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London’s Muslim Mayor Blocks Statue of Queen Elizabeth Due to ‘Lack of Diversity’

London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has blocked the placing of a statue of the late Queen Elizabeth in Trafalgar Square due to the fact that it’s not diverse or inclusive enough.

Instead, Khan has announced plans to install an art work in the same spot comprising of “transgender faces”.

Modernity.news reports: The ‘woke art’ consists of 850 faces of trans people who were mostly prostitutes. It will occupy the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square for 6 months, then be replaced by something equally vulgar since the plinth has now been reserved for ‘modern art’ exhibitions.

That means a statue of the late Queen won’t appear until at least the end of the decade, despite Tory mayoral rival Susan Hall working with the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Committee and the Royal Family to try to get a statue of the Queen installed instead of whatever vile modern art piece Khan wants.


“It is understood that if Tory mayoral rival Susan Hall defeats Mr Khan on May 2, she will reverse his decision and find an alternative site for the items – while organising for a new statue of the late Queen to be commissioned and erected on the empty plinth,” reports the Express.

The transgender faces installation, which will feature “marginalised sex workers,” got the go ahead despite just 23 per cent of Londoners approving it and 43 per cent saying they disliked it in a YouGov poll.

Khan claimed the piece served to “encourage discussion about the fight for freedom and equality.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has blocked a statue of the late Queen going up in Trafalgar Square so that ‘art’ will appear instead. The first six month exhibit will be casts of the faces of 850 cross-dressing prostituteshttps://t.co/GYICmi0pos

The ‘art work’ cost a total of £170,000 – all of it covered by the taxpayer.

Londoners are literally paying to have yet another ugly incarnation of “the message” shoved in their faces while being denied an infinitely more pleasing and aesthetically worthy statue of a key recent historical British figure.

But there’s a slither of good news.

The transgender art work will be “infused with their hair and skin cells” and left to “deteriorate” in London’s weather, meaning it probably won’t be long before it turns into some kind of paper mache-looking mess.

£170,000 well spent!

Earlier this week, Khan announced that London Overground train lines would be given new ‘woke’ names to further degrade and insult the British people.


  1. Posted yesterday but fits in with DEI + A flows around the Western world.
    Such joy, harmony, culture to be shared as inclusion. Extremely cultish.
    … If this North Kingstown teacher spoke German or Russian, she’d have fit in perfectly with the Nazi kinder program.
    Children from Fishing Cove Elementary School “perform” a self-negating, collectivist-chant for the NKSD school committee.
    Teaching little children collectivist-chants is not education, it’s DEI activism. ….

    1 min 49 secs :

    So the Little well trained Londoners also will embrace the Inclusion DEI + Accessibility.



  2. The Muslim national guard have taken over London now. They will vote him in again and they seem to be happy with all his crappy changes. It is such a shame but is what it is and the western world greenies and liarbor people with all their handwringing has voted for this DEI shit. I feel too old for this change which is happening all around the western world.



  3. Diversity is a theory, that in practice can be seen to fail all around us, in increasingly clamorous thunderstorms.

    The London Elite are inbred insanity’s. The fall began in earnest upon the fake reformation, and is almost complete. One cannot replace God with money. London waits for its champion. To start the mass deportations. His time will come.



  4. Khan is not taking note of the amount of his ULEZ cameras being cut down and trashed or those who camped out on the grass in front of his house, he should enusre his fire and life insurance premiums are up to date. I am heartened by the scale of Farmer protest in Europe and the rise of parties like the Dutch Farmers Party and AFD in Germany, I see truckers in USA are threatening to boycott deliveries to NY in protest of the absolute Judicial corruption fired at Donald Trump and whilst it would be morally wrong for Trump as next president to retaliate in similar fashion it is understandable. If SCOTUS fail to slap down state attemmpts to remove Trump from the ballot I expeect civil war and RED states are in the majority.



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