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Why are the left and the right so far apart?




Lefties are not interested in conversation, even though they always are looking to “start a conversation” on a myriad of issues. What “start a conversation” really means is, “Let me tell you why I’m correct and why you are a horrible, brain-damaged person if you don’t agree with me.”

Righties are not interested in compromise, even though they claim to want compromise. When they compromise, they are really saying, “Let me tell you why I’m correct and why you are a moron if you don’t agree with me.”

I have decidedly conservative attitudes. I think that what people do in their own house is their business. Who people leave their assets to when they die is their business. Not the business of anyone else, especially not the governments.

So, I think one reason for the divide is a fundamental lack of respect – lack of respect for the intellectual capacities of those who think differently (Lefties: Guilty), and a fundamental lack of respect for the morals and feelz of those who think differently and are easily offended (Righties: Guilty).

Another reason, is the fact that the Government are getting involved in things in which they have no place nor authority. There is a battle for control in the COL, so that certain views and morals can be imposed on the rest of us. This battle is being fought with hate and vitriol.

The final reason is the replacement of news with opinions. Most people get their “news” from purveyors of political opinions. News should be presented as Who, What, When, Where, and How. Why is the purview of opinionated lefties and is not news.


  1. Lets have that conversation then. You righties think you know it all and are always ready to put the boot in to anyone with a different opinion. That’s the trouble with youse, no thought for the common man or woman.



  2. In New Zealand I don’t think they are. Most New Zealanders are fairly centrist with either Right or Left Tendencies. I work mostly with Left-leaning people and socialise with mostly Right-leaning people. The differences between them are not that big, they are mostly normal people with differing views on how best to get on in life. The problem is the extremes on both sides are the most vocal, and thus all tend to get tarred by the same brush.



    • I disagree with you although I try not to work with lefties and try even harder to avoid them socially.

      Once upon a time NZers were centralist, they would listen politely to all views then go ahead and follow the herd as they always had despite what they had explained to them.

      That has changed.

      Now most righties near the centre will attempt to understand the issues before voting for exactly the same group they always have, most lefties near the centre either try to shut down anyone or thing that disagrees with them or put their fingers in their ears and shout “La…La…La…” until it goes away.

      Then, of course, they vote for the same crowd their parent did.

      Coupled with that there is the very large group who are neither right nor left.

      This group is made up largely of older women and males with beards who wear shorts and sandals.

      This group would know an issue if it jumped up and kicked them in the c%@$ and will vote for whoever is flavour of the month or who looked good on TV that week.

      This, of course, is the group the slime aim their bullshit at.



  3. It doesn’t help when non-scientists and political hacks like journalist Chris Mooney write books called The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science- and Reality.

    Even more surprising is when hacks like Mooney are surprised when Republicans don’t like such books.



  4. The problem with the left is envy.

    They are either poor and just “hate the rich” or they are a middle-class academic who thinks they are smarter than everyone else. The problem is, they just can’t seem to make money and it kills them. Therefore there needs to be a ruling class and they need to be a part of it.

    Ideas of freedom and capitalism mean that your standard issue leftie will have to compete, on merit, in the marketplace and they just aren’t up to it.

    In saying that, not every idea from the left is garbage.. but the reality is, capitalism elevates people. socialism makes people hungry.



    • True, but doesn’t really encapsulate the antipathy. I think the US 2012 election between Obama and Romney illustrates the difference between the Left and the Right better. To Romney, Obama was nice but wrong. To Obama, Romney was the spawn of Satan.

      We tend to think of the Left as being gullible, easily deluded, short-sighted yet power hungry. That’s not what the Left thinks about the Right. They think Rightwing is outright evil. To use a very up to date example, Tarrant was portrayed as Right Wing, even though a.) he rejected the label and b.) shows absolutely no right wing traits.



  5. I dislike all forms of big, authoritarian government. It mostly comes from the Left, who wants to make us all live to their conformed rules, but is present across the spectrum.

    Governments should supply the justiciary, defense force and primary civil infrastructure. The rest? Leave it alone.



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