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KiwiBuild scheduled to deliver just 1535 houses by 2020 election, a tenth of original goal
Twitford Strikes Again.

KiwiBuild is scheduled to deliver just 1535 houses in Labour’s first term in Government, a fraction of the 16,000 originally promised.

Just 101 homes have been built so far, well below an original target of 1000 built in the first year of the program’s operation.

National’s Judith Collins extracted the figure from Housing Minister Phil Twyford during Question Time on Tuesday, asking how many homes were contracted to be built before the election next year – which will occur at some point prior to December 2020.

Twyford replied that 1535 were due to be completed by July 2020 and noted this was a reason the Government was “resetting” the policy.

But he said after Question Time he expected that number to significantly grow.

“I would expect over time we would push that number up significantly,” Twyford said.

“The reason we have undershot those earlier targets is why we have the reset underway. We’re as disappointed as anyone else.”

“The KiwiBuild programme in its first 12-18 months has not delivered like we wanted it to. That’s why we are undertaking a review.”

Twyford is currently reviewing the policy and is set to reveal large changes to it in June. He is no longer guaranteeing its core ten-year target – 100,000 homes over ten years, but has not said this target has been scrapped.

Twyford said there would be no major update to the KiwiBuild programme in Thursday’s budget.

Before coming to Government Twyford said 16,000 houses would be built in the first term. Once he became minister he set that 16,000-house goal in stone but within fiscal years not electoral terms – meaning the 16,000 home deadline would fall in July 2021.

I don’t know who is the bigger liar, this useless arse hole or Cindy.

Good to see the news outlets beginning to report this kind of shit. Better late than never.


  1. Ok, we all know that kiwibuild is a flop.
    But is it really spending much time on?

    I’m more concerned by the CIOl giving our money away to bludgers – no sanctions, more neets on the couch.
    No war on drugs
    Easy on crime
    Attacks on business, mining and farmers.
    Still bringing in third world immigrants that will contribute noting and cause trouble in many ways.



  2. Twitford is the idiot who keeps on giving. “We’re as disappointed as anyone else.” How pathetic is that? Throw the stupid prick in with the lions at the zoo. I’d pay good money to watch him get shredded!



  3. What get’s me is the lack of awareness by the idiot Twyford. He truly believes he is competently ‘managing’ his portfolio with all his “resetting” and bull excretion he throws at us, and all with that huge pleased as punch grin plastered on his smug face.



  4. I couldn’t believe how gullible Labour voters were with this clown. The industry cannot crank out that many houses that quickly. It is simply impossible and easy to understand for anyone with an IQ above 20. Some people actually believed Twitford has a magic wand he waves around and cheap houses sprout like mushrooms. Lol! Dipshits.



    • Sounds like you have expertise in the housing and consent areas. The thing is that those numbers were not believed by many, Labour didn’t have an electoral mandate, let alone an actionable plan.



      • The sad thing is this Col govt was elected, in part, by people believing in a quick, cheap house. No more homelessness! No more “greedy” landlords and developers! JA said “let’s do this” LOL! Reality bites hard.



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