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Australia: Kmart bans words “Jesus” and “church” at photo printing kiosks, “Islam” and “Koran” OK

Kmart has caused outrage after its photo printing kiosks banned some words relating to religion. 

Words such as Jesus, church and Bible used in captions were deemed to be profanities and replaced with asterisks.

The words Jewish and Allah were also banned but mosque, Islam and Koran were not.

It was not just religious words affected by the error, with the word Canadian also banned, reported the Daily Telegraph.

When customers tried to caption photos with the forbidden words, a message came up on screen saying ‘profanity has been detected in text and substituted with ****’….

A spokesman for Kmart added: ‘We would like to sincerely apologise for this system error, which has been rectified overnight. It in no way reflects our views as a business. …

The issue was discussed on Sunrise on Tuesday morning.

Presenter Sam Armytage said it was ‘rubbish’ that this was a system error and that Kmart was just covering itself….

And in Germany

Sharia Germany: Police stop pork barbecue for fear of offending Muslims, Muslim migrants attack participants

After the barbecue, which was organised as a protest against the ‘interreligious Eid festival’, participants were attacked by two Syrians and attacked with a knife.”

It’s clear who is in charge in Germany now. How long will it be before Merkel’s government, seeing consumption of pork as evidence of “right-wing extremism,” bans it altogether?

The far-right group Pro Chemnitz organized a barbecue in protest. It was directed against Muslims who were celebrating the end of their month of fasting Ramadan. In the end, the police intervened.

The extreme right-wing group Pro Chemnitz launched a police operation with a pig. As a protest against an event for the Muslim Sugar Festival at the end of the month of fasting Ramadan, Pro Chemnitz had invited people on Saturday to a barbecue, where a piglet landed on the grill.

However, the local authorities had not allowed them to grill a whole piglet, which is why officials intervened, as the Chemnitz police department announced. The suckling pig had to be disassembled.

Pro Chemnitz itself wrote on Facebook that they had “strictly” adhered to the guidelines: no whole animals and no single pig heads could be displayed. The piglet had neither legs nor tail. Believing Muslims do not eat pork. This is what the action of Pro Chemnitz were targeting…

So be warned, no more comments about serving them bacon or pork here least we get accused of hurting their feelz. Nah just joking. If it’s good enough for Joe Brand, then it’s good enough for us here to say what we wish.


  1. This has a gone past the point of ridiculous now.Western nations should keep to the basics of life as it has been, what the WW1 and WW2 soldiers airmen and women and sailors fought for. Islamic countries can keep their faith and belief systems, they are coming here to infiltrate us not because they are refugees. What the hell is wrong with these people who are sucking up to the Muslim population????? Are they frightened of the anger of the sharia police? Cause the sharia police or any Muslim have no fear of us.



  2. A Left-Leaning friend of mine (schoolteacher) was ranting about Brian Tamaki on FB this week-
    “Tamaki is a homophobe”
    “Destiny Church are religious nutters who treat gay people and women like dirt” etc etc
    I couldn’t help myself and posted a response-
    “You mean just like Islam?”

    He immediately removed my post and messaged me-
    “Mate you can’t say things like that- It’s offensive and it’s hate speech”

    The Left just don’t freaking get it do they???



    • I was with one of mine yesterday who said that she hoped that Trump would die, I replied with, well that would be hate speech.

      We got into the housing debate and I said to her that we can’t be that cold as a country when you consider how Maori used to live and the clothing that they made. I mean linen from flax, the odd feather, grass skirts

      I was on a committee once with a Kuia who grew up at Taharoa with a dirt floor, she reckoned that her longevity had a lot to do with eating dirt.

      Lovely lady she was.



  3. The West could rebuild their traditional homelands and resettle them, but that would end in their existing cycle of infighting and bloodshed just repeating. The trouble is the different sects all fight like territorial cats over ancient grievances, so they can’t exist together. They cannot run their own countries peacefully and maintain an economy except under totalitarian and violent rule. They come to the West for a better economic outcome for their children. They arrive and bring their ancient shit and feuds with them which stains the West ability to maintain our way of life. They demand changes from the West and so it changes our centuries old system of laws put in place to create a peaceful, inclusive community and safe survival for our Western inhabitants. Our boarders will be breached like those in the UK and Europe. Destruction of democracy is the goal by the Marxists who are allowing this influx of madness, and it is utter madness and the door is open…



    • The western nations should have just kept the entire shittery under 19th century type colonial control. At least universities and railroads were put in, and good architecture! As soon as you put 3rd worlders in charge of their own Govts, look what happens. Poverty, war, stupidity, hands out for our money via the UN, etc. We are not all the same. What happens in the animal kingdom during droughts/blizzards etc without bleeding hearts? Just sayin’!



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