Your community needs you to stand up and defend your rights to own and use firearms. Don’t let Ardern and Nash’s attack  silence you. 
Stand up for your gun rights. There is nothing to apologize for. 
Arm yourself with the facts so you can counter the lies spread on TV.
Help us reach out to the public informing them of Nash’s disastrous new gun laws.
For many people, speaking out will be difficult. You must remain calm and civil if you want to be heard.  
It is much harder to convince someone they’ve been fooled than it is to fool them in the first place. Remember to be gentle in pointing out other people’s errors.  
Minds are not changed by frontal assaults. 
Labour are banning guns and reducing prison time for violent criminals.
Don’t get caught in the new legal traps. What used to be legal may now put you in jail and cost you your guns. 
The Labour/Green/NZF  attack on law-abiding gun owners is merely political posturing.

Law abiding gun owners are the scapegoat for the crimes of a foreign terrorist.
Labour think the public is stupid enough to confuse target shooters with gangsters. 
But the public isn’t that dumb.
Gun control is not about public safety — it’s about people control.
Your firearm rights are on the line! 
We need to defeat Labour coalition in the 2020 elections.

Please contribute to help defeat Ardern and Nash
We cannot fight for the rights of law-abiding firearms owners without your support. 

If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will?



  1. Important to note that this article is adapted from an original Canadian article and the links, except the sportingshootersnz link at the end, lead to Canadian sites which are nevertheless broadly applicable to NZ as well. The Canadians are going through a similar assault on their firearms rights as we are here under their Marxist soy boy prime minister Trudeau who will, like our own harridan, be voted out of power very soon.



      • I wonder how the figures for NZ compare. Christchurch aside my guess is that they would show the confiscation of semi auto rifles currently under way will do virtually nothing at all to make us safer. The whole exercise is likely to prove a gigantic waste of taxpayers money and is very probably going to be counter productive given that NZ’s firearms laws were already among the best, most effective body of firearms legislation of any country in the world. Time will tell.
        Don’t forget that Justice Thorp in his report said that though NZ has a high rate of civilian firearms ownership (20th in the world) our firearms crime rate is among the lowest, he described it as “statistically insignificant” and “vanishingly small.” Very little has changed in spite of the rantings of zealots like that Cahill bloke of the Police Association.



  2. A good post. The links are worth a click in my observation.

    I am taking the approach of making submissions. Sad you have to submit to your elected representatives in your government but it is essential to put weight against the oppressive enactment passed already without usual democratic process. Now the second amendment to the Arms Act this year is also very shortened in terms of process time but also oppressive and potentially expensive for Licenced Firearm Owners.

    It is unreasonable and unrepresentative action by a government blindly following an agenda that was not set by voters in this country. It should be resisted in terms of the law. That the government is abusing process and the law is not justification for Licenced Firearm Owners to do so as well.

    Focus on the reality that you are required to secure your firearms and that you do that. Note also the reality you were carefully vetted in the granting of your firearms licence and right to own firearms.

    The Police Union approach of urging the law to take your firearms before a thief does
    Is not a sound strategy for our Police force to follow. Working with Licenced Firearm Owners is surely a better track than the one of oppression and cost they are seemingly working towards.



  3. Dan Bongino made an interesting counter argument the other day…the anti gun lobby hold up Australia as their shining example that firearm confiscation works, seeing as how firearm crime there decreased as a result of it.

    Bongino states that for the same period, firearm crime decreased in most western countries including the States. (ie worldwide trend) He said that since Port Arthur, Australia now has far more firearms than before, therefore lefty logic would suggest more firearms means less firearm related crime.



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