Let Me Out




The things Aucklanders are doing to get out of lockdown.

William Willis, 35, whose mother is District Court Judge Mary-Beth Sharp, and lawyer Hannah Rawnsley, 26. fly to the family holiday home in Wanaka, get caught, dragged back to Auckland, arrested, and charged. Then given name suppression because mummy is a judge.  Alas, public opinion has seen them named. The Liarbour Party membership cards obviously don’t have the same clout they once had.

Others like our brigadier put together a balsa wood helicopter, in a forlorn hope of escape. Saggy lies awake at night surveying his man parts in the hope they don’t drop off, after succumbing to Cindy’s propaganda and having the clot shot.

Then we have the natives who crash through the police roadblock in their desperate attempt to get away to see Tarquin up north at Whangarei. They get arrested charged and held in jail. No information on whether Tarquin is trying to get them bailed.

What are you contemplating in your lockdown terror?

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  1. Mr Ed

    While certainly funny, sadly there are those of a variety of ages and professions / trades (no doubt including family-members of some here), who are, because of DL’s megalomania and ‘concern for de ‘Deam of five million’ , now literally confined to barracks, have no physical contact with the outside world (Zoom’s have their limits) and, running out of both funds and food because they can’t earn, are now giving serious consideration to permanently-removing themselves from this world!!

    The relevant agencies are working overtime, but they can’t ‘save’ everyone…

    DL, of course, has no idea of this and continues her maniacal quest to eliminade the virus, and should it ever be brought to her attention would probably just shrug and say ‘wadever’, then give a giggle or two (and perhaps a liddle dance of ‘victory’.) before going on to her next ‘moment of glory’., complete with adoring media and, (most importantly) PHOTOGRAPHERS!!

    She has a lot to answer for…



  2. I have been actively considering re watching Ground Hog Day. Plans are proceeding a pace and I am glad to say that I am hoping to make a decision in the near future.

    Oh, who am I kidding. This lockdown feels different to me. I can’t even muster the motivation to cut the grass.

    I think it is called depression. Thanks Cindy. You are fucking the lives of millions of people. May history show your true colours.



    • I totally understand how you feel B.Venton. Most of us are feeling the same and we are mostly in L 2 now which is showing the true effects of the lockdowns. It’s an absolute tragedy what has happened to our once thriving, beautiful country. This stupid bitch and the sycophants surrounding her have bought this country to its knees, soon to be face down in the mud of bankruptcy. Depression is the least of her worries. The mad bitch doesn’t care what she is doing to New Zealanders, none of the Government or opposition do. It’s all part of the plan.



  3. I am waiting for the “family” announcement that Her child (Neve) has been vaccinated.

    Given that she, who was certainly a traveller crossing many bubbles, waited for 16 or more months before possibly getting vaxed (and then maybe with saline), was adverse to having it done (in her caring way saving that shot for another person, her words) there is not a single reason to believe a word she says is either the truth nor is it reasonable to follow her wisdom.



  4. I am scanning old photographs from my pre-digital era in the last century.
    Happy memories!

    People who happily talk about their past too much may not have much of a future.

    I am beginning to become my memories of my grandfather.



  5. I’ve just received some troubling news since having my covid jabs. Apparently I will no longer be able to have children. I’ve been rendered infertile by a combination of the vaccine and the vasectomy I had some years back.



    • Shaun Hendy and that pink haired whale and Michael Baker????? They have no idea any of them. Al they know is how to kill the country for a virus that has only killed one old lady of 90. Last time for what was it 26? I bet they all had other co-morbidities and were not healthy people. People are born and nothing surer than they then die your heart only beats so many times and then you are done. Saving people ..Nah it wasn’t their time.



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