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Indian immigrant lodges Human Rights Commission complaint against Shane Jones

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The spokesman for a Christchurch Indian community has lodged a Human Rights Commission complaint against New Zealand First MP Shane Jones.

Thomas Shaji Kurian – who is Christchurch Indian Social and Cultural Club’s spokesman – said he felt Jones’ “culturally insensitive” views on immigration were a “human rights violation and smells of dictatorship rule”.

“The sentiment in the community is they’re very angry.”

Jones has labelled it “faux outrage” that he has “zero interest in”.

He recently shared his stance on Immigration New Zealand’s policy and told the Indian community to “tame down your rhetoric” if they did not like the changes to visa requirements.

Immigration New Zealand’s strict requirements on partnership visas means it will be harder for arranged-married couples to bring their spouses to New Zealand.

Kurian – who made his complaint “on behalf of the wider Indian Community in New Zealand” – felt no reassurance when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told 1News on Monday that she rejected any notion the comments were shared by Labour.

The Indian community felt “very saddened that it has to come from the coalition government”.

Kurian said he knew of others planning further complaints to the commission.

In his complaint, Kurian said asking hard working Indians to leave their livelihood to go back to India just to be with their partner “is a human rights violation and smells of dictatorship rule”.

“Now the community is like, ‘We don’t want an apology anymore, we want him to go.”

He knew relationship fraud existed, but believed that was more to do with people from overseas arriving on student visas and getting involved with citizens, then calling the marriage off after one year.

“But for those people legally married and coming over, they have difficulty.

“I work about 14 to 15 hours a day. That’s the way most Indians are.”

He was concerned Jones had simply “blurted out” a government policy.

“New Zealand is a very peaceful country, it’s never been racist like this.

“We want a government to be pure, not have a racist person in government. It’s all spreading communal hatred.”

The “divide and rule” policy was why he left India, he said.

“Every citizen or resident has a human right to live with their partner after marriage. They have to relook at their policy and how they can word it better to make sure everyone is included.”

The commission has refused to confirm, or comment on, any complaints made.

Jones – a self confessed “leading agitator” – said he accepted his comments were “rough around the edges”, but his critics were “sadly mistaken” if they thought they were able to quieten him.

While the Indian community was entitled to complain, “the Human Rights Commission has no authority to stifle or asphyxiate political debate”. 

His comments were “return fire” as a NZ First MP when an “Indian activist attacked our leader”. 

Jones quoted the Māori saying: “Tidy up your own marae before you dare to tidy up my marae.”

Immigration debates were “going to lead us to have challenging discussions”, he said.

“I’m no stranger to people trotting out exaggerated claims of injury.”

Last month, party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters was happy to take the credit for a tougher approach to partnership visas.

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  1. Shane’s faults are legendary but it’s hard not to warm to his candour. As part of a government that has made an art form out of mealy-mouthed platitudes & lying his ability to call a spade a fucking shovel is refreshing.



    • Then you are being naive. His spiel is vote grabbing at it’s worst. Do you really believe that insulting and abusing people is the correct way for a political leader to behave. Have you already forgotten that his sole focus is to use the $3 billion granted to him by you and I to purchase a lifetime seat for himself in parliament?

      Everything he and “what’s in it for wynston” do is for their own benefit.

      Apart from repaying their donors please list one campaign promise made by nz first that they have kept.



  2. How many Indian brides or husbands are in arranged marriages and come to NZ each year? Is it in the 10s, 20s 100s or 1,000s? I have no idea but it must be at least in the thousands for Shane Jones to bring it up surely????? What did the activist say in attacking “our leader” I missed this outspoken persons mutterings.



    • I think you need to look at it more deeply than the “skim” from jones. It would not be in the thousands at all and the vast majority of “arranged” marriages are not what you assume them to be. Younger Indians today effectively choose their own spouse and the young women today are not cowed by their parents in any way at all. They certainly take their parents advice and due to the way the communities link to each other they do often “choose” a spouse from within their own network.

      That is not always the case as many now receive zero input from family when deciding who to love and marry. Can I ask why it is such an issue for you when it will never impact on you or I and most likely your family.

      Should we not focus on the 700 odd that take their own lives, the numerous children that are severely beaten by their parents and even murdered, the benefit fraud that racks up the hundreds of millions of our tax dollars rather than a few Indians who struggle to get married in the same way you and I do?



    • “Marriage” has never been a “qualification” for entry into New Zealand. I have a friend who has been married to an Asian woman for almost 20 years and has lived in her country for all that time. He wants to return to NZ and no… he will not qualify for the pension but luckily he doesn’t need it.

      The marriage certificate does not grant his wife residence, they have to apply and demonstrate that they are a couple not a scam. That is the current legislation and it seems to work fine.

      jones is just beating the “race” drum to gain a few votes from people who hate anyone that is not “them”.



      • Nope, he is reiterating exactly the policy you have just commented on and the fact that even the Indians have to observe that policy.
        I would have thought that was clear enough. But then some simply blat on all day. MT tins make the most noise.



  3. This morning’s interview by Red Radio.
    You can even hear how it sticks in Dan’s gills.

    8min 30 sec.
    Worth listening to as Shane Jones handles Corrin Dan

    The main point being how that hurdles that many white NZ’ers have to go through if they have an overseas bride, or groom.
    The credibility of white kiwis are really tested, so why do Indians believe they can have different laws for them, or to pull down NZ laws.

    That point is not raised or discussed by any media!



  4. This performance by the Indians, and media about migration is just a part of the take down.
    They are the ones “framing” the argument” to control it and then endeavour to belittle the current system and laws, for their gain.

    “It’s OK to be white” was hung on a bridge over a highway in Massachusetts. A local ADL spokesman said the message “excludes people” and “targets people.”
    “Being white is such an advantage in society and to suggest otherwise is just straight out racism,” said a man who tore the banner down.

    As we previously highlighted, the whole thing was a product of 4chan trolls who sought to repeat their stunt of posting the fliers on Halloween to bait the media into whipping up another moral panic about racism.

    Many have commented that the stunt is particularly cunning because it forces the left to adopt the ideologically bigoted view that it isn’t ‘okay’ to be white, thus revealing them to be the actual racists.

    Those protesters are saying that it is ok to be Indian, and it sure is in India.
    It is the laws, culture they are trying to change in another country for their gain.



    • Those two arguments are only linked in your mind.

      There are already considerable hoops for “all” New Zealanders who marry an overseas resident to jump through. I understand it is the “new” requirement that couples spend 12 months together before marriage.

      “There has been a specific government directive to stop waiving requirements such as couples needing to have lived together for 12 months – a test Indian couples who have had arranged marriages can’t meet.”

      Many couples fail this “test” and it genuine cases it has been waived at the discretion of the immigration officer and department.



      • …..” and it genuine cases it has been waived at the discretion of the immigration officer and department”…..

        Maybe it has been waived too often & for the wrong reasons. We have documented instances of these same people accepting bribes over WoFs & drivers licences. Anecdotally I have been told that a white face in the Immigration Dept tends to stand out so perhaps backhanders are common there too.

        It is my opinion that discretion is no substitute for good law. We see Kiddy Cops deciding whether or not a crime warrants prosecution or a warning. This is one short step away from a few $50 notes slipped into the back pocket.

        Gutless politicians too scared of offending anyone by making watertight law are at the root of the problem. Fortunately they can be disposed of far more readily at three year intervals than corruption once it is established.



        • From my knowledge it is not a simple procedure and I have no idea how many times it has been waived but I have seen numerous cases where it has not and they are generally for good reason.

          Some of these cases, possibly not involving Indians, have made it into the media in recent years so don’t for a moment imagination that this is rife, it is not.



        • Don’t be a dick.

          I think you have been around long enough to realise who/what I am.

          This is nothing more than a beat up by jones to garner votes. It may impact on a few dozen people but I think the Indian community just feel a little picked on lately.

          It is race baiting, nothing more or less.

          I am disappointed to see how many have jumped on the band wagon though. jones is a bully and a thug and the sooner you all realise this is just a smokescreen the better. Remember, this coalition has granted 256,000 work visas in the past 12 months. More than ever before and the vast majority of those will be living and driving in NZ for many years to come. A few Indian brides or grooms is nothing.



    • The thing has has me beat is what are these groups trying to achieve? I have known many immigrants personally and they have all been grateful to be here and lovely hardworking people and love our country for what it is.

      After all thats why they came here in the first place right? If these sects (of politically outspoken immigrants/migrants/refugees/take your pick) get their way and get their own culture wedged into their host country’s day to day life and such for a foothold on making here like “home”. Would that not just be turning where they came to the same as the place they were so desperate to leave in the first place? Its a global phenomenon not just here in little old NZ.

      Do these groups really express the majority view of these people or are they simply a minority group (like the rest of them these days) crying crocodile tears for political gain?



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