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Mexican Villagers Burn “Pedophile” Arrested for Raping, Killing Six-Year-Old

Chiapas residents pry child rapist from police before taking law into own hands

A Mexican man who was arrested for raping and murdering a small child was killed by an angry lynch mob who burned him alive after wresting him from police custody.

The man, 37-year-old Alfredo Roblero, was arrested last Friday after being accused of raping and decapitating a 6-year-old girl named “Jarid N.” who went missing in the Mexican city of Cacahoatan on January 9.

Faja de Oro (“Belt of Gold”) villagers in the Mexican state of Chiapas converged on a Tapachulas police vehicle carrying Roblero before dragging him out of the vehicle.

Footage shows (Graphic video, don’t watch if you are easily upset) Roblero tied to a red pole surrounded by angry residents, as one of the girl’s relatives can be heard pleading with villagers to allow police to take him away.

Another video shows him dragged from the pole onto a grass clearing where people take turns beating him, before he was allegedly doused with gasoline and set afire.

One account from AFP claims, “police tried to intervene but were overpowered by the mob,” while a report from MexicoNewsDaily.com claims, “The Tapachula police officers reportedly did nothing to stop the crowd from killing Roblero.”

Following the incident, the Chiapas Attorney General announced an investigation and said they would “not allow the public to carry out justice by its own hand.”

The AFP reports, “Lynchings are frequent in Mexico, where an estimated 98 per cent of violent crimes are never punished.”


    • Problem is who gets to decide if the police and courts in India haven’t done their job properly?
      Sharia, anyone? (Well maybe not – he’d be innocent and the little girl guilty.)

      This bloke in Mexico sounds like an animal, and maybe no one cares, but who got to decide his guilt?
      Who got to decide the sentence? Who got to participate in exacting revenge?

      Little wonder people are pouring out of that hell hole and trying to make a life in the US.



  1. Sooner or later we’ll see the same thing happening in NZ. Over a millennium ago Western civilisation abandoned tribal justice for that administered by the crown.

    When, as now, crown justice becomes riddled with bleeding hearts & professional do-gooders advocating pie in the sky rehabilitation at the expense of any form of punishment or deterrence the scene is well set for vigilantes to take over.



  2. So what can go wrong?
    A different country, but virtually the same lack of guts in the police, and particularly so in the judiciary system, social welfare system via academia.

    Tony Cook, an investigating officer in the failed Operation Augusta, was promoted to the head of operations at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre in Manchester four years ago, despite the institutional failure of the operation to protect children from a Pakistani grooming gang in the mid-2000s.

    In a report last week detailing the failures of Operation Augusta, it was revealed that officers were told to focus on arresting grooming gang offenders of “other ethnicities” so as to not appear racist.

    Detective Cook has denied that race played a role in the failure of the operation, saying in comments reported by The Times: “Any concerns about creating further community tensions did not influence any of his investigative decisions.”

    The report, which relied heavily on Cook’s notes from the time, paints a different picture, however, quoting the inspector as saying there were “sensitive community issues” around the case and that perpetrators were “predominantly adult Asian men”.

    A senior police detective who was involved in an operation that failed to go after a predominantly Pakistani child rape gang has been elevated to a top position dealing with sexual abuse against children. ….

    …. Maggie Oliver, a former detective turned whistleblower on the failed operation, recommended that senior officers in the case should be prosecuted.

    “I want the law changing so there can be retrospective accountability for people whose duty it is to protect the vulnerable. It’s knowing and deliberate neglection of duty… [those who were involved] should be charged with gross misconduct — it’s criminal — where is the accountability?” the former detective said.
    So the police aim was to keep the peace, at all costs, and keep on appeasing and never mind the collateral damage.
    That way they looked good in the reports they made to those councils and politicians.

    This being bought to mind from the report released a week ago.

    One of the reasons why Boris did well, taking Labour seats in the mid north of England.
    Will the British ever get this sorted?

    What track is NZ going down?



  3. I’m still not seeing a problem here.

    This is what the jury system was meant to be about – community justice.

    It is highly likely the local community knew about this bloke and perhaps he had done it before.
    He wont do it again.
    This will not restore the child’s life but a prison sentence does not.

    There are some people who are broken and should be removed from society. Permanently.

    In principle I am FOR capital punishment.
    the reality is in NZ we have a broken justice system and have had for some time – going back to at least the Crewe murders (1970, half a century) and cops planting evidence; lying on the stand; making up whoppers; using jailhouse snitches, seeding the media with lies etc to get a conviction- often to a) clear the case and b) clear out someone they dont like the look of.

    Here are some critters that could be terminated on the spot
    -Stephen Williams who killed 6 year old Coral-Ellen Burrows.
    -David Haerewa and Tania Shailer who violently and over time ended the life of Baby Moko.
    -Eddie George Smith did a mere 10 years among his peers for murdering Delcelia Witika
    the ‘mother’ Tania Witika should have been terminated on the spot.
    These child killing scum scum continue to offend once out of jail and S Williams actions in prison suggest the world will be a better place when he stops breathing .

    A list of NZ child murders in NZ in the 24 years to 2014.
    There is some good analysis.
    Where is the solution?
    The villagers made a good start.

    We compulsorily select young men from time to time to go off and kill Germans, Italians, Vietnamese, Japanese that they have no personal beef with but when broken critters go and murder defenseless children in our own land there is a lot of hand wringing and saying ‘ this cannot happen again.’
    It does.

    These people had one big problem in their midst.
    They fixed it.
    The fact as stated above ‘an estimated 98 per cent of violent crimes are never punished.’ meant this is merely in the 2 percent pile.

    100% solution to a 98% problem.
    Refried beans and Dos Equis all round.



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