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What a difference a day makes. Last week the left was crowing about how much of a lead Liarbour had over National under Tod Mulller as leader. Fast forward to today and the left are in panic mode. Listening to talkback radio you would be forgiven if you thought Cindy had lost it. All the leftie trolls are out defending her and saying nasty things about Judith.

Now we hear her announcement that she is far too busy concentrating on the Chinese flu to have anything to say about Judith Collins. All she has got to promote herself is her performance in front of the camera daily, while we were in lockdown. Today she has warned of the possibility of going back into regional lockdown, if the Chinese flu gets a foothold in our regions. The only way this could possibly happen is if Liarbour has failed to keep our borders safe. There is no community transmission.

If she lets these Moslem family members into our country, so they can attend the sentencing of Tarrant, without going into a quarantine facility, (because they are special), and they infect the populace, she can kiss the election goodby.

The family of 5 million will not stand for another lockdown, knowing full well it was caused by her simply wanting another photo opportunity.


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  1. All very interesing.
    It seems Hipkins is now the boss.
    Cindy has dissappeared into the woodwork for abut 4 days a week.
    The Deputy PM? We have one although how would you know?

    Here’s a bit of a theory.
    Now the left MP’shave not said much at all about the Nats turmoils and what has happened to todd.
    Peters has.

    Is it probable all the SFO enquiries are going to did up so much crap that both Labour and Peters party are going to become invisible, hiding from the prosecutions that will follw?

    Collins will encourage all that I would think and will have no compunction in telling like it is, as she did with the Not so nice Mr key.

    Oh and look for him to leave NZ again.

    We don’t know why he quit but rumour has it. No I can’t go there!



    • Yes the PM seems to appear only to read her daily script with a sullen face, and leave other announcements to Chippy.
      Perhaps she has something festering on the home front? A sibling for Neve perhaps?



    • It was weird how Key disappeared when Trump won.

      I am kind of playing through the list of things that we know Trump is digging up – and I’m trying to work out which one is the problem that would make Key hide:
      – Chinese interference in domestic politics to the extent of placing spies close to the powerbrokers
      – Excessive interest in pizza
      – Overwhelming evidence of widespread corruption by Obama
      – The Clinton Foundation harvesting money from world governments in order to be a slush fund for the Clinton Crime Family
      – The Left supporting international anti-semitism through the UN’s mandated actions
      – Promoting the UN’s one world government NWO



  2. I think that she just wanted to be in the headlines again as she went on holiday for a couple of weeks!
    She should have read the blogs before she opened her trap. All she did was was blow smoke up our arse and made a fool of her self. She lost a lot of points with that statement! She upset NZ!



  3. I listened to that spiel she did on Newshub yesterday and I’m buggered if I can work out what she was on about. It was quite franlkly a load of aspirational maybes and something about how something might happen or may not and how absolutely prepared for whatever that may or may not be. I think either she’s losing it or John Campbell and Jack Tame are writing her speeches. She should spend more time at home.



    • In a completely unrelated general observation, it’s fascinating how heavy cocaine users can continue to be relatively high-functioning – often beyond normal previously observed performance levels – for an extended period of time, sometimes even years. But that the collapse can be catastrophically fast once the body’s emaciation reaches the excessive levels. Often all it takes is minor stressors like – say hypothetically – a relationship breakdown to trigger a categorical and rapid decline of cognitive and emotional stability.

      Retrospectively observers can opine that the physical and cognitive changes can seemed bewilderingly obvious – but often the high energy levels and almost excessive physical energy can fool the casual observer that all is well – when in fact a tipping point is being approached at helter skelter speeds.

      This comment isn’t apropos anything – it’s just a passing sad observation of how it can affect some people in their attempt to mask anxiety or lack of confidence or problems with energy levels.



  4. Heard Robbo talking to Peter Williams late this morning. He said the incoming supporters attending Tarrant’s sentencing will have to complete quarantine. Peter Williams asked if the taxpayer will be paying all their expenses and the answer was no.” I wonder if Robbo has told Cindy?



  5. Listening to the radio on the way back from town and it was tuned to the Shaun Plunket show,I heard his interview with Judith Collins, she answered every question he put to her not like the ummmm ahhh of the PTPM, who Judith said has made no contact with her at all since she was elected National leader. Certainly did not sound as if Judith was surprised in the least.



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