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Israel mostly behind Epstein Island honey trap operation




Israel mostly behind Epstein Island honey trap operation

THE links between the late Jeffrey Epstein and the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency are not difficult to establish. Epstein was a Mossad Agent along with his offsider Ghislane Maxwell, daughter of the highly influential British newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell.

On January 1st, a New York court will release the names of more than 170 Epstein clients, but those people who do not wish their names to appear have been offered the opportunity to appeal. How convenient for those with the best lawyers and right connections.

The Epstein-Maxwell global blackmail operation netted many powerful people, who were simply exposed to child sex on Epstein Island and caught on camera. This is essentially why there are so many pro-Israeli people llike US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in high positions. Look at his family connections.

More lists are emerging from the Epstein Island flight logs and a large number of those named are Hollywood and various other celebrities, obviously people selected for their influence in media or to impress key business and political figures invited to the island.

One video doing the social media rounds reveals the involvement of Disney at the island. Epstein is shown at a Disney function with a man holding a child and the same child appears on Epstein’s lap during a flight on his jet. It has been revealed that Disney ran snorkeling trips to Epstein Island for children for nine years. #EpsteinClientList is again a trending search term on X and the list seems vast.

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  1. Holy Shit ,so the world has always been fcuked up in this regard and there was me thinking it had only got worse over the last decade or two, if that’s truthful information it matters not what the rich and powerful do to keep their identities secret they will be exposed.
    I watched a recent interview of Bill Gates one of the kiddie fcukers on Epsteins lists and came to the conclusion that there’s no way that arsehole was behind the success of Microsoft ,he’s a dumb fcuk that can’t string a line of words together much better than Joe the pedophile Biden , Google, Potato event “ he needs to be stopped”.



    • Billy Goats is intelligent.
      Somewhat Bond villain evil.

      He is a master manipulator.
      Yes, Microsoft is a crap organisation. That is how I confirmed Chis Liddel was a true POS when he went there (After His CHH screw up) .
      Software development is tertiary to MS.
      Their marketing and legal effort is larger.
      A high percent of products are crap.
      Steve Jobs was an eccentric innovator. Goates is the opposite.

      The original DOS was purchased for USD 50,000. They did not write it.
      They copied, bullied and coerced. The intellect was Paul Allen. Unfortunately
      he got cancer early on in the 1980s.
      He got shafted by Goates then and Goates brought in the nasty, dubious jew, Steve Ballmer.

      They went into partners ships with other parties then screwed them
      -Windows (which took years to stablise) was stolen from the JV with IBM in developing OS2
      -MS SQL Server was stolen from the JV with Sybase
      and so on
      I have lived the journey.
      Knew they were nasty way, way back.



  2. From the article:

    ……”those people who do not wish their names to appear have been offered the opportunity to appeal”…….

    And appeal they will. For years through countless courts until they expire of old age.

    Once again their money & contacts will protect them from consequences.



  3. Are we surprised its was a Mossad operation?
    Not news to me I always thought it was.

    The Soviets were always into honey traps and so where the nazi’s.
    Even our own “Secret Service” used that here in NZ. Muldoon used that info to entrapt people.
    so did Cindy. and it will all come out one day. I doubt Key and Findlayson were lilly white either given the access to information they had.



    • I am just amazed something realistic about the jews has been published on YSB .
      Stunned !!!

      there is more to this.

      Robert Maxwell MC (born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch) – Czechoslovak-born is the father of Ghislaine Maxwell)
      He was doing this before the daughter.
      Did he really die in 1991 when he was in massive debt and had blown the staff pension funds ?
      Chances are valid he faked his death and lived out his years in Israel.

      He was most likely passing info to Israel when he was a ( 6 yr) Brit MP.
      Same as heaps of critters in the US Senate and House of Reps do today.
      They are blackmailed to do so.

      Robert Maxwell was a shit businessman and there is a massive myth that jews are good at business.
      No they are not. Not the several I have dealt with (No, did not affect me too much, the first time a bit , but less than 10 thou, but it was a paid education to be wary of their BS )
      They are good at manipulation , dishonesty and lying.
      Israel is funded by the US citizen.

      People are too trusting even here on YSB where jews are raised to sainthood level – oh dear, if only they could get the pope to make them saints !!

      It is nothing new.



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