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Lefties leading the way backwards






REMEMBER ISIS BLOWING UP STATUES and recall back when the muslim brotherhood in Egypt were threatening to blowup the Pyramids…there’s an old saying in islam that in order to move forward and conquer the new world you first have to remove everything from the old world. They’re referring to their overthrowing nations of course. Note the similarities with todays islamic-driven BLM crazed behaviour to destroy monuments, to erase history and, to cancel culture.

Leftwing partys encourage globalisation, open borders, diversity without assimilation and generally the flooding of western civilisation with islamists Mohammedans. Leftwing partys support the extreme, violent and radical behaviour of groups like Antifa, a whole handful of far left extreme socialist alliance Anarcho-Communist type groups and those like the MB, Black Panthers and BLM. The left are doing islams dirty work; preparing the way!

Simply removing statues is not an ‘achievement’ – these under- achievers graffitiing and destroying the reminders of what men and woman fought for in the past to advance our civilisation to the present are failures with nothing going for them. Absolutely nothing. Not even the ability to reason.
History matters. Past lives matter.

Todays mobs will have nothing to show for themselves. No achievements. Nothing other than bragging to future generations how they destroyed civilisation; speaking in arabic and dressed in kaftans and hijabs. And they seem to be ok with that…
The left do not own our culture. They do not decide our future for us. We, the silent majority, have a fight on our hands. Roll up your sleeves.

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  1. We are under enemy occupation.

    In world war 2 we picked the wrong side and supported the goals of the communists and money men. We are still paying for it.

    We allowed the most murderous and oppressive regime in history to take over central Asia and much of Europe. Our suffering is nothing.



  2. I keep thinking that only 12% of todays population is classed as white, like we talk about the last Moriori and full blooded Maori I guess one day in the near future in this melting pot society Google will have a section on the demise of the “white man”



    • ” I guess one day in the near future in this melting pot society Google will have a section on the demise of the “white man””

      I disagree- I believe that the White Man will be ‘erased’ from History.
      They are already doing it with our culture/history/statues etc



        • Hierarchy of virtue signalling:
          -Black trumps brown
          -brown trumps white
          -gay or whatever trump strait
          -poor people trump rich

          So black,disabled, poor and gay trump everyone else but only if you support the left, otherwise you’re the devil and everyone HATES you!!!!! 🙄

          Oh, and don’t mention Trump! 😉



        • Saggy@0947

          Why? It is essentially the politics of envy and means that a lefty with an agenda can go to a person who is not white and basically persuade that individual that because HE doesn’t have a house, a car, a TV or whatever, and the European does, it is entirely the European’s fault. The fact that the individual being spoken to hasn’t got the things that ‘ Whitey’ has because he’s too lazy to bestir himself and actually work to earn, to purchase, to save is of course totally ignored. When such ‘persuasive’ talk is repeated often enough, the recipient of such thoughts eventually comes to believe what he is told, and that it is indeed all ‘Whitey’s fault. Tell the same tale to enough people and you have planted the seeds which eventually bloom as BLM and its variants. Sadly, we have the same situation out here in NZ, with the Maori grievance industry being alive and well, and being carefully-stoked by those who have a vested interest in destroying our society…



  3. It is a policy and ideology of erasing the past, remove all history, under the excuse , “now” is the best and even better will be wrought by our systems when fully applied.

    That all the past had too many bad things, and it so bad, that it must be removed from memory & history.

    Jahiliyyah “the age of ignorance” as practiced by another civilization, that claims all good things as part of their “golden era” that they are close to achieving again.
    would turn to the Quran to mold himself according to its guidance. — Sayyid Qutb
    To become the “perfect man” as guided by Mohammad, with his sayings, deeds, and actions.
    Nothing should be seen or any reminder should be allowed to trip up a “true believer” and cause him to grievously sin or even have a doubt.

    To ‘prove’ that there is no other good enough philosophy; no monument to that may make people ponder, why?
    So no flag as an alternative, to rally to, and most certainly, no “populist” politician or person to be allowed, so no basis for a revolt, as in their eyes, it was all hopeless before, anyway.

    A way to protect a fragile brittle ideology, naming any alternative thought as “ignorance” as itself can not cope with any other thought, reasoning, unless only on its terms, that seek full control, to keep its power.

    edit, I wonder if it is one of those 200+ negative words that scrabble has put in place to trigger moderation? 🙂
    Thanks in advance Ed, for clearing from moderation.



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