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George Floyd’s drug dealer refused to testify during Tuesday’s hearing because his laywer feared he would be charged with third-degree murder for supplying the drugs that lead to his death.

Chris Menahan

Morries Hall, the man identified as Floyd’s drug dealer, invoked the fifth during yesterday’s hearing in anticipation of a possible murder prosecution for giving him the drugs that killed him.

BIG TWIST: Moories Hall’s attorney says his testimony could expose him to a 3rd degree murder charge (drug delivery resulting in death).

If the State’s legal theory is positional asphyxiation, why object to the defense calling Hall as a witness?@CourtTV pic.twitter.com/Ypvn4si4lP

— Julie Grant (@JulieCourtTV) April 6, 2021

George Floyd’s alleged drug dealer invoking the fifth in anticipation of possible murder prosecution for giving him the drugs that killed him.

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) April 6, 2021

Per Law Officer, “George Floyd’s drug dealer concerned he may be charged with murder if he testifies”:

“Your honor, I cannot envision any topic that Mr. Hall would be called to testify on that would be both relevant to the case that would not incriminate him,” Cousins told Judge Peter Cahill during Tuesday’s hearing, with the jury absent from the courtroom. “Mr. Hall’s testimony in these matters would specifically put him in the position of being in very close proximity to Mr. Floyd, in a vehicle where drugs were found during a search by police following Floyd’s death.”

BREAKING: Lawyer for George Floyd’s dealer states he does not want to testify bc it could incriminate himself for George Floyd’s murder pic.twitter.com/xPFvmHsyqQ

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) April 6, 2021

Courtney Ross, Floyd’s girlfriend at the time of his death, last week gave testimony that Hall sold drugs to Floyd. Hall’s testimony could serve as a “link in the chain” for the drugs Floyd ingested shortly before his death, leaving him open to a third-degree murder charge.

The State has not offered immunity to Hall for his testimony. Experts have shared with Law Officer that there are two distinct possibilities for this. Either the State is leaving the option to prosecute Hall at a later time or they do not want his testimony in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Informationliberation.com reports: Hall also allegedly gave Floyd the fake $20 bill which was the trigger for his arrest.

It appears as though George Floyd’s real killer is going to get away with it.

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  1. That was the best defence the police officer could have. This guy admitted he didn’t want to be changed with his murder? It was the drugs that got him. People on those substances are incredibly strong the cops had to restrain him



  2. ED, People that want a glimpse of the U S justice system should take a look at the OJ Simpson debacle, two innocent young White people murdered by a lunatic black man .
    If it’d been two innocent young black people murdered by a lunatic white man in the same circumstances the outcome would have been completely different ,Cities would have burned for weeks.



  3. Justice is said to be “blind”. In the Floyd case she has been handcuffed and gagged as well. Whatever the outcome I doubt any JUSTICE will be involved. Politics and race are the driving forces in the result.



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