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Billionaire Clive Palmer Uses Ivermectin & Hdroxychloroquine to Cure Himself

Admittedly, he also used a super-strong steroid, Dexamethasone.

Billionaire politician Clive Palmer refused to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit during his recent case of COVID-19, instead opting to take a cocktail of anti-virals including controversial medications at his Queensland mansion.

Billionaire politician Clive Palmer refused to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit during his recent case of COVID-19, instead opting to take a cocktail of anti-virals including controversial medications at his Queensland mansion.

A team of specialists who treated former US president Donald Trump pumped a cocktail of five anti-viral drugs into billionaire Clive Palmer to save him from double pneumonia and the more deadly Delta Covid variant.

The US-based team used Zoom calls with Australian doctors to monitor his progress, and they fast-tracked Mr Palmer onto a US drug trial to administer the life-saving dosage of anti-virals.

“I would have died otherwise, without doubt,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Two of the anti-viral drugs included the controversial agents, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

The Therapeutics Goods Association, which assesses the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 treatments, has not approved ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

Last year further restrictions were placed on general practitioners to prescribe these treatments.

After contracting the more deadly Delta variant in Sydney, Mr Palmer was rushed to Pindara Hospital on February 27.

There were serious concerns for his health because he is 67, in a higher weight category for his height and unvaccinated.

In his first interview since contracting Covid-19, Mr Palmer said he was given the super-strong steroid, Dexamethasone, which keeps the lungs functioning.

He was told by doctors that he had double pneumonia and Covid, and would be taken to ICU and put on a ventilator.

“I said that won’t be happening and I went home,’’ he said.

His senior staff had been in touch with controversial gastroenterologist, professor Thomas Borody, who organised the US specialists to intervene.

Instead, he went home, where a local team of four doctors took instructions from the US specialists on how to treat the billionaire, now said to be worth $18 billion.

An ambulance was on stand by near his Sovereign Islands mansion if he had to be rushed back to hospital.

“The US specialists, a couple of whom treated Trump for Covid, were very strong about not going onto a ventilator,’’ he said.

“I’ve been told that without the anti-viral intervention on that Sunday night I would likely have been dead within five hours.’’

Mr Palmer, who is not vaccinated, said the US-based team had put him onto a new trial that allowed him to take the anti-viral cocktail.

“I started to come good within 10 hours,’’ he said.

“I’m still not a 100 per cent. I get tired pretty easily but I’m not getting any younger I suppose.

“I had faith in the US doctors, and I’m not being critical of the Pindara people at all. They believed ventilation was necessary but I had alternative advice and I stuck with that.’’

Medical experts are clear that double or triple vaccination status sharply improves chances of  surviving a severe dose of the disease.

Mr Palmer said the near-death experience had not altered his view on vaccination.

“I’m pro choice,’’ he said.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation strongly advises that the highest priority for providing optimal community-wide protection against COVID-19 is achieving very high vaccination coverage for all eligible Australians.

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  1. There is not a single shred of doubt that Ivermectin works, but is also used for a variety of other medical treatments, having been prescribed tens of thousands of times here in NZ.

    The only doubt is the doubt that the control freaks at the top create. If paracetamol, nurofen, and aspirin cured Covid, no doubt they ban those as well. And if butter and milk cured Covid they would ban those as well.



  2. What shocked me was the way the Medical Council declared that only the vaccine was the true way (like something a cult leader would say) and any doctor who deviated from the official dogma would be “cancelled.”
    The second shocking aspect was how all the GPs went along with the dictates of the the Medical Council. Where were the questions and discussions?

    I am amazed at how Westerners (the so-called individuals) can be so easily led. Where is the information gathering, critical thinking and informed debate?

    It has set a very dangerous precedent.



    • The experience of a researcher, and how he saw the many tools, pressure used against him.
      …… My Experience as a “Deviant” Epidemiologist ……
      ….. As the paper went viral, the onslaught reputational and professional threats I’d feared began to materialize.
      Colleagues said I risked being “responsible for the deaths of millions” (a crime on par with genocide, if the comment is taken literally), that I had blood on my hands, that I was “disrupting the public health message,” that I was “not an epidemiologist,” and more.
      The verbal stones came from all sides, from people who were once colleagues and friends to members of the scientific community I’d never heard of before saying I killed thousands. …….
      …… I eventually released these forecasts and findings in April 2021, after vaccines had enough time to roll out and hopefully then nobody would claim I was disrupting “the message.”
      I deliberately withheld these findings from preprint servers due to a justified fear of hostility from the scientific community during COVID-19.
      By creating a research environment hostile to evidence of a lower-severity pandemic, the science people read on the news to inform their beliefs and actions of overestimated Covid risk.
      That science was not the result of a fair competition of ideas won by evidence and logic, but a silencing of ideas by federal officials coordinating devastating takedowns of competing views, by biased social/mass-media amplification of one theory, and by a norm of private and public hostilities enforcing a particular theory of Covid-19. …..
      …. A Path Forward
      If, however, we unsparingly examine the use of media in science, and the practice of high-profile attempted public executions by famous scientists, we can identify a sociological cancer in our science and eradicate it before it metastasizes any further.
      The science we never share risks being a finding we never found. ………..

      I am not as optimistic that this cancerous Lysenko (killed millions and lasted decades) scientism is that easy to clean out.

      Still it is a hill worth dying on for the principles of truth.
      After all they are looking to remove the very soul of your freedom, if not death itself.
      Long live Freedom, forever.



  3. If you wind your mind back to very early 2020 Auckland Medical School/ Researchers started a trial for using Ivermectin. It was closed down after about 4 weeks, never to be mentioned again in the MSM.



  4. Clive is a multi Billionaire and can buy the worlds best treatment. so what does he do he completely ignores the Queensland Health advice because he thinks it is detrimental to his well being, and statistics tell him he has a good chance of dying from it, and seeks medical opinion from the best Doctors in America,
    He survives and uses the drugs the government still bans today. I think I would trust Clive’s decision and only shows us the Australian Governments are just basically killing people with ventilators and really bad experimental drugs.
    Not many people in the world have endless money to buy health advice, but you can be a destitute homeless bum and still see what is happening to society, the males in their early twenties will be reeling at the heart damage figures emerging around the world. this is becoming an absolute train wreck. It will get a lot worse before it gets better.
    It is all a matter of choice, but in the so called free world your choices are restricted by greed , politics, and money.



  5. Just to consider the overall ignorance of kiwis about the vaccines, and maybe to push more facts, evidence?
    Nothing is set in stone, and once things are figured, seen, then it will get easier, as people can not so easily un-see, what is revealed.
    …. added a question about the vaccine testing to an ongoing nationally representative survey of adult New Zealanders. ….. December, [2021] when the survey was fielded …..
    …. vaccine passport system that blocked the unvaccinated …. …. mandates were strictly applied …. …. adverse reactions after … .. still had to get the second shot …
    … government-dominated media … government advertising …. independent commentators prominent in the media got their talking points …. … carefully orchestrated public relations campaign. …
    … survey asked if the Pfizer vaccine had been trialled against:
    (a) preventing infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2, or
    (b) reducing risk of getting symptoms of Covid-19, or
    (c) reducing risk of getting serious sick or dying, or
    (d) all of the above.
    The correct answer is (b), the trials only set out to test if the vaccines reduced the risk of getting Covid-19 symptoms.
    Only four percent of respondents got the right answer.
    In other words, 96 percent of adult New Zealanders thought the Covid-19 vaccines were tested against more demanding criteria than is actually the case.
    Currently, most Covid-19 cases in New Zealand are post-vaccination.
    And despite almost everyone being vaccinated, and most boosted, the rate of new confirmed Covid-19 cases is one of the highest in the world. ….

    A reasonable summation of the consequences of the hype, once people can see where they totally mislead.
    The question for me, will they see the problem? the difficulty of admitting it, and then often with a dreadful guilt.
    For me I think the battle may be long, but who knows just how & what may trigger an implosion of Ardern’s cult.
    At the same we must recognize that Ardhern is powerful, and is very skilled at playing her hand, using the media & experts.
    She has many options to be played, and we should not be wasting time & energy chasing will-o’-the-wisp ClarkE as we are the ones aiding and abetting others in following this decoy and putting a nail in our credibility.
    Sure if there is a case, search for it, then come back with the fish!!! the open & shut evidence, that will slam the door on this whole fiasco.

    We are the ones being played! ! ! and taking others down this track and changing nothing!
    Other wise wasting time, bringing conjecture to the table, which is nothing; sure not an absolute troll, but may as well be!

    Find out more about Matt King & how to support him or VFF or NZDOS, or even ACT & David Seymour since they are small party and one could be effective around the edges. etc..
    If you must be National Party, then stir them at the lower level, about just what are their principles, and to just what do they support?

    Develop and spread more Bill boards, brochures, chalk graffiti, posters, post it notes, circulars, with short succinct commonsense memes that resonate, and raises questions & issues.



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