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Ivermectin: An Amazing Drug




Ivermectin: An Amazing Drug

Written by Sally Oh

An amazing drug, frankly. Here’s the info I have and how I’m using it. There’s lots of info at America’s Frontline Docs, at Pierre Kory’s site and from Dr. Been.

There are 3 sections here: CovidCancerWhere to Get & How to take

Covid 19

Ivermectin is being used with great success for Covid, prophylactically, with active infection and for “long haulers”. Dr. Kory is the genius behind the connection, he has lots of info online.


  • Ivermectin Dose For COVID (Prophylaxis, Acute Disease, Long Haulers) — Click here for video
  • 150 to 200 mcg per kg body weight
  • 70 kg (150 lb) x .15mg/kg = 10.5 mg (round up to 12 mg)
  • Comes in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg tablets


  1. Two doses in one month: 1 full dose on day 1, 1 full dose on day 3
  2. 1 full dose every week
  3. 1 full dose on day 1, 1 full dose on day 3, then 1 dose biweekly


  1. 1 dose daily till patient stabilizes (usually 5 to 7 days)
  2. 1 dose daily with food for 5 days (Kory)



This article is specifically about cancer & Ivermectin. I don’t know how well-known Dr. Dach to anyone outside the alternative health world, but he is highly regarded to those of us working there.

Jane McClelland’s interview with Chris Wark is amazing on the topic of antiparasitic drugs and cancer (and other diseases). My first exposure to the notion. Her book How to Starve Cancer is phenomenal.



Place your order (the photo shows my LDN order). Just follow the prompts and when you get to the “upload prescription” section, answer the questions (I think it asks if you smoke and a couple of other things), then just don’t upload a prescription and carry on.

I’ve been ordering from alldaychemist for at least 10 years. I’ve used credit cards and my checking account and bitcoin, never a problem. They will call you and get your credit card over the phone if you want.


  • ON EMPTY STOMACH: more effective for parasites in gi tract
  • WITH FOOD/FATS: gets into blood stream & better for covid (possibly cancer)


  • Precautionary Note: Ivermectin has a number of potentially serious drug-drug interactions. Please check for potential drug interaction at Ivermectin Drug Interactions – Drugs.com. The most important drug interactions occur with cyclosporin, tacrolimus, anti-retroviral drugs, and certain anti-fungal drugs. Due to the possible drug interaction between quercetin and ivermectin (may increase ivermectin levels), these drugs should not be taken simultaneously (i.e. should be staggered morning and night).
  • Nausea, diarrhea, allergic reactions
  • Can cross bbb and cause brain damage: for people who don’t have bbb fully developed like babies or people with meningitis or other brain disease. NO to pregnant or BFing moms because it could cross bbb of baby.
  • LIVER DAMAGE? Only 1 case in thousands of uses
  • Reduced sperm count? Take anti-oxidants to prevent any chance of reduced sperm count (only found in rats)
  • Still have symptoms? Use prophylactic dosing
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  1. All the pro Covid vaxxers are 2 face if they do not support this treatment.
    They threaten that the non covid vaxx should only get 2nd rate treatment if one is infected with Covid.
    They make the point that they will clog the hospitals. and ICU so reducing access for others so they can not get other treatments like for cancer etc..

    Well come on board for at least dishing out a course of treatment of cents, and follow the protocols for early & first treatments HCQ & Ivermectin for your supposed loved ones.

    Your choice !
    Just make the HCQ & Ivermectin available !

    Why can not the one’s who are vaxxed support this?
    There is room for you too, in having this treatment available for them too!

    How does that stack up in price compared to how many hundreds of $ per shot, that costs more in handling, administration, staff, advertisements, etc..

    Nothing to lose, in not supporting those HCQ & Ivermectin treatment protocols !
    If it doesnt work then the problem is still there.. and if does work, then you can have it too, if you wish & can make that Choice

    Maybe not quite a clinical trial, but If you really want to have control and learning about it, let the Doctors prescribe it, if it is asked for.
    Then very simple it can be tracked to who is having it, and the results
    Then easy to match to who gets Covid, and the hospitalization, ICU rates.

    Any pro Covid vaxxer that is part of, banning HCQ & Ivermectin should be told, they are Criminals in no uncertain terms!



    • I would be very happy to treat myself if I were able to get hold of some HCQ and Ivermectin. I have vitamin C & D and Zinc If we were given access to these other two very important drugs we would mostly have no need of the hospital systems. We could cope at home on our own. We would have real difficulties if we were not able to get access to these drugs and were we to get a bad dose of the virus. I am not going to live my life in fear of something that may not happen like most of the people in New Zealand. It’s a disgrace how they have used fear to control the masses. People are terrified of the inevitable we are all going to die and they are NOT saving us, it is impossible to save us, the only certainty we have in life is death and taxes..



      • There are several ivermectin products for sheep, cattle and horses in NZ, I know some people are checking out the ingredients list to find one with nothing toxic and ‘accidentally’ ingesting some. Clearly no one will deliberately take animal medicines, but sometimes accidents happnen. Most farmers have been accidentally treated with ivermectin very many times in their career without problems, and no doubt it wil happen again. HCQ is not avialable in NZ but quercetin is and it appears to be even better than HCQ for the same purpose. Lysine is also cheap and readily available and many trials have suggested it has amazing value for covid. I am not offering medical advice merely making conversation.



    • Many would be happy to pay the Doctor, get the prescription and pay the Chemist, for HCQ & or Ivermectin !
      Just make it available !

      A drug that if I take as prescribed for Covid, which I can safely drive a vehicle after taking it.
      Now I am not so sure if a pilot should still be flying after the vaxx, if ever.
      Drive a car? hmmm …. Vaccidents?

      We need to kick back on these pro-vax stasi; to blame them for mistreatment of Covid infected patients, clogging up the hospitals, ICU.
      If they really want to help sort out Covid, then come on board, if not for themselves, but to support the first & early treatments, besides the only monitoring until urgent needed hospitalization.



  2. A pity the video links have been blocked by Youtube.

    I wonder how many MPs are taking Ivermectin like the US congress people, their staff and families ? //

    I think the use of Ivermectin and HQC (or other medications) will come in because surely the idiots will realise that treating people before they need to be in hospital, like we do with any other illness, has to occur. It is completely illogical to continue on with the vaccination and hope as the only strategy.

    But we have seen logic thrown out the door on so many occasions with this issue that it probably wishful thinking on my part again.



  3. zepdon 400 mg is a prescription medication utilized in the treatment of HIV contamination in grown-ups. However HIV prescriptions can’t cure AIDS, yet taking a combination of HIV drugs which are called an HIV regimen, consistently assists patients with HIV live more, better lives. The taking of HIV drugs additionally decreases the danger of HIV transmission.



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