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Lawnmower seller to get parole?




Jan Antolik parole hearing up for consideration soon.

After refusing him parole last year, the Parole Board asked for the following;

“For the next hearing we also ask for information from Immigration New Zealand in relation to Mr Antolik’s immigration status.  Of course if deportation is on the cards a different release proposal would be required.”

“We are also aware from the papers on the Board file that there is a current application for extradition to the Czech Republic for outstanding criminal proceedings against him in that country, which may or may not be associated with the circumstances related by him to us, in respect to which he left the country.  That application is apparently currently deferred pending the outcome of deportation proceedings currently under consideration by the authorities in this country.

My feeling is he will get parole at next hearing in September. If ILG and Cindy make no decision regarding his deportation and leave it pending, Antolik walks back into community.

Below point confirms it.

“Looking at matters overall the Board is not satisfied that the risk is other than undue.  We think that Mr Antolik’s relatively recent resolves towards prosocial living need to be tested by an appropriate programme of reintegration.  We commend the prison authorities to help him work towards a Release to Work arrangement.

Links to parole hearings



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  1. There is so much to plan when having a wedding. In their case it has to be not goverment subsidised any way shape or form. Just think of arranging the quest list, who gets invited and who does not. Who gets to sit along sit along side aunties from the provinces. Do you have lawnmower racing around the back or on every table?
    Just as well the dress was bought in Paris while you were there.



  2. It utterly astounds me that National seemed to drop this matter when they had the Prime Minister reeling and on the ropes! (Remember her stuttering and stammering when asked questions which caught her out about it? Then flashing an angry glare to Mallard to come in for the save?)
    In my opinion this is the most blatant example of Political corruption in NZ in my lifetime…But National have just let it go?



    • I agree to a point Cap but im sure the Nats have probably done all they can at this point, there is obviously a lot of shady shit going on here but if there was a slam dunk they would have played that card by now surely, how the rest of this plays out will be intriguing, i can imagine Cindy & the hide & go seek clown ILG will be distancing themselves as much as their respective roles allow them to, just another day under this coalition of losers & liars



  3. Reading the quotes from the Parole Board, I am forced to conclude that they are a bunch of wankers who struggle to string a coherent sentence together.

    “Looking at matters overall the Board is not satisfied that the risk is other than undue.”
    Translation: We think this guy poses an undue risk.

    “We think that Mr Antolik’s relatively recent resolves towards prosocial living need to be tested by an appropriate programme of reintegration.”
    Translation: He’s promised to live by the rules, but he’ll need to prove he can.

    How much do we pay these bullshit artists?



  4. FAKE NEWS! – Is Jan Antolik even in the country currently?

    I am much more interested in the proceedings around Karel Sroubrek, the convicted drug trafficker, gang associate and acquaintance of our dear leader and her fisherman flatmate….



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