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Kennedy For Trumps VP ??




‘Massive Landslide’: Trump Reaches Out To Robert F. Kennedy Jr About Serving as VP

Trump’s senior campaign staff have reached out to Robert F. Kennedy about serving as his vice president, according to reports, in a move that would result in a “massive landslide” for the Trump/Kennedy ticket and the historical loss that Biden deserves.

“Trump operatives expressed an interest in Kennedy early on, but it was all premature,” said one person familiar with the matter, adding that it was “right out of the box when Bobby announced” in April 2023 he was running for president.

“Anything’s possible. I wouldn’t write it off by any means,” the Trump staffer continued.

Recent polling by Real Clear Politics confirms that a Trump/Kennedy ticket would win over 60% of the vote nationwide. Biden would be a distant second and would suffer a humiliating re-election loss.

NewYorkPost reports: Kennedy, 70, who initially was running as a Democrat but is now an independent, wasn’t interested and has continued to shoot down speculation that he would ever take a job as Trump’s veep.

“I’ve heard the concept. It’s not surprising,” Timothy Mellon, who has donated at least $5 million to Kennedy’s SuperPAC, told The Post.

A second large donor to both Trump and Kennedy said the movement to draft Kennedy — the son of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated while campaigning for president in 1968 in Los Angeles — is still alive in Trump circles.

“It’s very much behind the scenes at this stage. As we progress you might see it bubble up a little bit more,” the donor said. “Bobby can bring new people to the polls.”

RFK is a notable anti-vaxxer, which would make him strange bedfellows with Trump, who famously funded the development of the coronavirus vaccine during the pandemic.

Yet Steve Bannon, a former chief White House strategist for Trump, who remains close to the former president, has also pushed the idea and said in August that a Trump-Kennedy ticket would produce a “massive landslide.”


  1. A lot of Kannedys rhetoric has been similar to Trumps and lets face it trump is not so much right as Conservative with a bit of Libertarian leaning towards personal responsibility and when it comes to world wars. Just stop it.



  2. Yeah nahhh.
    To make it a supposed guaranteed win would also come with a high price later.
    The price of winning could be too much, as how far does Climate Change hold on Kennedy, & would be make it difficult to repeal some of the Biden’s green deal for Climate Change.
    Needs a lot more sounding out of the green & climate change & how that fits in with the USA economy.

    Play to Kennedy’s real strength.
    Give Kennedy a job in cabinet on health, particularly where it relates to medical journals like the Lancet & British Medical Journal to reset those “peer reviews” & bring real independence to those sold out FDA, CDC etc..

    Then also with sorting out the WHO & where Biden has already agreed to sign up the USA to the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty.
    Kennedy would have fun setting up & running some inquiries on Covid, with studies into the ongoing damage of vaxx & long covid.
    Why the testing set up by Drosten to use amplified PCR tests?
    The payment to hospitals clinics, for declaring

    The use of Remdesivir, & why repurposed HCQ & Ivermectin banned. The protocols set up by Dr’s Zelenko McCullough etc..
    Would that lead to something where some balance in the risk benefit, to show some accountability to the liability to be re-balanced. The definition of vaccine? Safety & Efficacy definitions?

    Maybe a return to a form of Nuremberg medical trials on just what those terms actually mean, in being a human guinea pig, like phase 1, 2, 3, and “Emergency Use Approval”.
    Why was the updated “Helsinki Declaration” not seeming to be of use.

    At the moment, what is the question if RFK is the answer?
    So more questions to be asked, as sometimes to be wary of the “Peter Principle” where one is promoted, beyond their ability and skills base on some other glittering principle.



  3. No.
    Kennedy would be a wonderful addition to the main players in a Trump government, but his speaking voice is too difficult to listen to for him to be a ‘front and centre’ spokesman. He, like Ramaswarmy, is too much like a Trump twin, and the VP should be someone who has Trumps back while able to hold their own opinions and voice them intelligently. (Are you listening Kamala?)
    I’m thinking Elise Stefanik although ideally, and out of left field, Nick Freitas would be perfect (and he looks good too).



  4. Reports citing anonymous sources purportedly close to Donald Trump alleging “preliminary overtures” were made to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about serving as the former president’s running mate in 2024 are fake news, the Trump campaign declared Sunday.

    Fox News ran with the story, citing the New York Post as its primary source for the claim Kennedy, 70, was tapped about the possibility of becoming Trump’s running mate in the 2024 presidential election.
    “Trump operatives expressed an interest in Kennedy early on, but it was all premature,” one person familiar with the matter told the outlet, adding it was “right out of the box when Bobby announced” in April 2023 that he was making a run for the White House.
    Political strategist Chris LaCivita took to social media to quickly dismiss the claim, saying “This is 100% FAKE NEWS – NO ONE from the Trump Campaign ever approached RFK jr (or ever will) – one of the most LIBERAL and radical environmentalists in the country. For all the fake news – update your stories.”
    Kennedy was initially running as a Democrat, but has since switched to stand on his own as an independent candidate. Per the original report, Kennedy “wasn’t interested” in joining Trump’s Republican campaign.




  5. The Regime Machine will not like two rabble rousers, it will destroy them if it can. One it can manage, but two? It’s a battle between grifters whom fund these campaigns.

    Zion Don and his realestate Debt makes Trump, ultimately, controllable. He’s like Churchill, owned by debt. RFK Junior’s playboy years on cocaine and loose women, will have a veritable semi-trailer of blackmail haunting him. RFK Jr had his father & uncle ruthlessly eliminated by an evil iteration of the Regime Machine. There are an army of mobster Jack Rubenstein’s ready to shut the RFK door. He’s already had a dalliance with the ADL and was made to do the Holocaust Apology Tour. As was Elon this month made to grovel in Dachau before the power that doesn’t exist, and if you do notice it you will be cancelled & de-banked.

    That said, I love the idea of a double up. RFK’s new book is great: https://www.amazon.com/Wuhan-Cover-Up-Officials-Conspired-Childrens-ebook/dp/B09TQ451L3



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