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Ivermectin and the Virus

by David Archibald.

Ivermectin was discovered in the late 1970s, in a program that tested thousands of soil samples around Japan. …

It was approved for human use by the FDA in 1987, and has cured hundreds of millions of people from parasitic worm infections. It is also used to treat worms in farm animals, dogs and cats. Ivermectin is quite benign, with an 18 hour half-life in the body and a wide therapeutic window. …

A recent clinical trial of ivermectin in the Argentinian hospital system produced spectacular results. … The study team recruited 1,195 health professionals, of whom 407 received no treatment and 788 received self-administered ivermectin oral drops and an iota-carrageenan nasal spray five times per day over a 14 day period. Carrageenan is an emulsifier extracted from red seaweed.

The Argentinian study team reported that the study data revealed that of the participants in the control group (those not taking the study drug combination), 58% of the participants were infected with COVID-19 during the duration of the trial. The study team reported no contagions were recorded in the carrageenan and ivermectin arm. So the result was 58% out of 407 not taking ivermectin became infected while nobody in the 788 people taking ivermectin were infected with the virus.

The same result was achieved in an informal experiment in a French nursing home which was having an outbreak of scabies. Ivermectin was prescribed to all residents and staff of the nursing home. While there were widespread casualties in nearby nursing homes, no deaths or severe cases of COVID-19 occurred among the residents and staff of the nursing home with the scabies outbreak.

Molecules with good anti-worm and anti-viral properties also tend to have anti-cancer efficacy. So it is with ivermectin …

Where can you get it?

Ivermectin’s results have shown that nobody has to die from the virus. If you want to prepare for the inevitable but don’t want to get a script for it, there are plenty of choices available from the veterinary trade

Keep it in the freezer to extend its life and calculate your doseage from your weight. Given that long half-life of 18 hours, daily dosing should do it.

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  1. Hi l have read here for a long time but this article has made me finally sign up to comment
    Does anyone know if you can still buy the injectable sheep ivomec or something similar?
    tried looking online but kept getting everything else but
    really enjoy reading on here, great site



  2. I note that a few people of late have shown concern over the use of animal remedies on humans. I’m a retired cocky, not a medical expert, but common sense tells me that they’ll normally be the same product with different packaging. Anatomically speaking there’s very little difference between pigs & humans. Most meat is put together the same way. Vets & doctors take the same course for the first three years of training.

    All those involved are well gone now so it’s safe to tell of what used to happen at a certain remote coastal holiday spot & fishing village in the Wairarapa. It didn’t take much rain or a south-easterly swell to take the road out & we’re going back to the days before rescue choppers. There was a retired vet resident & more than a few times he was sobered up to look after medical emergencies.

    Never lost a patient or so I was told.



    • after years of ending up with so many drenches on my person with no reactions and always the thought that l had got a good drench as well so l do not have any problem using ivomec
      just trying to get hold of some and getting the one without the mixes they have now
      last lot of drench l had was Ultra, must look up the ingredients on it
      these days when the authorities say “don’t use it” then you now it is fine if you are careful

      those old vets were amazing, the ones we had here had so much knowledge and they observed things that the vets today don’t even notice



    • Rules, Regulations, & Laws, loss of licence, fines & gaol, are used to tie the vets up.

      The diagnosis for my cat & dog was so easy for the vet, but do you think my “human” doctor could figure my rash?
      Sure he prescribed a soothing ointment, whilst the rashes continued to spread.
      The balm was great for an hour or 2, but it was like I was addicted to it, if I did not continue using it. It was not a cure, and only treated the maddening itch.

      I am sure the young fresh faced vet knew, but refused to say, and basically said it was more than his job was worth, referring me back to the useless Doctors.
      This was before the internet days, and all I wanted was the body weight guide and more pills, for the “cat & dog”.
      He did give me the name of the pills at the end.

      After 2 weeks of desperate quarantine, the washing machine never stopped, in desperation with bleaches to keep things clean, and multi daily baths.
      Then had a show down with the Doctors, why they could not diagnose exactly, & with voices raised despite showing the named veterinary pills, when I said I would bring the cat & dog in also, and show they were cured.
      They relented and put me on their version of a course of pills, and like magic, desperation & rash cured.

      A good point there, as mentioned, is that similarity to pigs.
      So many things from pigs, like heart valves,
      Insulin from pigs, from the 1920’s to just a decade ago.

      The ‘political class’ seem to have one of the genes, to keep their snouts in the trough.



      • Here’s another instance. A mate of mine was a keen pig hunter & as per the risks of the game he frequently had to sew up dogs that had come second to a tusk or two. His vet sold him sutures which were a bit easier on the dog than a needle & string. He was also supplied an antibiotic powder which was magic when it came to keeping infections at bay.

        I used the product a few times myself on wounds before dressing them yet my doctor swore black & blue that there was no human equivalent available to prescribe.



      • Simpleton 1, ah yes thank you for pointing out our similarity to pigs and so the dose rate would be about the same
        l have been trying to find out what is wrong with me since an overseas holiday quite a few years ago
        Not one Dr can tell me what is wrong and still waiting for a diagnosis and think a good dose of ivomec might do the trick
        have had multiple tests but nothing conclusive but only seen local Drs

        Nasska, that powder in the yellow puff bottle was magic stuff and saved a cows eye but we are not allowed that anymore either

        seems today that anything that works is taken away from us, very annoying



        • One of the products I make is called Maximate. An oral animal multi vitamin trace element seaweed mix. It has on the label not for human consumption.
          I have a mate down Ashburton way. He has a long history of health issues from nicotine stopping the damaging affects of Voltarin on his intestines. He stopped smoking and nearly dropped dead when his intestines eventually were eaten out by the voltarin. He now has a colonoscopy bag.
          A few years ago he had a relapse, doctors couldn’t get him better. So he started taking Maxamate. His health started to improve, and when his Dr asked what he was doing different, he told him about the maxamate. Dr looked at what was in it and said he didn’t know why it was improving his health, but not to stop taking it.
          This was a few years ago now but he is still on it and still improving.
          There is not much different between the physiology of animals and humans, so I guess it would work on both.
          Yes I too take it weekly, and at 68 am not on any other medication.



          • What are your opinions/observations on use of dicalcic phosphate Ed? I used it for twentyfive years after convincing myself that chemical reactions are better if they take place off farm.

            Personally I reckon its the best but I’m in a minority.



            • Dicalcic phosphate- 2 parts Ca 1 P.
              It’s highly over rated. You are paying the phosphate price for the ingredient thats actually doing the most benefit. The lime.
              If you need P, stick to ordinary super.
              Dicalcic phosphate is made by adding lime to triple superphosphate. It heats up with the chemical reaction between the Ca and P. and goes hard like concrete.
              It’s then crushed again and sold at a ridiculous price.
              Did you know that triple super has the highest levels of Cadmium of any fertiliser?
              So not only are you paying through the nose for your fert, but also poisoning the soil as well.



          • Hi Ed
            where can l get this maximate please?
            feel like l need a good tonic and something for the gut to heal that as well
            would have been here sooner but been travelling and then lost password
            have now clicked the “remember me” button



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