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Jewish Couple in Paris Beaten by Muslim Home invaders




The last of the remaining Jews living in Aubervilliers were brutally beaten and robbed in their own home. A Jewish couple in Paris was assaulted and robbed in their own home in the projects earlier this month raising the concern that the attack was the latest in a series of “home invasions” targeting Jews. A Muslim gang of four saw the *mezuzah on the door and stormed in. The Jewish couple were brutally beaten and robbed. Seine-Saint-Denis is increasingly a Muslim no-go zone. Once home to a thriving Jewish community, Seine-Saint-Denis has been ethnically cleansed.

The doorbell rang in the small Hazan apartment in the projects of the deprived Paris suburb of Aubervilliers. Shalom Hazan was expecting his brother so he thought nothing of opening the door. Like a scene out of “Death Wish”, four Muslim men in their twenties stormed into his home and spent the next 30 minutes beating Mr. Hazan and his wife.

Their faces covered (like the burka), the four demanded money, “We know you have money.” That old anti-semitic trope. Hazan lives in the projects in a tiny apartment. He has a mezzuzah on the doorpost outside his home the only mezuzahs in the building because Shalom Hazan and his wife Joelle are the only Jews remaining in the building.

63 year old Hazan tried to fight them off. While three goons pummeled him, the fourth attacked his wife while shouting “show us where the money is or we will kill your husband!” They took everything —

Shalom Hazan and Joelle Hazan have lived in this tiny apartment since in 1985. Back then it was a Jewish neighborhood, safe. As Muslims moved in, they Jews were forced out. The projects that the Hazans live in was at one time 90% Jewish. Now Shalom Hazan is the last Jew. He has decided he too must leave. He is terrified and so is his wife.

He has long felt the pressure. When he goes out, he wears a baseball cap over his kippuh. He always kept his head down, quiet. But when they came for his Shalom Hazan he was very courageous. They held him for half hour beating him and ’ransacking the apartment.’ He was “able to get up and get out to the balcony” of his first floor apartment. He tried to get help from his neighbors. His Muslim neighbor’s balcony was open, he yelled for them to help. They closed the door on him. He screamed frantically for help, begging people to call police. The mostly Muslim building residents ignored his pleas (like Ilhan Halimi ). One neighbor, a French woman, on the fourth floor heard him and called police. Hazan’s screams eventually scared the Muslim mob away.

The police came, took prints and left. They have done nothing. They haven’t even called it a hate crime – just like the antisemitic horrors against Ilan Halimi and Sarah Halimi. The police are impotent. They are bullied, terrified to act.

Shalom Hazan has suffered multiple bruises, lacerations and a severe concussion.


    • Unfortunately, yes. By and large, the worlds elites want us to be at their mercy. Otherwise more than 10% of the world would be free. ‘They’ll turn us into beggars ’cause they are easier to please.’ Western Europe is going under and we’ll be close behind if we’re not careful.
      What can we do?
      – Emigrate
      – Find a way to rescue our country e.g. via https://www.nzsovereignty.co.nz/
      – Submit



  1. I have to say, I never dreamed of anti-Semiticism ever being mainstream in my lifetime. But here we are. Ilhan Omar is an open anti-semitic in the Democrat party. Jews are routinely attacked across Europe with little being done about it.

    It’s been an amazing transformation in such a short amount of time.



  2. I predicted this 20+ years ago on leaving the UK, the Muslims will become the new Euro Jews, living in Ghettos, easily recognizable and fairly identified as the real source of trouble and when the French or German population decides that the coming recession is hurting their attention will be driven to resolving their problem and it wont be pretty. The Muslims will then realize they have legitimized racial violence and will be surprised at the lack of sympathy and action by the authorities and community.



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