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Ivermectin Good, Vaccine Bad.




Ivermectin reduced the risk of hospitalization due to covid in CdMx by up to 76%


According to the capital authorities, a study was carried out at the end of January to analyze the benefits of the drug.

Ivermectin reduced the chances that a person will be hospitalized for covid-19 by 76%, officials of Mexico City reported on a medical study.

In a press videoconference, the head of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), José Merino, detailed that according to an experimental analysis based on the public intervention that was made in the capital of the country, where a medical kit was delivered With 6 mg of ivermectin and 100 mg of acetylsalicylic acid , it was found that the probability of being hospitalized is reduced by 68.4 percent if the kit was received compared to a person who did not.

“The main result is a reduction in the probability of being hospitalized between 52 and 76 percent, significant at 99 percent, it is a quasi-experimental analysis that allows us to identify, isolate, the effect of the medical kit on the probability of being hospitalized”, he claimed.

He indicated that the study found that among those patients who received medical follow-up by Locatel and the Mexico City kit with the drug, the chances of being hospitalized were 76 percent lower.

“We did the analysis at the end of January, which agrees with the evidence from specialized public health journals,” he said.

He added that “Additionally, among those who received the kit, Locatel follow-up reduces the probability of being hospitalized by 29.5 percent, compared to someone with a kit, but no follow-up.”

We recommend: Some relatives of L12 victims have not wanted initial support, says Sheinbaum He highlighted that the study was carried out by Lila Petersen, Saúl Caballero, Eduardo Clark, and José Merino, from ADIP; and also by Víctor Hugo Borja, Oliva López and Jorge Alfredo Ochoa from the Secretariat of Health of Mexico City.

The Secretary of Health of the capital, Oliva López, indicated that the study found the reduction in the possibility of developing a serious picture of Covid-19 with the use of Ivermectin, “that is the most important effect.”

He stressed that it is a standardized and massive treatment with more than 135 thousand medical kits delivered.

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  1. McCullough then turned his attention to why so little attention has been given to COVID treatments and to the “enormous amount of fear” the virus created saying for the first time in America doctors and nurses were confronted with a disease that they themselves could contract and die from, “that fear drove everything.”

    Tucker Carlson with Peter McCullough: Australia’s Criminalization of Ivermectin, HCQ “something is up”
    Shakespeare “Some thing is rotten in the state of Denmark”
    Further to that is where Queensland of Australia, though it seems to be through out Australia.
    2 mins 20 secs.
    “What could’nt be known”

    A must see, to see how far Australia has incorporated into their laws the ban of any early treatment.
    I am not sure if New Zealand has the same draconian death making laws?

    Peter McCullough
    Rather than embracing early treatment, which is how most illnesses are managed, the medical establishment (academia, federal health agencies) has actively suppressed the evidence for early outpatient treatment of COVID-19 illness.

    A good article to read, as quite simply put.
    You can see how the conflict of interest in the quite opposing nebulous argument, trying to use consensus.
    All this is kept suppressed by media, and sort of hidden by Utube, google, etc..

    Another drug, an existing cholesterol drug, fenofibrate also seems to have some good effects in helping people over come covid. First being used in Israel in July 2020.

    This agrees with earlier studies showing that fenofibrate, as well as fenofibric acid to a smaller extent, are strong contenders as SARS-CoV-2 inhibitors. The pattern of inhibition was sustained at 24 and 48 hours. Thus, fenofibrate can both prevent primary infection and reduce secondary infection rates.

    This is what needs to be asked of your own Doctors in New Zealand.
    Will they prescribe, and early?
    Would they research enough to figure the right dosage for you?
    Has New Zealand got those Aussie laws of banning some of those good treatments?

    If so then inform ACT, and with some of this good information.
    Sure David Seymour will have to think much more, as he wants people to have choice, does he not?
    Much more is needed to raise the roof over this and to make sure NZ doctors, health know of these treatments.

    Would Peter Williams, Mike Hosking, Sue Grey, some one with a better way than me put this into a short article of facts, showing the truth, good & bad.

    How does one get rid of this censorship of control, which will be all enveloping burka like, with Ardern’s adhan for control.



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