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The outlook for US Conservatives for the Next Four Years.

By John Hinderaker.

Republicans that I talk to are understandably depressed about the fact that in a few days, the Democrats will control the presidency and both the House (narrowly) and, via a 50-50 tie, the Senate. …

Hope springs eternal:

There is every reason to hope and expect that the Republicans will retake both the Senate and the House in 2022, and in the meantime the damage the Democrats can do, while certainly substantial, is limited by their slim control over both houses of Congress.

They can’t make radical changes without doing away with the filibuster, and they can’t do away with the filibuster — which, by the way, would probably be to their long-term disadvantage — without the support of Joe Manchin, who has vowed to vote No, and every other Senate Democrat.

Further, 2024 shapes up as a great year to run for president as a Republican, either against a Joe Biden whose condition at that time (age 82) we can only imagine, or more likely against Kamala Harris, who has not been elected to the office and is not a very good politician, as demonstrated by her abysmal showing in the 2020 presidential contest.

Could the above assessment prove too optimistic? Of course. But the current panic among some Republicans is silly and ignores the lessons of history. There are only two parties, and we are one of them. In 1964, following Lyndon Johnson’s landslide victory, many predicted that the GOP would never again elect a president. It did, in the very next election cycle — Richard Nixon in 1968. Twenty years later, in 1988, after two consecutive overwhelming Republican wins, the like of which can hardly be imagined today, many said that we would never again see a Democrat president. But the Democrats won in the very next cycle — Bill Clinton in 1992.

On the other hand, as some of his commenters remind him.

Thomas Rawlinson:

You are assuming John the Democrats won’t cheat in the future election cycles. That is the concern of all of us conservatives. They have learned how to do it, the stupid Republicans have allowed it and no one will stop them. The capital riot was all about this problem facing the GOP and our country

Mike Granby:

I don’t think I am as worried about Biden’s legislative capabilities — as you note, he will be hamstrung somewhat in the Senate — as I am about the naked assertion of corporate power that we’re seeing. Twitter is one thing, but today Trump’s campaign’s payment processor dropped him, and Parler’s lawyers likewise abandoned them. This is truly terrifying in terms of what it means for Conservatives in the short term, and national cohesion in the long.

GK CHucklehead:

The Republican Party has no one blame, especially not Trump, for the predicament they are in now. If they had delivered 10% of what they’ve promised since Reagan was elected, there would be no need for the rank and file to turn to Trump.

Every 2 years we hear about getting our fiscal house in order, that Republicans are the party of American and family values, that they are America-first — then fail to deliver on any of these fronts. We also hear a lot about protecting the courts. Granted, there are two SCOTUS justices who are true to their oaths, both appointed by Republicans. But they’ve also appointed 4 others not so wedded to the Constitution. Historically it’s the same way.

Instead, we get to see many of the Republicans becoming best friends with their aristocratic allies on the Left while sabotaging the conservative movement. Why were so many states left vulnerable to election fraud? Why did the Republicans stand by while election laws were ignored? Oh, and good job to Roberts, Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Gorsuch for refusing to even hear cases based on, I suppose, lack of jurisdiction, which never stops them from hearing cases they find more politically correct.

Trump is no conservative, but at least he thought he was serving the country. McConnell, et al. literally lost to a party that burned down their own cities for months because they stand for nothing but themselves and they want us to trust them now.



    • Exactly, my richest vein of contempt has shifted from the eternally repulsive Labour – they are what they are, they do not pretend to be what they’re not, they’re open about their politics (mainly) and they act accordingly.

      My loathing is now strongest for the liars of the National party. They are about as conservative as Darren Hughes at a gay Swiss ball convention. The party is still full of closet socialists who pretend to be centre-right just so they can get an easy existence and visit the same pandering ideology upon the unsuspecting and gullible voting public.

      There is no democracy in NZ. There is no choice (other than between Red-clad or Blue-cloaked socialist fascism). But the bastards who playing the in the closet version of the Uni-party are the ones who really corrupt the system integrity.

      We’re always slow in NZ to wake up and we always lag behind the real west in responding, but just as the Deplorables in the US are fully cognisant now that the RINO Republican establishment are the true enemy after they fell in line with their fellow socialists in the DNC to oust the real President – I think the Oct 2020 NZ election showed just how NZers feel about the NINO National party.

      I hope they are gone for their 25 year plus deceit – Bolger, Shipley, English, Key, English, Bridges and even Collins (sorry all I was wrong about her too). What a pathetic pagent of betrayal of NZers.

      My cynicism is at such a level that I fully expect Seymour and ACT to opt in to all the CINO positions previously held by the NINO National party.

      I know it’s better to know the truth but the shattering of my illusions about democracy has made me somewhat sad.



      • I agree with Nasska here.
        Excellent post.

        The difference between Labour and Notional is that Labour are actively Pro-Crime and pro criminals while Notional don’t give a fuck.
        However Notional is pro-imaginary friends, sky fairies, and ghostly gods while Labour don’t give a fuck as long as they can get rapey with subordinates and ‘the faithful’ without consequences.

        Aside from that, their song sheet is largely the same.

        Policies have been cast aside.
        It has become a personality cult.
        Key then Ardern.
        English with no personality was well off the pace.

        Notional really don’t get politics anymore esp when they have allowed the likes of Hooten and Boag to do so much crap ‘in the name of National’ in the last 10 years.
        Boag in 2016 Auckland council elections split the conservative vote and allowed the lefties to bolt in.
        Boag is Pure Poison.
        Hooton is a White Ant
        (White Ant. mainly Australian term. = Termite. They eat the house down from inside)

        Add in the useless President Goodfellow (really ??), Fruity Farrar and his socialism, and many nameless others and the Notional mob is dog tucker.
        I’ll shuck in $500 towards a cremation just to see this lot atomised for good (literally)

        [cue the downticker for my being a meanie to has-been Notional ]



      • Judith respected Maggy Thatcher but my hope Judith would be our ‘Iron Lady’ has left me sorely disappointed. She could have run the election campaign with more backbone but gave into the current emotional blackmail or “be kind” bullshit.



  1. My wife said even her lefty work colleagues are outraged over the internet censorship of Trump & his supporters in the US. I think you’re correct Ed., on the assumption that elections aren’t overturned due to wholesale vote fraud again, the Republicans will win the House, Senate, and then the Presidency.

    Having said that, now the demoncrats have exposed themselves for all to see they will do everything they can to make it impossible for Republicans to ever win again, e.g. illegal immigrants, Puerto Rico, Supreme Court stuffing, etc. They have nothing to lose.



    • It was a battle between good and evil. Trump was the last best chance to clean the swamp – he wasn’t up to it and while he did plenty of good (de-escalating North Korea, embassy to Jerusalem, USMC trade deal, exiting the Paris accord, ending critical race theory training, building some of the wall, best economy in US history, jobs for blacks and latinos etc etc) he wasn’t up to the most important tasks of all:
      – removing all the Obama 5th columnists from the top levels of law enforcement and espionage
      – returning electoral integrity to a one person one vote basis
      – breaking social media oligopolies and imprisoning the oligarchs

      And in the end, he lost because of those three failures. If he’d done nothing else but fix those – then he’d be looking at a second term.

      I mean it’s a lot to put on the shoulders of one old fat man, but the fact that it was all resting on him shows that the rest of us really deserve what is coming.



  2. Agree with you all.
    Really no point in voting .NZ Democracy is stuffed.

    By the way Trumps proposed impeachment brings to mind Peters and his court appearances.
    Is he going to repay the taxpayers?
    Or is he away scot free?
    Anyone know?



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