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KiwiBuild: Yet another failure revealed




Newshub can reveal yet another factor in the failure of KiwiBuild: Housing New Zealand (HNZ) has not delivered on its targets.

The KiwiBuild policy is undergoing a massive shakeup after it failed to meet its initial targets. Just 151 houses of this year’s expected 1000 have been built so far.

Documents obtained by Newshub show another part of the policy that’s faltered. HNZ was supposed to build 200 homes by July – but they’ve only completed 30.

A KiwiBuild spokesperson told Newshub HNZ has more under construction. 

“In addition to the 30 KiwiBuild homes built by HNZ at McLennan, which are all sold, another 58 homes at McLennan are nearing completion and these will be going on the market soon.

We have also announced the 68 being built by HNZ at Marfell, where construction is underway, and HNZ have construction underway at another development that will be announced soon.”

Housing Minister Phil Twyford defended HNZ on Tuesday.

“They’ve been responsible for ramping up a massive public housing build programme – that’s been the most important priority for them,” he told Newshub.

“They’ve also contributed some KiwiBuild homes in a number of the developments – Housing New Zealand has been the developer. I wouldn’t say they’ve let us down.”

HNZ’s focus has been on building an extra 1000 state houses a year, but that deadline’s up on July 1 – and so far, they’ve only completed 578.

A spokesperson for the Housing Minister said a further 551 will be completed “in the next few weeks”.

The Government has stalled on the KiwiBuild reset that was announced back in January. Prime Minister Jacinda gave a clue on Tuesday that the reset could be aimed at helping people scrape together deposits. When Newshub asked the Prime Minister if Kiwibuild homes were really affordable, she said: “I absolutely accept that for a large number of people wanting to get into the housing market, it is still an amount that’s out of reach, particularly because of the deposit.”

There are already subsidies and grants available for first home buyers, so extending them could be on the cards.

Neither the Prime Minister nor her Housing Minister would even commit to the KiwiBuild brand in Parliament on Tuesday.

Simon Bridges, leader of the National Party, asked the Prime Minister in Parliament if the name “KiwiBuild” will survive the reset.

Ardern replied: “I see that as the least of the issues – what something is called. The most material thing is whether or not we are going to keep building houses and the answer is yes.”

And last year these pricks were all smug and thinking they knew better than Treasury.

Billions borrowed for new state homes against Treasury advice

The Government allowed Housing New Zealand to borrow billions of dollars to build new state houses despite advice from Treasury that such debt would be expensive and risky.

In May, the Government announced it would be building 6400 new state homes over four years.

The funding for this came principally from $2.9b Housing New Zealand was allowed to borrow independently, instead of through regular Government borrowing. Just $234m of new money was allocated to the crown agency.


Show us the houses you useless pricks


    • You missed the fact that they’re expensive and slow arseholes.

      Fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with them too often. I remember having to get most of everything in triplicate. Once the paperwork was assembled, they dumped both extra copies into the bin. They then charged me like a wounded bull. Took ages to rubber stamp it and then charged me more to collect their stamp of approval.

      The building inspector turned up once, briefly looked around with his eyes and said yes (I had to take the day off work while waiting for when he might turn up for which I doubt he spent even five minutes doing, and that includes the time to take to park his car, leave it, enter my premises, leave it and take off). I discovered later on the builder I’d hired had down some lousy work, which I had to fix.



      • I did inspections for several years. There are some inspectors who just don’t understand that time = money in the private world. Each day I would call my customers and alter my schedule to suit them as much as I could. I even did overtime on Saturdays for people who couldn’t arrange to be at their property during business hours. Like all things in Govt, it depends on the individual you’re dealing with.

        Now planners….if there’s anyone in Regulatory that the public truly get pissed off about, it’s resource consents. 20-something year old Uni students with bone carvings hanging off their necks making decisions that affect multi-million dollar developments. Yes, that is the world we live in NZ!



    • Having worked in and for Local Govt for 13 years now, I can say from experience there are some really good people doing their absolute best for the public and community, including some managers (believe it or not!) but there are a lot of useless positions and meetings etc that go on. Remember that the RMA, Building Act, which are enforceable by local Council staff under the Local Govt Act, all of which comes out of the butt of the Beehive. If people want REAL change, bitching to the Mayor will achieve f*ck all. Trust me! MP’s are the only ones who can alter those Acts.



    • Typically it would 80%. That’s normal, and I’d be surprised it if was significantly different. Just remember, every new tax, excise or whatever spin the government dreams up, 80% of it goes to administration.



  1. Ardern now says they are still building houses!
    Why did they borrow money to build all those State Houses?
    Are they being given to all our new third world immigrants so that we can pay for their benefit, so that they can pay half the rent,so that we can pay back our own money?



  2. Housing NZ is spending BIG bucks on doing up a 3-storey apartment block about 25 km from my place. It was built in the 1970’s and meets 100% of current earthquake standards. I looked at the concept plans when Housing NZ had a meeting with me over applying for a building consent, and those old units will be primo when they are renovated. I was thinking these people are going to be living in a hotel-quality environment all for free. The place is to be a half-way house for junkies and ex-prisoners. A neighbour there told me the boozing, noise, and constant smell of weed drove him nuts. No accountability sigh.

    I lost count of the amount of Housing NZ building consents I’ve granted over the years for major repairs to damages inflicted by the tenants. Holes in structural walls. Fire damaged trusses in the kitchen. (always the f*cking kitchen!!) Photos of trashed interiors you just wouldn’t believe.



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