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Doctor and Trauma Surgeon Who Mocked ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ In Viral Posts Dies Suddenly

A doctor and trauma surgeon who mocked the unvaccinated on social media, attempting to frame anyone who rejected the vaccine as a conspiracy theorist, had died suddenly.

Dr. Vicky Jennings died after suffering a heart attack, her family revealed.

Dr. Jennings was a member of the Association of Surgeons of South Africa (ASSA) and the Trauma Society of South Africa (TSSA), and was recognized internationally by the International Association of Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care (IATSIC). Recently, she was made a Fellow of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST).

She was also known online for her pro-vaccine advocacy, in particular her mockery of the unvaccinated.

A doctor and trauma surgeon who mocked “anti vaxxers” has died suddenly pic.twitter.com/YrQadGNHtw

The list of fully vaccinated influencers who mocked the unvaccinated during the pandemic before dying suddenly continues to grow exponentially.

Do you remember the YouTube and TikTok influencers who shilled the experimental Covid-19 vaccines to their followers during the pandemic? Most of them received payments from the government and pharmaceutical companies to sway their followers into supporting the vaccine roll-out.

YouTube and other social media influencers were instrumental in spreading the mass formation psychosis that, as stated by Dr. John Malone, resulted in a significant portion of the population being essentially hypnotized into following the draconian Covid measures.

Hundreds of these young and healthy YouTube influencers are now being diagnosed with cancer – and many of them have admitted they are suffering from rare and aggressive turbo cancers. Watch:

New Zealand Young Global Leader Who Pushed Vaccine Passports Dies Suddenly

New Zealand Young Global Leader Efeso Collins, who aggressively pushed mRNA shots and vaccine passports on the public, died suddenly last month according to reports.

He collapsed while participating in a charity event, a ChildFund “water run”.

Is Efeso Collins the highest-level politician to “Die Suddenly & Unexpectedly”?

There are virtually no politician “sudden & unexpected deaths” at the national level in the Five Eyes countries, barely any injuries even.


July 18, 2022 – Justin Trudeau govt member of Parliament and physician Dr.Doug Eyolfson was doing marathon training on the sea wall in Vancouver’s Stanley Park when he collapsed with a sudden cardiac arrest. He would be dead if it wasn’t for an off-duty firefighter who was running near him and saved his life.

This is probably the highest level politician to have a suspected COVID-19 Vaccine Injury and near sudden death, although he was out of office as of Sep.2019, so he would not have had access to saline injections offered to Trudeau’s Liberal gang.

Feb.12, 2024 – 54 year old Patty Sahota, Member of British Columbia Legislative Assembly, collapsed & died suddenly on Feb.12, 2024 while visiting her parents.

This is the highest profile sudden death at a Canadian provincial level.

Dec.5, 2023 – Montreal, Canada Mayor Valérie Plante, who pushed vaccines and took at least 3 jabs, spaced out during a press conference and collapsed to the floor


Feb.2023 – US Congresswoman Nancy Mace disclosed her COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries (asthma, tremors, heart pain that doctors can’t explain)


Mar.10, 2022 – Melbourne, Australia – Victorian Labor senator Kimberley Kitching dies suddenly in Melbourne aged 52. She felt unwell in her car driving between two meetings, pulled over and had a cardiac arrest & died.

Aug.2021 – Victor Dominello, Minister for Customer Service, was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy


Dec.2022 – UK MP Andrew Bridgen had Vaccine injury after 2 AstraZeneca Vaccines, that he describes as an “immune reaction”

There is no question that politicians are significantly under-represented in the “died suddenly” cohort, since the rollout of COVID-19 Vaccines

That’s what makes New Zealand MP Efeso Collins death particularly shocking, because he appears to have had a cardiac arrest with physical exertion, while participating in a “water race” at a charity event – this would be typical of a COVID-19 Vaccine Induced sudden cardiac death. But did he get the real thing or saline?

French politician and National Assembly Member Jean Lassalle has publicly stated that the COVID-19 Vaccine “almost killed him” and that French President Macron and at least 30% of his Fellow MPs are unvaccinated.

There is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of politicians did not take any COVID-19 Vaccines and have lied to their constituents about it.

The lack of COVID-19 Vaccine injuries & sudden deaths compared to the rest of the population, speaks for itself.

NEW ARTICLE: Did politicians get saline injections? New Zealand MP Efeso Collins who pushed COVID-19 Vaccines & Vaccine Pass dies suddenly at age 49 – how many politician deaths in Five Eyes countries?

It’s one of the most common questions. Are any politicians “dying suddenly”?… pic.twitter.com/yGUsLnNa2Q

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  1. ……”But did he (Efeso Collins) get the real thing or saline?”…….

    Collins wasn’t an MP in 2021 when the vaccines were being pushed. At various times he was paid as a university social worker, a youth worker, a broadcaster, in the education sector, a local body councillor & in the public service but he never did a days real work in his entire existence.

    He was standing on a pedestal grandstanding while pushing his simple fellow PIs into getting the genocide jab. He couldn’t have avoided the real poison.



  2. Thank you Dr Mike Yeadon, a very early voice of sanity in February 2020 who warned there was something very wrong. He is why I refused to comply when my medical professionals pushed for me to take the “safe and effective”. First do no harm…Pfffft!



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