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Michael Baker ‘quite shocked’ at photo of Jacinda Ardern maskless in crowd

Newshub reports;

Not a week after the Government made a public plea for Kiwis to wear masks more to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Prime Minister has posted a crowded, maskless photo on social media.

Jacinda Ardern posed for the photo with the 120 youth MPs, Governor-General Dame Cindy Kiro and a number of sitting MPs on a staircase in the Beehive.

Just one person can be seen wearing a mask.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said Ardern had been wearing a mask the rest of the day, but took it off briefly for the photo at the request of the photographer.

Other photos in the post show the Prime Minister and others wearing masks.

Epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker said he was “quite shocked” and that it was a “missed opportunity to promote mask-use”.

Baker said New Zealand needs its leaders to help normalise mask-use.

An hour after the Prime Minister posted the photo to her Instagram and Facebook accounts, Speaker Trevor Mallard emailed everyone in the Parliamentary precinct a reminder about wearing masks.

“For the safety of all on the precinct, I remind you of this rule. It applies to everyone. I have asked the CE of Parliamentary Services to advise me if anyone is not cooperative.”

Mallard told Newshub his email reminder was not connected to Ardern’s social media post.

Last week, COVID-19 Response Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield begged the public to wear masks more.

They asked Kiwis to wear masks not for themselves, but for others.

“Mask-wearing should be like wearing a seatbelt,” said Dr Bloomfield.

“What we mean when we recommend mask-use is that you should do it,” said Dr Verrall.

The Prime Minister got in hot water on the 2020 election campaign for taking a maskless selfie with fans.

Ardern said at the time that the selfie was a “mistake” and that “it was the wrong thing”.

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  1. H – Y – P – O – C – R – I – T – E – S !!
    Rules for thee but not for me.

    Mask wearing is over. What’s good enough for the goose is good enough for everyone.

    A week after wagging the finger at the public to “remember to wear your mask” and then 200 odd Labourites gather inside together and splash the photo throughout the msm.

    There is definitely something wrong with their scruples.



  2. How long do we think Baker actually wore the mask in the picture? Obviously homemade, elastic so tight his ears are pulled forward, and barely deep enough to capture his chin in all its glory.
    There should be a mandate for those who insist on mask wearing to use plastic masks – preferably over their entire heads. That would see a necessary reduction in idiocy quite rapidly.



    • How long do we think Baker actually wore the mask in the picture?


      I’m sure that Baker, like Ardern, only wears the mask for photos.

      After all, Ardern was the one who never wore a mask at the beginning, was swanning around the campaign trail in 2020, taking selfies with people and having hugs during Level 2, when National stayed at home when campaigning was put on hold.

      And Baker has said on record that the traffic light system is not about stopping infections but about enforcing vaccinations. And given his and Team Red’s mask-less escapades, it is clear they don’t do what they want others to do. By mask-less escapades I include Bloomers at the Jabathon mask-less, singling and dancing and hugging.

      None of them believe it, because they know it makes no difference. And the enforcement for mask wearing is done by places of business, govt departments, and health establishments. The govt may have mandated it, by creepy-crawly dictates inferring legality, but that is not the same as passing it into law.

      Their is no scientific basis for mask wearing. Mask wearing / lockdowns / jabbing has made not a nought of difference. If fact those that have complied are getting sicker than those that abstained.



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