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Is This the Attraction of Working For The UN?




UN Workers Under Investigation For Allegedly Lining Their Own Pockets With Humanitarian Aid

More than a dozen United Nations workers in Yemen are under investigation for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars of humanitarian aid in the war-torn nation, according to a Monday Associated Press report.

The World Health Organization (WHO) conducted an internal investigation, drawing attention to unqualified people being paid excessively, the use of personal bank accounts for donated funds, suspicious contracts and the disappearance of essentials like food and medicine. UNICEF, another U.N. organization, is alleging one of their own may have protected a rebel leader, according to the AP report citing information from eight anonymous aid workers.

Houthi rebels from northern Yemen allegedly seized laptops and evidence from U.N. officials in 2018 as they were about to depart the country from an airport, according to six former and current aid officials.

Yemen is currently the poorest nation in the Middle East with one of the worst humanitarian conflicts in the world, a World Bank report details.

Chief of the U.N.’s Sanaa Office, Italian Nevio Zagaria, was alleged to have misappropriated U.N. finances, jumpstarting a reported probe in November. Six U.N. current and former employees. who requested anonymity, affirmed his tenure was “riddled with corruption and nepotism,” according to AP.

Zagaria reportedly brought in junior staffers and promoted them to extremely lucrative roles for which they were not qualified. It’s also alleged that two highly paid senior staffers were tasked with the sole responsibility of taking care of Zagaria’s dog.

It is estimated that around $2 billion in aid traversed the Yemeni border in 2018, and one particular agency has taken notice of a paper trail that doesn’t seem to add up. The “Where is the money?” campaign formed about three months ago to demand answers from the U.N. on where the cash is headed.

“We see big numbers, billions of dollars reaching Yemen, and we don’t know where they go,” Feda Yahia, a “Where is the Money?” activist, said in a video for the campaign.

Zagaria’s spending wasn’t required to be itemized. Chunks of $1 million a piece were carved out of the budget for certain staffers, and a lot of the time, U.N. officials couldn’t determine for what or why the money was withdrawn, according to uncovered documents released to AP.

“Incompetent staff with heavy salaries” undermined the quality of work and monitoring of projects and created “many loopholes for corruption,” a former aid official said, according to AP.

WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic confirmed that the investigation is ongoing.

“The Office of Internal Oversight Services is currently investigating all concerns raised,” he said. “We must respect the confidentiality of this process and are unable go into details on specific concerns.”

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      • She ain’t going to the UN!
        She could never handle it. She would come home a blithering and need to go and get the lawnmower out!
        With no Duck and Labour hacks, how could she handle it?
        Even her Aunty Helen came home with her tail between her legs. H2 could not help her there.
        I am afraid Cindy is no were near even Helen and H2 capibilities.
        It’s all wishful thinking!



  1. There is a whole world out there of abusers.
    They find weak spots and enter, so to speak.

    Back in the 1960s and 1970s in NZ sexual predators would seek employment in places like the mental health hospitals as well as the orphanages and group care.
    Sadists would seek employment in Borstals.

    In the last 30 years the Marxists have infiltrated Green Organisations such as Greenpeace and the Green Parties around the world; as well as Churches-most recently the NZ Salvation Army; Various Charities.
    They are there for sexual gratification and/or financial gain.
    This should not be news to anyone with an IQ above 97.

    Oxfam is a dodgy outfit that Phil Twyford was with for 15 years.
    I see he has scrubbed this from his wiki page now.
    We see that his deviousness and low skill base has no bounds.
    …Oxfam has lost 7,000 regular donors since it was revealed that staff sexually exploited victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2010, its chief executive has told a committee of MPs, which accused the charity of treating vulnerable women “like trinkets”….

    Barry Coates – a former Green MP – took over at Oxfam after Twyford.

    Red Cross are now under investigation for their exploitation over the Haiti Earthquake.
    Oh the Haiti Earthquake 2010 .. .. ground zero for a whole bunch of exploitation.
    .. The American Red Cross spent a quarter of the money people donated after the 2010 Haiti earthquake — or almost $125 million — on its own internal expenses, far more than the charity previously had disclosed, according to a report released Thursday by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley…

    Remember the Red Cross were in charge of managing and distributing funds for donations in the 2010 Christchurch earthquake and subsequent.
    That is why I never donated.
    I have had my eyes open since I did work in that area in the 1990s.

    Of course NZ is ‘low corruption’ because nothing is never examined.
    The shit that would come out if it was…..
    Eg in the Last 25 years Australia has had investigations into its Police – various States; Banks and Insurance companies; Religious abuse.
    New Zealand > yeah, nah. The religious one was tacked on to the NZ inquiry after lots of pressure but nothing will happen. Most of the money is to be spent of salaries with little compensation or remediation. It is a bloody charade.

    This guy in Yemen was Italian. The EU does funding of projects in the Middle East and Africa. I personally know of an EU funded scheme run by an Italian that was as corrupt as all hell.

    There are plenty of outlets for abusers and exploiters all over the world. The sad thing is we only hear about the tip of the iceberg.



  2. Not a fan of the U.N. I think they have passed the use by date long ago.

    Hearing bleats from those claiming they are hard done by in New Zealand simply generates ammunition for pointless racism. Special Rapporteurs for various causes seems again to generate more discord.

    The Immigration pact does seem binding, if not now, then it will become so and as such reduces our New Zealand Sovereignty. That some seemingly dodgy nations in terms of equality are members on U.N. committees judging this country is not acceptable to me.

    I do not follow the globalist ideal. I retain a desire that this country remain as strong as we can, and that we associate positively with sound and capable allies, being ready to make a contribution to our defence if that does become necessary.

    The Immigration pact alone raises the question of the merit of ongoing association and contribution to the U.N. I do not see the U.N. assisting us should a larger and far more powerful nation become a threat to peace and security in New Zealand.



  3. Thanks for that Kea.

    One word,EVIL!!

    My B.P is elevated through the roof every time I hear UN, Red Cross/Crescent, Clinton Foundation, Podesta’s, Epstein etc, etc.

    And our leaders greet and treat them like rock stars!!! FFS.

    How entrenched in sycophancy for the self appointed elite do you need to be?

    I assume to get a position on the UN, job apps must include experience as a predator, fluent in cowardice and have a reputation for being an unflinching reaper of innocence.

    Pathological liar is already assumed.



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