. It shows the participants in the present coalition cannot be trusted in government. The Opposition who supported the legislation needs to consider well how they will handle the second round. That will also be a matter for consideration at election time.



  4. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Ed. The Council of Licenced Firearm Owners (COLFO) is doing a great job publicising the damage the this ghastly government (the Coalition of Losers – important not to get the initials confused) is doing to our country. Things are going very wrong very quickly under Labour and it is so important that we all pull together and work to vote them out come September.



  5. My heart goes out to Kath Arnold, but I can’t understand why some would think that the required paperwork was too onerous. Kath was at that Te Awamutu RSA meeting ED. sitting at the other end of our table.

    Kath used to work in one of our banks and is a very upstanding member of my community and I can appreciate that she wouldn’t want her reputation to be besmirched, but if someone like her could not negotiate the mine field, god save the peasants.

    Kath and her husband used to run a Gun Event in Otorohanga for many years and is very authoritative on historical weapons and had indeed bought some for her grandchildren, to carry on the tradition. I hope that such events can continue.



  6. A big shout out to Nicole McKee

    She is a sterling representative for what is right and fair.
    Nicole is articulate and well informed.

    Well done for the good work to date, Nicole.
    Keep up the good work.
    You ARE fighting the GOOD fight.



    • Indeed, she’s superb and has excellent knowledge. Very considered and calm. Interviewers all enjoy having her on the show.



  7. The push is “semi auto” firearms being the only ones affected is in every media report, and they ignore complaints to the contrary. The MSM pushing the Party line.



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