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It’s Our Birthday Today




One Year Later, and we are still here.

Thanks to all of you wonderful commenter’s for making YSB a great blog.

This is what I think of all you faithful members of ysb


Enjoy this clip


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  1. This is a wonderful blog, thank you so much for all your efforts and allowing us to vent our frustrations here. Well done, its a great place to dialogue with like minded people. You are simply the best, better than all the rest of the blogs out there.
    Happy birthday to ya.



  2. Happy birthday YSB!! It’s great to be have a place to vent the many frustrations, or air ideas. My small voice in the wilderness joins many to have our say. There are some excellent points made by interesting thought provoking posters so THANK YOU YSB and Ed, you’re awesome!

    Enjoyed the excellent Trump birthday wishes at the top…
    “You’re hired and I love you”!! 😂😂😂



    • Maggy, In case you were being too well mannered, I will complete your sentence for you…

      ‘It might prove to be a busy coming year, now that Operation Enduring Cluster Fuck has commenced….Gird your loins.’

      And happy birthday Ed.



      • Ramadan starts a week today on St. Georges Day and New Zealand’s Jizya Princess will be sure to want to relax restrictions so her preferred group can get together and do all the unpleasant and anti-social things that the nasty moon god worshipping cult gets up to during their fasting time.



  3. Regional leaders advocate for businesses to reopen under Level 3

    Some regional leaders are urging the Government to open more businesses saying smaller towns and cities are desperate to boost their local economies.

    Speaking to TVNZ1’s Breakfast, Tauranga mayor Tenby Powell says select businesses could reopen under the same restrictions essential services are operating under during lockdown.

    “I think there is opportunity to open up as part of safe and discipline management our small to medium enterprises which is critical to New Zealand – it’s the backbone of our economy,” he says.

    He says it’s really important the small business economy is able to get back up and running without a risk of breaching rules.



    • I resent, deeply, being told what the government deems is essential for me and what is not. I can make decisions necessary to operate in a sensible manner and will do so in the interests of my health and to reduce or stop community transmission. I am an adult with a family to care for and will responsibly do so.

      I do not need the PM feeling she needs to tell me daily how to be a citizen in New Zealand. Fairly sure I do not need Minister Robertson and his Future of Work commission being the basis of recovery either. Businesses using innovation and gumption will achieve far more in a shorter space of time.

      My chooks are close to needing a bag of feed, I need some derris dust to remove predators from some brassicas. I would like to plant another row of white turnips. These things are deemed essential by me. I do not require The PM or MBIE to confirm that. I wish to drive to the merchants premises and uplift the materials needed. Both myself and the merchants will act, and can be trusted to act, mindful of the situation we are all facing. Having the difficulties imposed by the virus compounded by the government feeling the need to direct daily life using Police enforcement is not helpful.



  4. Special Anzac service planned to commemorate personnel despite COVID-19 ‘war’

    However, in their place, the Stand At Dawn virtual service will be held on the morning of April 25, with Kiwis encouraged to walk to their gates and commemorate those who have served. Speeches from a string of speakers and a rendition of The Last Post will be broadcast at 6am on RNZ.

    “They might stand there carrying a candle or a torch or a poppy. This is just a way we can continue to remember through this difficult time,” RSA President BJ Clark told The AM Show.

    “You can imagine, rather than a morning dawn service, if you stand at your gate and you look down your street, left and right and across the road, if you see New Zealanders out there remembering those that have served, I think, short of an actual dawn service, it will be a wonderful thing.”



    • Bullshit!
      Who’s going to carry there 50″ tv down to the gate at dawn to watch the service.
      They are all going to sit in the lounge and watch it in comfort, warm dry and safe!
      If they don’t the Angrys crims will visit and clean you out, while you are at the gate!



  5. Bunnings is now accessible on-line for essential winter necessities such as heaters. Why aren’t all their products available? Surely hardware and such like you need is essential to the purchaser. I want to buy vegetable seedlings!



    • I think the problem will be the delivery network.
      Bunnings won’t have received your brassica seedlings from the nursery yet, and getting them to you is another problem.

      I do wonder though, if life will change much?
      Will there be increased on-line shopping service offered by local business?
      Will we use on-line shopping services more?
      Will we expect click&collect type services to be offered more?



      • HDPA, says why are Bunnings not treated like supermarkets?
        All they are is supermarkets for screws and paint, etc.
        What’s the difference?
        I agree with her!
        I need some building supplies and I don’t think the courier will take paint, a 8×4 sheet of ply and a length of moulding!



  6. Thanks YSB, I left KB a year ago and told them I’d not be back because of the poncey beta boy moderators they had dug up from who knows where and I haven’t been near that blog again.
    The lefties dont seem to come to YSB because they cant stand a strong argument and facts, the facts are especially worrying to the loony left , to be fair though commenters like septicboy and his ilk do add a bit of humour to the proceedings..



  7. Look at all that time we have spent here.
    Could have been fishing, or for the Maggies of this world, gardening.
    Instead we come here to talk to???
    Well not sure who I’m talking too.

    But thanks Ed.
    Once this Col goes we might get some l;life back. 😆



  8. Winston Peters: Border restrictions could be relaxed for ‘trans-Tasman bubble’ during pandemic

    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has hinted at a potential “trans-Tasman bubble” of relaxed border restrictions between New Zealand and Australia if both nations can progress in their response to the coronavirus pandemic.


    “Until we see, I believe, a worldwide vaccine that is working, our borders are going to be much more closely guarded and much more closely inspected than ever before,” Mr Peters said.

    However, that tight border security could be relaxed for a few nations in the Pacific if figures for the coronavirus around the region continue to go down.

    Mr Peters says there’s already discussions in place with our trans-Tasman neighbours for such an engagement.



  9. Uriah Heep
    ‘Angels Walk with You’

    I only know what I’m feeling
    Do you know it’s true
    ’cause I’ve searched for you
    ’cause I believe in you

    Why do we walk in shadows
    While this world falls apart
    ’cause I’d die for you
    ’cause I know angels walk with you

    In my hands I hold nothing
    The more I have the less I use
    If I’d gone down that road forever
    I would not have found you

    And a new world with a new morning
    A new sunrise on a brand new day
    A new life with a real meaning
    A new sunrise on a brand new day
    ’cause angels walk with you

    If we sit and do nothing
    Will the light surely fade?
    Can I trust in you forever?
    If you show me the way

    A new world with a new morning
    A new sunrise on a brand new day
    A new life with a real meaning
    A new sunrise on a brand new day
    ’cause angels walk with you
    Yeah, walk with you, with you
    Yeah, walk with you
    ’cause I’d die for you
    ’cause I know angels walk with you

    Well done, Ed.
    A great platform.
    I don’t know If I’d die for you… but you get the gist.



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