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Lefties know how to hate.




No one does hate quite like the lefty fuck wits do. To call someone an ape is low by anyones standards. We all know the left have no standards. We see it daily in the Governments inept actions. Instead of doing a victory dance and skiting about how “She” had defeated the Chinese flu, they should have done the one thing they had to do. Keep the border secure. But they couldn’t even do that.

Now we see the retards for LIARBOUR make these stupid remarks about someones ethnicity.

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  1. What a lovely’Kind” person Colleen Palmer is. It must be wonderful to be her, filled with hate for someone I’m sure she does not even know. I am sure she is very intelligent, young, attractive, slim, athletic and looking like a candidate for Australia’s Batchelor programme. On the other hand, she could perhaps be a fat, ugly, leftist, lesbian troll who has limited intelligence and either works for a government department or is on a benefit. Anyone like a guess as to which one of these descriptions fits the profile of a person who calls someone an ape?



  2. The Left went from being the ultra-racist tribe to being the ultra-racist tribe.

    The White Australia Policy…by the Australian Labor Party,
    Setting up the KKK by the US Democrats, Jim Crow the US Democrats, Senator Richard Byrd (former high ranking KKK member) and so on and so forth
    The Yellow Invasion by the NZ Labour Party (Michael Savage),
    The entire Eugenics movement by Lefty “academics” – e.g. “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population.” – Margaret Sanger (one of Killary’s heroines),
    The National Socialist German Worker’s Party,
    Extermination of ethnic groups by the Soviet Union

    And so on and so forth.

    Typically today, the Left hide behind the “Soft bigotry of low expectations” but occasionally it is less discreet as is the example by Colleen Palmer.



  3. Colleen Palmer is right up there with Bet Midler and her trashing of Milania Trump.

    Also sent to David Wong-Tung was this nasty one:
    Another comment the meme page took a screenshot of said: “If your wife is so low-class that she’ll marry a shit-stain like you David, she’s clearly not fit to be running the country, let alone a pre-school.”

    Judith Collins’ husband David Wong-Tung subject of racist comments after sharing anti-Jacinda Ardern social media posts



  4. Sooty@0836

    Not sure, but persistent rumour has it that Mr Gayford has lit at least one fire elsewhere and that the one time well-ablaze ‘home fires’ that got him media attention, are no longer burning in Prime Ministerial quarters…

    As I said, rumour, , but where there’s smoke etc…



  5. Love it Judith, you’ll be driving the left msm insane with your indifference to the name calling of your husband. Where is your emotional outrage and calling for death on anyone who is “racist”? // 😂😂😂

    Judith Collins not worried about racist abuse hurled at husband

    Wong-Tung, who is Chinese-Samoan, subsequently received a barrage of social media criticism. One comment spotlighted by the National Party’s Meme Working Group Facebook page – which is the page that originally posted the anti-Ardern memes – compared Wong-Tung to an “ape”.

    Collins on Tuesday morning didn’t appear concerned.

    “These things happen. We don’t worry about it,” she told media.

    Asked if social media was getting out of control and if attacks were becoming overly vociferous, the Leader of the Opposition left it for others to judge.

    “People will jump to their own conclusions on that, make their own conclusions. I don’t deal with them.”

    She said she wasn’t interested in discussing her family and was instead focused on her job. Collins also reiterated she wouldn’t have shared the pictures Wong-Tung had.



    • I thought Ardern’s Christchurch Call made these white supremacist racist type of comments on social media a crime. Where is Meng Foon on this stuff? Won’t he stand up for another Chinese person copping abuse for being Chinese? I suspect he won’t be interested as the victim is married to someone who is not a Labour/Green politician.



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