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Lefty Brain Function Finally Revealed.




Now (below) we see what a normal brain function is like. Compare with the limited activity of your Liarbour voter in the image above. (Click the image to enlarge)

A 3D model of closely bundled pyramidal neurons running through cortical layer 5 of a mammalian brain; the neurons have been colored differently to distinguish them. Researchers have undertaken the construction of “connectomes” that map all the synaptic connections within the brains of several species, including humans.

Biological individuals typically vary so much in so many ways that scientists need to examine assortments of them to draw conclusions. Large-scale connectomics could give neuroscience the same kind of huge boost that fast, simple genome sequencing brought to genomics.

Recent work with C. elegans has demonstrated the power of large-scale connectomics. One experiment showed that it’s sometimes possible for scientists to predict the behavior of an animal from a knowledge of its connectome; another hinted at rules governing the linkage of neurons into working circuits. Those successes, however, also underscore how far large-scale connectomics still needs to go before it can tackle much more complex creatures. Researchers are also cautious about built-in limitations to what connectomics can tell us.

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  1. This in Parliament recently : ‘ Green party MP ‘Dr’ Elizabeth Kerekere said : ‘As a takatāpui, cis-lesbian fem ally to our takatāpui, trans and intersex non-binary whānau, I am very proud to commend this bill to the house.’

    Nobody knows what that means of course because it’s nonsensical gobblydegook.



    • It is gobblydegook, and I doubt even she he knows.

      I did look it up, however, and it literally means a pleasure seeking man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man, and being a feminist ally to other pleasure seeking people who are pretending to be something they are not.

      It is someone who has no moral compass, does not live life by values, principles or standards, but is motivated by whatever bodily pleasures gets them off. Commonly called a hedonist. And a deviant, perverted one at that. A modern day she devil.

      Along with that well known personality who shall not be named, who promotes the idea of orgies with groups of 25.



    • To hold, to be that remnant, keeping the embers aglow.
      A position where others may see, and so then explore, and eventually consider, see the other options and then rate what is more important in their lives.

      The problem is to hold against the abuse, to call it out as abuse, reflect it, but not to be abusive in return.
      The point is to get people to see, reflect and though it may take time, to decide, what horse they really back.
      A turning point, epiphany is often based on many different varying reasons & different times for different people.



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