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Letter to Otago University




Your letter asking me to donate -re Otago Univeristy.  Alumni says it so well

Attention Hilary Burrall

Attention the Vice-chancellor

My name is Dr Barnett Bond  –  Alumni  ID 13971

You wrote to me an undated letter which I received today, and you asked me to donate funds to the university for scholarships and other things.

But a short time ago you announced that you were spending 1.3 million dollars changing the name of the university to have a new (changed) Māori name. Really? 1.3 million? Can you give me a cost break down on that? Which individuals and which organisations do re-branding work that costs 1.3 million?

How many additional doctors would $1.3 million train?  Teachers?

My own extended family has lots of Māori and lots of non-Māori in it. It is quite clear to me that there is not just the one Māori world-view that you write about on your web site. There are many Māori views and none of my Māori whanau want to see New Zealand divided along racial lines. None of them think that a victim-oppressor view of European migration is in the slightest helpful to relationships in our family and nation today. All my Māori whanau  think that the outlawing by the European migrants of Māori inter-tribal slavery and cannibalism was a very good thing.

There were two Māori students in my classes when I was at Otago University. I had many Māori friends at primary school and high school and in my sports teams. My father’s battalion  fought with the Māori Battalion in WWII at Monte Casino. My father was in the signals corps and he crawled on his belly night after night from the base near the railway station weathering German sniper fire from the Casino on the hill to deliver fresh batteries for the field telephones of the Māori Battalion on the front lines. He had nothing but respect for their incredible bravery in battle and they had enormous respect for his putting his life on the line night after night for them.

My favourite brother-in-law is Māori. My niece is Māori. None of us regard each other as different. We all regard ourselves as part of a single family and we are all New Zealanders, and we love and respect each other. I work in a medical practice where more than 60% of my patients are Māori. Many of them cannot afford to buy groceries and many others are homeless and sleep in the streets of Auckland.   I am additionally responsible for chairing a group of doctors and nurses at  Starship Hospital that is focussed on just one disease, Acute Rheumatic Fever, which affects only Pacifica and Māori. I work very hard to make a difference for these patients but not because of their race. If I was given an additional 1.3 million dollars, I would not spend a cent of it on a branding exercise.

But you on the other hand are spending an eye-wateringly large sum of donors’ money to make sure that we all think that racial differences are important. $1.3 million worth of importance. Your actions divide our university along racial lines and, as students graduate, you will have indoctrinated them with attitudes that will divide our nation along racial lines.  You will no doubt grant privileges to some students based on their part-Māori ancestry. You dress this up as “equity”. You try to justify it as combating the effects of colonisation. You write of adhering to Te Tiriti principals; principals invented by the Waitangi Tribunal and not mentioned in the original text of the Treaty of Waitangi, nor agreed by New Zealanders at large.

You must be intelligent people to hold the positions that you do in the university, but you are not very smart. You spout a particular oppressor-victim version of “history” without seeming to understand that you will create an attitude of victimhood in some of your students, and a sense of guilt and responsibility among another group of students. Neither group chose their ancestors. Imagine for a moment the effects of your university’s teachings about colonisation on the relationships within my mixed-race family. Imagine for an additional  moment what the relationship between my father and the Māori battalion would have been if your victim-oppressor attitudes had been successfully inculcated in New Zealand society before WWII.

I am at a time in my life and stage in my career and businesses when  I am well off financially. Any thought I might have had about donating to the University of Otago has been scuppered by your pronouncements and decisions over the last several years. It fills me with sadness to see the neo-Marxist race-focussed direction my alma mater is being led in. I loved the University of Otago that I graduated from, and it pains me greatly to see what you are doing to it. There are plenty of places you could spend $1.3million that would make a lot of difference to the lives of the most disadvantaged Māori in New Zealand, but re-branding the university is not one of them.

Please delete my name permanently from all your mailing lists; I do not wish to be reminded again of your profligate waste of precious educational money on race-based virtue-signalling.

Dr  Barnett Bond.


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  1. FWIW: Back in the mid-2000’s In a certain (Un-named) New Zealand university, a certain (Again unnamed) highly-lauded professor of Maori and European ethnicity, told his 99% ‘white’ students (In a class that he was teaching that was outside his purvue and into which he had been placed due to the absence of the subject’s normal lecturer), that every morning he ‘Woke up and planned he he was going to continue the war against the European colonial oppressor, and that for him the war would NEVER end’.

    The class, respectful that they were (And largely young, being still in awe of authority), said and did nothing, while the older members of the audience realised that there was nothing they could do either, as by allowing the statement to stand, the uni’s top management was effectively condoning what the ‘learned’ individual was saying, and that no action would be taken should a complaint be laid.

    The ‘Professor’ was not a member of the local tribe where the uni is located, and through various ‘connections ‘ (No details) I subsequently found that senior members of his own tribe consider him an idiot (Albeit a well-educated one) and largely ignore his pronouncements, although, of course, they would quite happily claim kinship should his pronouncements be considered to be in their favour, while also viewing his position within the university as ‘cocking a snoot’ at the ‘local’ tribe.

    AFAIK, the professor is still in residence, and no doubt still spouting his anti-European rhetoric (Despite apparently not seeing the contradictions inherent in this), while still continuing his ‘war’.

    All of which is written to show that within NZ universities, the push for ‘Maorification’ is not new, and that the UoT action is merely the latest example of the process, one which is unfortunately unlikely to stop any time soon

    Kudos to Dr Bond for his actions. The UoT response, will be interesting… .



  2. Like many, I have an extensive family that includes some with Maori ancestry and non Maori ancestry.
    They too have many different opinions and world views and they most just want to get on with life and do well.
    I won’t tolerate anyone in this country having rights that others don’t have (with the exception some customary rights that some families have that allow them to harvest Mutton birds for example) nor should I be expected to pay for the retarded neo-marxists sitting academia to call for division in this country.



  3. “Neo-Marxist” cuts close BUT don’t let our te-reo mumbling wet “conservatives”
    off the hook. You expect the left to be degenerate traitors. I sometimes think national are worse for their weak betrayal of our future, they should oppose. National and ACT are quislings on kissing up to Virtue signalling culture war causes. Great letter. Withdraw all govt funding from the compromised universities too, they are too far gone.



  4. The truth is a powerful tool and Dr Barnett’s letter stands tall.
    The criminal, waste of money in an environment that is facing hardship, should be a sacking offence – but of course it will be applauded by the sick, woke, trough dwellers that run this country….



  5. Ngai Tahu are on a roll eh. Two universities, their choice of premium tourist attractions and ex-crown properties, seats at every decision-making table and no tax to pay. It’s bloody genius. Next they’ll want a newspaper …

    I doubt they care what Dr Bond thinks.



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