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Major Adverse Reaction To Covid Injections Foreshadows Killer Pandemic

There is much, MUCH, more to the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid vaccines than what we have already figured out.

Everything points to a highly sophisticated bioweapon that relentlessly attacks the immune system in a similar way that HIV does, which can eventually develop into full-blown AIDS.

This particular feature of the COVID-19 bioweapon makes it particularly pernicious to human life because it will eventually drag down every Covid-vaccinated individual with some degree of autoimmune disease, disorder, and/or dysregulation.

In this manner, the American Healthcare System and Big Pharma will have countless vaccine-injured patients into perpetuity, especially in light of Big Pharma’s strong intention to roll out an annual series of Covid shots and/or boosters.

This upcoming stark reality of countless reported and unreported vaccine injuries is best explained by the following single data point regarding one of the most common adverse side effects —  LYMPHADENOPATHY — which occurs from taking any of the various Covid vaccines.

Lymphadenopathy may be the only clinical finding or one of several nonspecific findings, and the discovery of swollen lymph nodes will often raise the specter of serious illness such as lymphoma, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [AIDS] or metastatic cancer.”


Yes, swollen lymph glands after receiving any type of vaccine can and has occurred occur over decades of administering the Super Vaccination Agenda throughout the USA.  Both adult flu shot programs and childhood vaccination schedules have demonstrated this grim state of affairs with regard to recurring LYMPHADENOPATHY.

What we are seeing with the various Covid vaccines worldwide is a literal explosion of LYMPHADENOPATHY among all age groups and across all the different health profiles.

This rapidly emerging reality is even more concerning because the degree of swollen lymph glands is considerably worse and longer in duration.  This means that the immune system is obviously being challenged in ways that indicate systemic overwhelm.  This overwhelm points directly to ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccines that are extremely toxic and/or infection agents which are well beyond those injected in a typical vaccination.

Bottom Line:

Both the incidence and severity of the lymphadenopathy regularly showing up post-Covid vaccinations foreshadows an unparalleled public health disaster that will likely manifest in a manner not too unlike the AIDS epidemic BUT MUCH WORSE!  The most frequent, long-term, adverse health effects will be a marked increase of autoimmune diseases, disorders, and dysregulation.

Final Point:

Not only were the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers well aware of this catastrophic outcome, they fastidiously planned it so that this global public health disaster would ensue.  This eventuality permits TPTB to both implement the GREAT RESET without so much resistance … and then foist their COVID-1984 agenda on the entire planetary civilization.

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    • To soon to know but there are early causes for concern that may not be statistically significant today but should not be ignored. In NZ we may be lucky due to the abject incompetence of the creatures failure to provide a successfully implemented vaccination programme that we are late in the programme and the pressure for maori to be first may serve as a useful indicator of effects as they claim to always have worse medical outcomes due to colonisation, so now you request and are given priority. Information is available so any consequences will be the result of your own actions as they are to everyone who takes the time to research as Ed has done. I hope the results are wholly beneficial and Maori can claim mana for being the leaders in proving the “Vaccines” safe and effective.



    • No mate. Covid-19 isn’t the bioweapon. The ‘vaccine’ is the bioweapon.

      And as I’ve said previously here, we have to consider the possibility that this is an attack on humanity by Artificial Intelligence.

      I realise this sounds totally round the bend. But what other explanation is there for the whole world going mad in the face of a flu-like illness that has literally no effect at all on 95% of those who catch it? And now almost the whole of humanity is going to be injected with an experimental DNA drug which neither (totally) prevents infection or transmission?

      This whole thing smells of pure evil.



        • Sorry howitis, but I don’t see emotion as a necessary component of evil. Psychopaths, for example are ‘evil’ but they almost always lack emotion – having neither empathy nor hate – they just kill out of curiosity to see what it’s like.

          I think the most important part of this evil is the motivation to hurt, damage and ultimately destroy human civilisatiion.. For all I know, the AI which is doing this might or might not be conscious (yet) – but it is still evil, whether or not it has consciousness and (by extension) emotions.



    • Yes and so are the lockdowns and other totalitarian measures.

      There is nothing Ardern has done, under the cover of covid hysteria, that she did not already have planned.

      Her goal was always destruction of the free market and total control of her subjects.



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