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Lefties having a major meltdown




By: Bryce EdwardsBryce Edwards is a lecturer in Politics at Victoria Universityonline-editor@nzherald.co.nz@bryce_edwards

Anger and disappointment on the left

For many on the left, the decision is an indictment of the whole idea that this Government will be transformational. Danyl Mclauchlan argues that the CGT programme was one of four key policies agendas for this Government – the others being KiwiBuild, the Carbon Zero Act, and the Wellbeing Budget – and there are clear problems now in delivering them .

He despairs that Labour axed the tax after first initiating “one of the most bafflingly disastrous public policy debates imaginable, making John Key’s flag-change campaign look like the Normandy landings”.

He says any strategic wins from ditching the tax, will come “at a cost of one of Labour’s most important, long-term policies, and it was their failure to control their coalition partner or even attempt to make the argument for taxation reform that forced them to pay such a bitterly high price.”

Mclauchlan argues that Ardern could have won the debate and got a mandate for the changes, but simply didn’t bother. In contrast, even John Key, managed to use his political capital to campaign on and win unpopular policies.

Other leftwing bloggers are very unhappy. No Right Turn is now calling for a leftwing boycott of the Labour Party: “If you want change, don’t vote Labour, don’t donate to Labour, don’t volunteer for Labour. Give your vote, your money, your time and effort to another party, any other party that promises change, than the one who betrayed you. Because if you don’t, Labour will continue to treat you like a fool, and continue to promise change while delivering none”

They also argue the decision means the Government won’t have the money to afford many of their future policy goals: “Effective policy costs money, and this government has just robbed itself of that vital tool. Remember this next time they plead “poverty” as an excuse for not doing something: they chose to be poor. They chose to have a government which could not afford things. They chose to not be able to do the things they promised” 


  1. Labour need some new voters.
    Follow Romania’s path.
    Now for a wonderful kick start, for the tree planting business, the house building business, and the lack of truck drivers to deliver logs, produce and etc…
    Romania has signed up for a fast track as so many wish for here in New Zealand.

    The Romanian Ambassador said the labour market of his country was offering a large number of job opportunities for Pakistanis in various sectors including IT, construction, or health.

    Both officials have discussed about a mechanism for safe and secure export of skilled, semi and non-skilled Pakistani manpower to Romania.

    The Romanian ambassador said that Romania needs some 40,000 foreign drivers and is ready to import drivers from Pakistan.

    The Romanian government is trying to reduce the workforce crisis in many areas of the economy by importing foreign workers, and has recently signed a memorandum with Vietnam in order to receive more Vietnamese workers. http://business-review.eu/business/pakistan-ready-to-export-500000-workers-to-romania-by-2020-199765?fbclid=IwAR1iWo2URWywyO3uOfc7ATZDlLz8yu5-KFRxlvIWp9qW3Py1qAo-N-SPoZ0

    Romania is an ideal country with no xenophobia, racism, or religiosity.
    A new diversity of foods, to be experienced, plus securing Labour votes. 🙂



    • It is the sly system that Blair did to over power Britain and to gain new voters..
      Slyly CoL Winston Peters and Ardern globalists agreed and signed the UN Migration Pact and so that door is opened.
      Turkey now wants a UN nation meeting, and the 57 countries that Winston saw, about the violence, islamophobia and the support that is needed to help explain islam and so to be more diverse, like in NZ. with more counselors, advisers etc.. They smell blood in the water.

      I just point out how fast these things can change and how some of our political parties can allow these things, just like Romanian elites selling out their own, but known globally as smashing any nationalism.

      Germany did the same believing it was helping Turkey, but the workers became full on Germans, with families, that could vote in Germany and also in elections in Turkey.

      Democrats are also looking to gain a voting advantage, with “caravans” of voters arriving.

      Just looking how will Labour try securing enough votes, and immigration is still running at a high level. https://www.stats.govt.nz/news/net-migration-provisionally-at-61600
      Yet still the houses are not being built, or trees planted.

      CoL will try any trick in the book.



      • Yup, Simpleton. The left have a vested interest in keeping people poor. It is the only way they, as the state, can continue to be the benefactors of their voting base. Individuals with liberty and responsibilities generally don’t need them.



        • If they can not impoverish one group of people with cgt, then the other way is to impoverish the poor even more.

          Professor Spoonley takes such pride in super diversity, and as the beloved host of KB had mentioned, that we should take in another 15000 more immigrants in retaliation to Tarrant’s shootings.

          They should beware what they wish for in building a Tower of Babel.



  2. The left’s policies are failing right before their supporters’ eyes. Their wrath is the best entertainment in the world! In the coming days and weeks watch them start to attack each other, just like the Dims are doing in the USA. Turning us all into progressive sheep just isn’t working out too well for them 🙂



  3. “If you want change, don’t vote Labour, don’t donate to Labour, don’t volunteer for Labour. Give your vote, your money, your time and effort to another party, any other party that promises change, than the one who betrayed you. Because if you don’t, Labour will continue to treat you like a fool, and continue to promise change while delivering none”

    So the cleverer lefties are having an epiphany and a meltdown, after a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization! Wow, have the wheels finally fallen off the Marxist bandwagon? Will the MSM or at least the political commentators follow suit and begin reporting the truth that has been happening under their nose for months, the complete incompetence of the CoL?



  4. “Labour will continue to treat you like a fool, and continue to promise change while delivering none” Exactly! He saw the light! Like the Church scene in the Blues Brothers lol. The intelligent people in NZ knew it all along.

    Lefties = Dumb Dumbs.



  5. Just read this on Kiwiblog, and I am goint to post it verbatim as I think it’s excellent.

    Newshub has repeated a left-wing rant from The Spinoff on its front-page. One quote from the article is telling;

    The only person who could have won the [CGT] debate was Jacinda, and Jacinda was regally silent. She had to be because she was ‘consulting with her coalition partners’ but even when she was forced to speak to tax issues in the House – the one place Ardern and Robertson couldn’t pay Cullen to speak for them – her lines were barely coherent. It’s the only time Simon Bridges, National’s inept, doomed leader looked more prime ministerial than Ardern.

    The author of this piece should re-read that section and think about it for a second. In their own words the (supposedly inept) Bridges is more prime ministerial than Ardern when in parliament. But who cares about that place, right? It’s not like being successful in government has anything to do with being successful in parliament.

    This statement is a tacit admission that the “substanceless” accusation often levelled against Ardern is essentially true. She’s brilliant at giving moving speeches and running PR events. But when it comes to actually governing or getting anything done, she’s completely useless. She’s a figurehead, nothing more. And she’s a figurehead for the real power in NZ politics, Winston Peters – the most racist, populist, Trump-equivalent NZ has. Ardern (and while we’re at it, the Greens) should feel so proud of themselves for putting such an individual into power.

    As for the claim Simon Bridges is doomed… under his leadership National significantly contributed to a massive and embarassing backdown by Labour on a major policy. I’m baffled how anybody could try and spin that as anything but a victory for him, let alone the spark for a leadership coup.



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