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The Government’s former flagship housing policy is so far behind schedule it will take more than 400 years to reach its initial target of 100,000 homes. It had hoped to reach the target in 10 years.

Initially, the Government had been hoping the rate of building would increase over time as KiwiBuild ramped up, with 1,000 homes built in the first year, 5,000 in the second, and 10,000 in the third, but the rate of building is slowing.

Each month in 2020 seeing tiny increases in the number of KiwiBuild homes built.

The number of KiwiBuild homes built to date stood at 393 at the end of March, equating to roughly 19 homes built each month since the scheme began in June 2018.

Last year, the Government admitted the project had failed to deliver. Phil Twyford was sacked as housing Minister and replaced with Megan Woods.

She “reset” the policy. The 100,000 home target, which Labour had stuck to until then was ditched. Instead, Woods said a “significant” number of KiwiBuild homes would be built.

The Government also pivoted towards social housing, where it has had considerably more success. It had built 2,726 state houses and 470 community houses between June 2018 and March 2020.

Woods also doubled the Government’s house-building efforts in the 2020 budget, pledging to build 8000 new state homes.

National’s incoming housing spokesperson Nicola Willis said KiwiBuild was “a broken promise on a colossal scale — it’s the biggest public policy failure in a generation”.

“KiwiBuild has become a byword for incompetence. It’s emblematic of a failure to deliver,” she said.

Willis said Labour raised voters’ hopes with an undeliverable policy.

“Labour knowingly raised people’s hopes, those hopes are now dashed. The question is did they ever have a plan to deliver?

At that rate it would take 436 years to complete the remaining 99,607 houses that remain from the 100,000 target.


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  1. Yeah, nah. I’d wager the vast majority of what has been built was consented and planned long before these useless muppets came along.

    And people think they can lead the Coronavirus economic recovery when they can’t even build a fucking house or plant a tree.



  2. None of the government talk of housing attracts my vote. Handing out cash for insulation does not attract my vote.

    We have covered our own housing costs over 50 years of marriage. We have paid for insulation on our houses and on a family house made available to rent but inflicted with government regulations on insulating rental houses. The house has been used by my family for over 100 years without insulation quite satisfactorily.

    The constant wittering about housing and laying the cost of housing others just does not make the grade in terms of Housing Policy when there are so many obstructions and costs in the way of a person getting of their couch and into meeting their responsibility to house their family.

    The party that stands up for personal responsibility by individuals for housing themselves, and reduces the legislative and regulatory clutter standing in the way of progress accordingly will appeal to me. This includes sorting out the Local Government burden of rates and costs as well.

    Encouraging New Zealanders to be far more self sufficient with their housing must be a better alternative to the present dumbing down and holding down under the various and costly regulatory thumbs.



  3. Twyfords on a roll and showing his versaility these days and adding to his failure record:
    Kiwibuild – Twyford fail.
    Auckland Light Rail – Twyford fail.
    Americas Cup – Twyford working hard on fail.



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