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Lefty Media Pan New Male Makeup Brand as ‘Sexist’

One company started marketing “makeup for men” and people are freaking out – but it’s not who you might think.

Although the brand War Paint has been out for months, the UK company’s male makeup line went viral with a video tweet on May 8.

We couldn’t find a makeup brand formulated specifically for men’s skin; so we created one.

Now, to most people, the objectionable part is simply a man wearing make up. But to the woke left on Twitter and their chroniclers in the media, the problem is War Paint’s toxic masculinity, male insecurity, cultural appropriation, and lack of inclusive shades.

Newsweek led the charge with the headline “War Paint Makeup For Men Latest in Violent Branding Targeting Male Insecurity.” Author Andrew Whalen began, “A new makeup brand is targeting men with skulls, tattoos, muscles and the violence inherent in its name: War Paint.”

Saying, “the overt focus on violence as a staple of masculinity is a more notable innovation,” Whalen drew a juxtaposition between that and War Paint’s efforts to be environmentally conscious.

War Paint has also emphasized its vegan and cruelty-free manufacturing… Which may be the strangest two-step accompanying hyper-masculine, violent branding: a call to battle paired with moral purity. Your rage is just; your anger is pure—finally, a product for men.

Also picking up on the theme of male insecurity was Quartzy which said, “the combative, macho man advertising was pandering squarely to male insecurities about using beauty products.” They knocked War Paint for “playing on a particular brand of male insecurity to sell its products” that’s “striking many as a tone that’s out of step with the times.”

Speaking of tone, The Mary Sue threw shade on the company’s limited number of skin tones: “War Paint ‘Makeup for Men’ Brand Is Sexist, Silly, and Only Has Five Foundation Shades.” They also had a problem with the expression of masculinity, calling the “hyper-gendered way of approaching something as inclusive as makeup” “annoying” and complaining that it’s “based on a narrow view of how men should act.

Yahoo! reported rthat some critics say War Paint “perpetuates ‘toxic masculinity’” and “is unnecessarily violent and culturally appropriative.” Yup, had to know we’d get some cultural appropriation lectures. Allure’s Marci Robin, who went to Florida State University, home of the “Seminoles,” carped, “I just feel like it’s very uncool to turn marginalized people into mascots,” before using the segue “speaking of the insensitive misuse of war paint” to start talking about the men’s makeup brand War Paint. Wondering about the genesis of the name, Robin went on:

I’m guessing they probably just thought it sounded macho, a quality they might have misguidedly believed was required to make makeup appealing to men. And I’m also guessing that they’re ignorant of the expression’s etymology and didn’t consider that the term and concept of war paint have historically been associated almost exclusively with ancient Native Americans, because if they did consider that and decided to go with War Paint anyway, that just makes it even worse.

Noting the non-animal cruelty policies, Robin concluded, “I can only hope those displays of empathy and awareness can eventually cross over into its marketing materials.”

Sigh. Only Social Justice Warriors would complain that a male makeup line is not woke enough.


  1. To quote Poe’s Law yet again

    Poe’s law is an adage of Internet culture stating that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the parodied views.

    Basically, there’s no depth to the stupidity the Left won’t go to. The Left is impossible to parody as no matter how stupid you make the satire, the Leftards will hold that position. I notice the Onion, for example, is becoming redundant as a satire news site because of this Law in action. As another example, the satire account of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter has recently been banned, since Twitter administration couldn’t tell the difference between real AOC and satire AOC.



  2. Fuck me. Well, we can always hope these leftie retards all die young. They expend so much energy in being perpetually outraged and offended by absolutely everything that they surely wear themselves out and die of horrible stress-related diseases.



    • Many will off themselves when they realize the climate change thing is all bullshit. Their expected lifespan is well below that of the boomers or gen X. What’s next to fill the communist vacuum? LOL!



  3. The Greens wish to have many of us return to the days of yore; of Welsh, Irish, Scots, Picts, Gaels, where men reveled in WAR PAINT and great deeds were done.
    The Romans called the Picts, because of the ‘body paint’.

    Picti first occurs in a panegyric written by Eumenius in AD 297 and is taken to mean “painted or tattooed people”[3] (from Latin pingere “to paint”;[4] pictus, “painted”, cf. Greek “πυκτίς” pyktis, “picture”[5]).

    So nothing new under the sun, and many of those wenches want to be sorted and taken by toxic masculinity. 🙂



    • I suspect they’d rather have all males like the Macaroni of the mid 18th century, especially since it covers some of the stupidity of the modern Leftard:

      There is indeed a kind of animal, neither male nor female, a thing of the neuter gender, lately [1770] started up among us. It is called a macaroni. It talks without meaning, it smiles without pleasantry, it eats without appetite, it rides without exercise, it wenches without passion.

      And, for bonus points: the song “Yankee Doodle” the line “He stuck a feather in his hat
      and called it macaroni” is directly referencing this fad.



    • Warpaint is good, if you need some inspiration before killing. Dudes wearing makeup? The other day I saw a transvestite at my local liquor store. He was a big he-she, with massive hands and beard stubble, and wearing a f*cking dress. It was one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. Political correctness can kiss my ass!



  4. Been rarking up the gentiles and all about Ardern and Devoid. Called them haridans and had some foolish Wellington woman try to berate me as an old white male. Well you can guess the answer can’t you. Stupid fucking bint.



  5. While on lefties I think this tells a story. It seems that all women are not stupid. Just the lefties.

    Nearly Half of Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Contributions This Year Came From Female Donors

    Of the president’s campaign contributions, 45 percent came from women, while 55 percent came from men.

    That’s a significant increase from 2016, when only 28 percent of Trump’s total campaign contributions during the election came from women. Hillary Clinton’s campaign had over 52 percent of their donations come from women.




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