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One of the greatest 24 hour periods in US history has arrived.

The United States, born in 1776, is now 245 years old.  In over more than two centuries of history, perhaps no period is of of greater consequence than the next 24 hour period that lies ahead.

The US endured Valley Forge where Washington’s soldiers starved and froze in their efforts to win the war against the powerful British military.  These men could have quit, but they carried on in the hope of a better future for their families and freedom for all.

The country endured the War of 1812 and addressed the glaring issue of slavery in the Civil War.  April 1865 may have been the most historic month in US history as Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, Lincoln was sworn in for a second term and then later in the month, Lincoln became the first President to be assassinated.

We endured the aftermath of the Civil War and the Spanish American War.  We enjoyed the roaring 20’s and won two world wars.  We survived foreign wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

But these 24 hours ahead may be the most important in our country’s history.

Tomorrow the US Congress is to get together to declare a winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.  This election was like no other. 

President Trump campaigned hard to win the election.  He’s endured four of the most challenging years any President has ever endured.  Many people ask how did he do it?  Others say only God could have carried him through all this.

The President was falsely accused of being a puppet of Russia.  He and his team were set up before the 2016 election, spied on and slandered.  Then when he won the election, he and his team were under attack.

Big Media projected stories on him daily which we now know better reflect the other side.  Big Tech censors the President and his followers, of which there are many.  The Democrats slander him daily and use every vehicle at their discretion to attack him, his family and followers.

President Donald J. Trump went through a fraudulent special counsel, an unconstitutional impeachment and a virus that initiated in China.  In spite of all this, the US markets have never been higher after the President’s initiatives were put in place.  Americans love him for his strength and perseverance in seemingly insurmountable situations.

Then came the 2020 election.  President Trump way outpaced his opponent in rallies and attendance at rallies.  It seemed at times like the President’s opponent, Joe Biden didn’t care.  No one attended his rallies and no one watched them in the media.  The two campaigns were polar opposites.

Then came the 2020 election and the shocking results.  President Trump’s results weren’t shocking, Biden’s were.

The President set the record for the most votes ever, crushing Obama’s record of 69 million in 2008 with over 74 million votes.  The President won everything.  But then late at night, after everyone had gone to sleep on Election night, numerous states suddenly flipped to the Biden column.

We’ve all seen the most corrupt and criminal election in world history.  The results remind innocent bystanders of the elections in communist countries.  The fix was in.  The election was rigged.  No wonder Democrats didn’t worry about attendance at Biden rallies or his rapidly declining cognitive abilities.

Big Media, Big Tech, the Democrats and foreign entities all colluded in their effort to overcome President Trump’s historic results.  The fraud has been spectacular and the results shocking.

Tomorrow Congress decides – do they choose the winner of the election with record setting valid votes, and align themselves with the law and the Constitution, or do they choose a thief who participated in the most corrupt election in history and align themselves with corruption, unlawfulness and communism?

Our country is facing its most challenging situation maybe ever over the next 24 hours.  Soon we will know what to do next.

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  1. It’s over, the liberal left with help from the international MSM have triumphed and will ruin the US in a couple of long painful years along with most of the developed world that are taken in by the socialist promise of equality and universal wealth.
    Once again we here in NZ are punching above our weight at the tip of the spear in this rush towards financial ruination.



  2. Fascist america will start on jan 20th 2021 at 1pm, it will start with the forcing of wearing masks quickly followed by the rounding up and jailing of the democrats political opponents followed by a nationwide witch hunt of yrump supporters.
    Usa will be a chinese vasal state by 2024, and an enormous joke by the end of 2021



  3. The sharemarket is in a bubble. Stock such as CPST (Capstone), a company that has yet to turn a profit and has been on a downward trend for years has been spiking to the roof lately. This has to be speculation. TSLA has a P/E ratio of 1,600!

    Tulip bulbs, anyone?



  4. Hmm after watching the other swamp for a few days now I am getting curiouser and coriouser.

    The lead writer claims to have been a republican supporter now for 30 years. HMM Perhaps he meant a Rino supporter?
    Look at their behaviour and that persons. Look at his old mates like Hooters.

    Now when we look at the behaviour of many RINO’s we can speculate about the Chinese influence both with them and the Dems.

    We can look at the same influence in NZ.
    We can track the change in a persons mind from the years of blogposts. From freedom loving to mind control, from disputing the narrative to supporting it.
    A couple of things seem to stand out.

    Given Trumps support for the State of Israel, how does that fit into the anti-Trump narrative?
    Apart from money, shifting the American embassy and stilling the warring factions in that area what more did he want? ( 5 peace and trade agreements. Never ever been done before. All done under Trump. No wars started there!)

    Of course, the CCP is never far away from the action. We have more than a few examples of their tactics in NZ. All of a sudden an avowed middle aged bachelor finds a wife. Never been seen and then a baby. Now of course it could all be legit but we have no way of knowing do we? Mayor Brown was legit till he was caught in a honey trap, and a good job he was.

    Something else.
    All around the world blogs and public spaces such as Fake Book, Twatter, et all started to censor their property. News services took up the challenge and so the free press no longer was the free press and other opinions no longer mattered. Copy and paste news services became the norm for most publishers and lets face both those two are publishers.
    About the same time the Swamp became moderated by an obnoxious fool. Still there.
    What does that tell us about the influences bought to bare?
    12 or more years it operated without moderation, sometimes there was plenty to be moderated but never was until one day the pressure was bought to the writers house. Indeed most of the time he never even looked at the blog. Just let it run.

    So what influences were applied?
    There’s more I would like to say but I won’t because its circumstantial.

    Observing a persons character traits can be an intelligent insight into their behaviour past and present. In this case there is/ was an internet library full of it.
    Go look at the swamp just to make sure you know just how bad some swamps can get.



  5. The world is run by faceless bureaucrats.( FB ) it is all a one party world government .
    Elections are now just window dressing .
    Trumps downfall was caused by challenging those FB.
    He called it “ draining the swamp “

    Democracy is long dead.



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